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It’s not often – if ever – that we hear a sitting member of Congress call the President of the United States “an absolute racist.” But in the time of Donald Trump, this needs to be said. Thankfully, Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) made that very point Thursday while appearing on my SiriusXM radio show.

Rep. Gallego, a U.S. Marine veteran, called out Trump’s refusal to make a statement about Saturday’s bombing of a Bloomington, Minnesota Islamic Center that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton swiftly labeled as an “act of terrorism.”  In fact, not only has Trump refused to comment on the attack or show his support for the American Muslim community, his advisor Sebastian Gorka suggested Tuesday on MSNBC that the bombing may have been faked “by the left.”

Rep. Gallego made it clear that it’s “disgusting” that Trump has remained silent while American Muslims are being attacked.  Gallego, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, noted that a statement from Trump saying to the U.S. Muslim community that “we will protect you like any other citizen” would go a “long way” in helping this marginalized community feel a part of America.

Gallego also called out Trump’s hypocrisy: “Mind you if this had been the opposite with a Muslim attacking a Christian Church, he would’ve been all over it right a way.”  The Arizona Congressman is 100 percent correct. No one can doubt that if a Christian church had been firebombed or if five Christian churches had been burned down by arsonists over the last few months as we have seen with mosques in America, Trump would be declaring this a war on Christianity.

Why is Trump silent? Well Gallego hit it right on the head: “At the core, we just have to admit Donald Trump himself is a racist. He is an absolute racist.”  No one can dispute this given Trump’s campaign rhetoric where he despicably demonized Latinos, Muslims, Judge Gonzalo Curiel and more.

Gallego concluded, “we cannot be surprised that the people he has surrounded himself with are also racists.” Gallegos is right again – just look at the people Trump has surrounded himself: Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller.

While we don’t have a President who will speak out against bigotry and hate, at least we have strong progressive voices like Rep. Gallego doing just that.

Here is a clip from the interview to hear Congressman Gallego in his own words.

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