This diary is a celebration of a beautiful place and a giant thank you to President Biden.  I have spent very much time in both Grand Escalante and in Bears Ears, In particular camping in Grand Escalante.  In fact, I am here right now, writing this diary in my Camper and the cover photo of this diary is from last night.   The sunset was absolutely amazing.  I just thought to share some photos of one of the most beautiful parts of the United States.   The area is huge and rugged and these are taken in various parts of it over the past few years.  I will let the pictures do the talking from here except to say again.  I will refrain from commenting on people who would have it in them to destroy this place.  Today is a good day.

A great way to see an amazing segment of Grand Escalante is to Drive on the Highway 12 Utah, America’s first scenic Byway — it’s a perfect paved highway and it cuts through some of the most gorgeous parts of the monument.  The last picture at the bottom is an overlook that is particularly stunning on the route 12.

For the more adventurous I will offer this — as long as it has not rained recently, forest roads in this area are all navigable with a two wheel drive vehicle, I find places by literally just turning onto them — adventure awaits!


By the way — I’m adding this because sometimes I take my photography for granted because it’s just a hobby but if you enjoy these and are on Instagram I post as @mycuriousadventure and I am lucky enough to have travelled to many places and I love landscape photography…


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