Congress To Subpoena Former Fox News Reporter To Testify Re: Suppression Of Stormy Daniels Story

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This is potentially a smoking gun. As you know, New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer wrote a bombshell expose on Fox News and the White House, details of which are in my Fox News story from March 11. Briefly, Fox entertainment reporter Diana Falzone got wind of the Stormy Daniels hush money story in 2016, at a time in which it might have had a significant effect on the election. She was told by the head of news, Ken LaCorte, “Good reporting, kiddo, but Rupert wants Donald Trump to win. So just let it go.” Later on, Falzone was demoted at Fox, then later sued the network for gender discrimination, and left. When she left she signed the obligatory NDA, not to discuss her employment there.

Since then, the House Oversight Committee decided to investigate the matter. On Tuesday, the committee’s chair, Elijah Cummings, sent a letter to Falzone, requesting the following:

  1. All documents relating to women alleging extramarital affairs with president Trump;
  2. All documents relating to payments on behalf of him or anyone to silence those people.

Falzone’s attorney, Nancy Erika Smith, told MSNBC’s Ari Melber, “a valid government investigation trumps an NDA.” Based on that, it looks like the truth is going to come out about what Fox News knew about Stormy Daniels and when it knew it. Smith also said,

“A news organization really interested in news would have run with this story, put a lot of resources into this story, done whatever they needed to do, to get such a story. We’ll see what the evidence shows about how Fox reacted to this story.”

Ari Melber then quoted News Director LaCorte, “Daniels was trying to get the story out without fingerprints, and ultimately without enough proof to publish. [Ken LaCorte said that] he stopped the story, and that was the legitimate reason,” quoted Melber. Smith rejoined,

“We think that we will be able to show that Ken LaCorte is a liar…for one thing, he didn’t stop the story and that’s going to be evident.”

Melber than asked who stopped the story and the lawyer hesitated, and then he asked, “Was it someone famous?” Smith laughed.

Here’s the entire exchange on tape below. This could be explosive. If Fox News did indeed suppress a story of this caliber of importance to the American people, for the specific purpose of seeing that it’s chosen candidate won, then there is no question whatsoever that Fox News is no kind of a news outlet whatsoever. To the yous and mes that revelation will come as no shock, but to the rank and file to see Fox News’ motives so blatantly exposed, may be quite another kettle of fish. This story, if true, goes against every single standard of journalistic ethic in the book.

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Does this really surprise anyone that pays attention to national news??


The former Australian Rupert Murdoch’s fondness for Trump seems quite understandable given the family’s interests in the US, and the likely benefits they will have received in the tax break for the 1%, of which he is a fully fledged member, with an estimated net worth of USD18 billion.

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

He would be fond of the devil if it involved $$$, oh wait, he is fond of the devil…trump, it’s all about the money.