As if anyone had any doubt, it has now been confirmed, Donald Trump – personally – took to sharpie, to alter the Dorian “cone” of impact. That fcker was going to nail Alabama like Jupiter’s red spot, I tell ya.

I know you are shocked. But, this goes deeper. He will not get over it, talking about it again today, literally five days in, trying to get Fox to attack Shep Smith. He went public with a simple mistake. And then he lied about who used the sharpie, when in fact, HE was the one who personally did it.

This man is mentally ill.

This is the president of the United States, and with all that is going on in the world, he is obsessed with clearing himself, all the while we are forced to embrace the horror, the depth of his insecurities, as well as his willingness to cheat all norms, and laws, to “win.” But loses anyway.

We need this man removed. As fast as possible.


Peace, y’all

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