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Well now, seems we have quite the mystery on our hands.  Yesterday McClatchy reported that cell phone towers picked up a ping from Cohen’s phone.

But wait, Cohen says he absolutely has never been to Prague or the Czech Republic.

Is he lying?

I think a big question is, why would Cohen even tweet about this story?  He has absolutely nothing to gain by saying anything.  He’s probably told Mueller everything so it doesn’t really matter if McClatchy is right or wrong about this story.

So how can it be that the towers picked up a ping from his phone and yet he has never been to Prague?  One weird possibility is that his phone was in Prague but he wasn’t.  That seems really, really weird.  Hmmm, now that I think about it, I seem to recall that when Mueller raided Cohen’s offices, they confiscated multiple phones, and the same was true of Manafort.  Now why would people have multiple cell phones?

Some people have a separate business phone and private phone, but I don’t think many have more than 2 phones.  I used to really like the TV series Breaking Bad.  I remember Walter White had a separate phone on which he would conduct his “business”.  I’m not a business person, but I can imagine storing a lot of contact numbers and notes on a special phone, and if someone in my business needed to travel for the business,  I might want to lend them my special phone so they could use it to conduct business with some very special clients.

Tweeting that, you hear it’s beautiful in Prague, and Mueller knows everything, seems very odd when you are under the eye of a prosecutor and you don’t need to and shouldn’t be tweeting anything.  It almost seems like you’re not tweeting for your followers, but that you are trying to send a message to a very, very, few people.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. Perhaps Cohen kept a stash of burner phones in his office and gave them to any Trump campaign staff who needed one. We’re looking at you, Don Jr.


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