Collins is extremely disappointed that people are demanding she do something about mass murders

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She’s back at it, Susan Collins is. Shaking her head in woe that politics has to enter into (checks notes) her job as a politician. (This puts her hovering between yellow and orange on the Fret Level chart.) Particularly when that job should involve taking action on laws to stop the mass slaughter of dozens of people. And when that slaughter involved a shooter parroting the very political words of the very partisan leader of her party.

“Surely this is the time when we could put aside politics and come together,” she told Hugh Hewitt on his radio show, “and our leaders could act as one to give our condolences to the victims’ families and it’s just, it’s extremely disappointing.”

So, so extremely disappointing. No, not the politics. The fact that Collins can’t even break out of her mind-numbingly predictable schtick to recognize the magnitude of political life in 2019. That she can’t comprehend, or acknowledge, that she has the power to fix this. She’s one of the 53 people in charge of the one part of our government that can say “Enough.” If she had one iota of the decency she’s preaching right now, she would be the catalyst for the Republicans who want to act, who need to act to save their own seats. But of course, she won’t do that.

Instead, this is what she says: “There are times for political debate, but this is not one of them.”

It’s never time for political debate for Collins. Because she’s weak and she’s scared and she’s ultimately useless.

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She is toast in Maine.


It’s been 20 yrs. since Columbine & it’s still not the time to have that discussion on gun safety. When will be the time? Answer-Never. The Republicans are too deep in the pocket of the Russian funded NRA & they will never ever do anything significant. If we want gun safety regulations we have to get Republicans out of office.

Many Mainers are hunters and own guns and yes we are having issues with shootings. We also have issues with hit and runs. We are,however, a state that has taken in many immigrants from many different countries. Portland recently, took in close to 300 and is in the process of getting them settled. New England welcomed many French Canadian immigrants years ago to work in the mills. They made New England a better place with their hard work, family passion and caring for neighbors. We would be devastated if there was a racist attack on these people. WHY SUSAN IS… Read more »