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In the film, The Death of Stalin, a concerto is broadcast but not recorded. Stalin calls the studio and demands a recording, whereupon the director has to gather the audience and orchestra back to repeat the performance so it can be recorded.

For the Trump regime, reality only exists in its mediated, reproduced form. Darn that Matrix, making the El Paso Fire Department into an agent of the Deep State.

That was the Trump speech in El Paso last night, with twitter-bots boosting the crowd size and attempting to diminish a counter-rally of at least equivalent size meeting a block away.  Even Laura Ingraham was enlisted to pimp the crowd size.

Despite the active measures, ethics may yet make a comeback in this Congress.

“В действительности, дело еще серьезнее – Россия вмешивается в их мозг, и они не знают, что делать с собственным измененным сознанием.”
This is a pointed riff on idea of elex interference. /2

The problem, of course, is that Trump either has no idea what he’s talking (point) (“about”) or he assumes you’re easily fooled.

According to law enforcement data, the city had low crime rates well before a border barrier was constructed between 2008 and mid-2009.

  • Violent crime has been dropping in El Paso since its modern-day peak in 1993 and was at historic lows before a fence was authorized by Congress in 2006. Violent crime actually ticked up during the border fence’s construction and after its completion, according to police data collected by the FBI.

As Trump lies go, this one stands out for a couple of reasons. First, it was carefully scripted. It’s one thing when the president peddles nonsense because he got confused by something he saw on television, or because he cooked up some oddity in his overactive imagination. But in a State of the Union address, which the Republican read from his trusted teleprompter, the standards are supposed to be higher.

And yet, Trump’s claims were brazenly untrue. At no point in recent memory was El Paso one of the nation’s most dangerous cities, and at no point after it received border barriers did the city see a sharp drop in the crime rate.


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  1. Stop with the “comrade” crap. This has nothing to do with communism or the communist party. Putin is a hood. He’s both Premier of Russia and Godfather to the Russian mob. I doubt he was ever a real communist. He probably played along and said all the right things to get promoted. The head of the KGB knows enough to transit into a mob boss without working up a sweat.


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