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As the glide to the Democratic National Convention becomes a little closer, and as the likelihood of the outcome becomes a little more obvious, you should start to see something happen. Barring any shocking surprises on Tuesday night, Joe Biden should become the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination. And as the prohibitive front runner, he will of course be subject to the “front runner mantra.” If you’re going to be the front runner, you have to look like and act like the front runner. Which means that you’ll see Joe Biden spending less time engaging with Bernie Sanders, and more time engaging with Donald Trump.

I, along with most other scribes of current events, heralded the intelligence of both the Sanders camp, as well of the Biden camp, for trotting out their candidates within 18 hours of El Pendejo Presidente’s Oval Office address. The slobbering dotard spent 11 minutes of vengeful meandering and nonsensical policy proposals before signing off and giving all of us some hard earned peace and quiet. It was a shrewd and savvy move by both campaigns to trot their candidates out there as soon as possible to present a calm, dignified, straightforward option to the disjointed ramblings of Glorious Bleater. And I believe that it worked. I am really looking forward to polling this week for head-to-head match ups between Trump and Biden and Sanders, to see how people reacted when, for the first time in three years, they had an alternative to gauge Trump’s incoherent ramblings against.

As Biden solidifies his front runner status, you can expect to see him appearing more and more to make addresses to directly confront Trump on current events. This only makes sense. Earlier today, my friend and editor Ursula posted a piece about how the Dow Jones futures market tanked for Monday morning after yet another brain dead, delusional quote from Traitor Tot about how firmly the coronavirus was under control. I imagine that there were other, international factors that weighed in, but clearly the stock market isn’t buying what Trump is selling.

If, as I expect, the Dow opens up Monday morning dropping off of another cliff, then by no later than Wednesday, you can expect another formal statement from former Vice President Joe Biden in front of the cameras. And this address to the nation will be right in Biden’s wheelhouse.

Lest we forget, Biden was President Barack Obama’s wing man when Obama took office in January of 2017, in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of 1929, 80 years before. Obama brought Biden on because of his international diplomacy chops, as well as his legislative experience and contacts. Biden would have been in on a lot of meetings, heard a lot of strategies and plans, and likely have had some input.

Barring Obama himself, or his economic guru Austan Goolsby, there is nobody today that is better qualified or equipped to give a contrast response to Trump’s handling of the economic crisis than Biden. Biden can begin his address by recounting the situation that he and Obama walked into on January 20, 2009, and the management style used to deal with it. He can speak authoritatively about the steps that the Obama administration took to combat the crisis, the mega brains they employed to assist them, and the programs and steps they instituted, and then contrast the nonsensical, ineffective, useless blow holing that Trump has engaged in to try to reassure the markets that up is down, and down is up. In short, Biden can tear Trump to shreds.

If Biden wants to beat Trump, he has to prove that he has the stability, the brains, the savvy, and the experience to be a better president. And nowhere in the foreseeable future is there a subject on which he can so conclusively take Trump behind the woodshed then on the current crisis with the economy. If I’m wrong, then I’ll eat it, but I’m expecting to see Biden in front of the cameras with American flags behind him in the next couple of days.

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