If you are going to join a coup attempt by storming the Capitol, it’s probably not a good idea to be wearing an ankle bracelet because you are on probation for a burglary conviction.

Another person arrested Sunday, Bryan Betancur, was captured on video holding a Confederate battle flag in a restricted section on the west side of the Capitol, the FBI said in court documents.

Betancur, who was on probation for a burglary conviction, was wearing an ankle bracelet, and GPS data showed he was in the area for three hours on Jan. 6, according to the documents.

He’s a real piece of work.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Betancur is currently out on probation after being released following a conviction for fourth degree burglary. He lives with his mother in Silver Spring.

The affidavit describes Betancur as a self-professed white supremacist “who has made statements to law enforcement officers that he is a member of several white supremacy organizations. Betancur has voiced homicidial ideations, made comments about conducting a school shooting, and has researched mass shootings. Betancur voiced support for James Fields, the individual convicted for killing an individual with his car during protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. Betancur has stated he wanted to run people over with a vehicle and kill people in a church.”

Probably also not a good idea to tell your probation officer that you need to go to DC to sell Bibles.

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  1. So I guessing this is a new M-TV show marrying the worst of JackAss, Ridiculousness, and The Redneck, Shallow End of the Genepool, clone of Jersey Shores…

    What will we call it? Tooth-R-Consequences? Who put the Dicks in Dixie? South of Stupid? Moronicus Wrecks?


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