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Ivanka Trump’s brand continues to win foreign trademarks in China and the Philippines, according to the Associated Press. The trademarks bring about concerns regarding the obvious conflicts of interest that arise naturally whenever someone associated with the White House seems to win favors from foreign governments. This is precisely why people with upper positions in the White House declare possible conflicts and divest themselves of all financial interests, at least until the Trumps came along.

China granted Ivanka’s company final approval for its 13th trademark in the past three months. The Chinese government also granted Ivanka Trump’s company provisional approval for another eight trademarks over the same period of time, these provisional approvals become final if no objections are raised during a three-month comment period. The pace of approvals far exceeds that expected by the regular foreign investor.

Per Politico

Taken together, the trademarks could allow her brand to market a lifetime’s worth of products in China, from baby blankets to coffins, and a host of things in between, including perfume, make-up, bowls, mirrors, furniture, books, coffee, chocolate and honey. Ivanka Trump stepped back from management of her brand and placed its assets in a family-run trust, but she continues to profit from the business.

As readers here know, the conflicts are an extremely serious concern and continue to arise, seemingly in every direction.

“Ivanka Trump’s refusal to divest from her business is especially troubling as the Ivanka brand continues to expand its business in foreign countries,” Noah Bookbinder, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said in an email Monday. “It raises significant questions about corruption, as it invites the possibility that she could be benefiting financially from her position and her father’s presidency or that she could be influenced in her policy work by countries’ treatment of her business.”

The global trademarks concern ethics lawyers because they are granted by foreign governments and can be the key to accumulation of tremendous wealth and influence.. The concern is especially acute in China, where damn near everything decided reflects the will of the ruling Communist Party, meaning that ministers high in the government can “remove” a tremendous amount of procedure that “normal people” face.

Also, only a year ago, three men working for China Labor Watch, a non-profit based in the U.S., were arrested while they investigated possible labor abuses at Ivanka Trump suppliers in China. After thirty days in jail, they were released on bail, but continue to live under police surveillance.

It is just our American Princess Ivanka cashing-in, like Daddy taught her, on any available opportunity, including using the influence of the White House, over and over. We’re sure to see more favorable China policy as it grants Trump deals, and treats Princess well.

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  1. Oh look ! Another picture of tone deaf Barbie. I’m sure she swapped the trademarks for improved working conditions for the children in the sweat shops that make her rags, seeing as she’s such an Ambassador for women & children.


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