California Congressman Ted Lieu is one if the most popular and prolific lawmakers on Twitter. The former prosecutor, who is also extremely well-versed on the law, tweets multiple times per day and has a strong and attentive 249k followers. (Prepare for that number to grow.) The bulk of those followers have come during the last several months.

Lieu is fearless and very outspoken. He was one of the the first to publicly state that Trump’s accusation of President Obama alleged “wiretapping” would mandate an investigation Trump would regret. “You are in deep shit,” says Lieu. (Yes, he used that exact expression.) Lieu was correct, an investigation was opened and Trump was unable to prove President Obama wiretapped him and that major gaffe remains on Trump’s record. There have been investigations ever since.

Speaking of investigations, today Trump says he’s wants to testify regarding discussions with Comey. He seems to have something up his sleaze. Lieu is in favor. Here’s why.

Another one of today’s tweets by Lieu is has to do with threats made by Trump’s new lawyer.

Christina Wilkie tweets:

“Trump’s lawyer threats to file complaints against Comey. But they’re both already DOA”


Ted Lieu responds:

Lieu’s “fun facts” are just that. Funny and true. Take the one from the tweet above:

Fun fact: WH Counsel for Nixon went to prison.

That tidbit is more than fun—it’s delightful.

This week, Lieu stood in front of the House and bluntly stated what many lawmakers want to say, but don’t. Below is Rep. Ted Lieu’s tweet, followed by the video transcript:



“As a former prosecutor, I rise to state the obvious. President Trump committed obstruction of justice.

We have direct evidence that the President asked the FBI director for loyalty—that he demanded it, that [the president] asked the director to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn, that the president fired the director, and then that the president, on national TV, said he did it because of the Russian probe, and then [the president] told the Russians in his Oval Office that he did it to relieve great pressure because of the FBI investigation. That is classic obstruction of justice.

The Washington Post, today, has a quote from one of the prosecutors of Watergate and he says: ‘I helped prosecute Watergate. Comey’s statement is sufficient evidence for an obstruction of justice case.’ I call on Special Counsel Mueller to investigate the president of the United States for violating the Obstruction of Justice statutewhich is a felony.”

And here are more Ted Lieu twitter gems from this week:

Battling Donald Trump:

Donald Trumps tweets:

“Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!”


Ted Lieu responds:

Battling Republican ignorance:

Republican congressman says:
God will “take care” of climate change.


Ted Lieu responds:

Battling Trump-defending legendary attorneys:

Alan Deshowitz says:

”You cannot have obstruction of justice when the President exercise his constitutional authority.”


Ted Lieu responds:

I follow quite a few people on Twitter, but Ted Lieu is one of the few I allow notifications from, as each and every tweet I get is thought-out, informative, intelligent and often with a dash of snark, as seen above. His sense of humor was really made apparent with his Cheat Sheet tweet. Yes, Ted Lieu’s has a keen sense of humor.

Bottomline: America could use a whole lot more like Ted Lieu in government, especially given the corruption that exists and embodies the president and Republican Party of today. As one Daily Kos community member PollWatcher wrote: “Democrats need to toughen up, and Ted Lieu is writing the playbook.” Many agree.

Thank you, Congressman Lieu.

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