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We have waited, and waited, knowing in our gut that it happened. It made too much sense. Everything “else” aligned. How could Trump “not” have colluded with Russia?

But, the evidence seems to have been elusive, hints more than anything, meetings in the Seychelles, dumbass Jar-Jar Kush looking for his “backchannel,” and even a meeting in Trump Tower with a Kremlin-connected lawyer offering dirt on Hillary (I have always been confused as to how that meeting itself was not “collusion” for the purposes of proving the countries worked together).

We had mountains of evidence that Trump was doing “his part” by basically kissing as much Putin ass as Trump could glimpse. My god, there are 15-year-old boys at your local high school in love with the head cheerleader, who conduct themselves with more dignity and self-respect than Trump, swooning in love like a Tolstoy character. Trump would not say a bad word, nothing. He would not impose sanctions, I mean he would not impose sanctions! So, it is not like there was ever a question about “collusion,” the question was always could it be proven.

I had my doubts it could ever be proven. When one has laundered money for Russian mobsters for decades, as Trump has, one becomes quite adept at signaling complex agreement without anyone saying a word.

But, it looks like Michael Cohen is the gift that keeps on giving.

What is “Donald Trump’s personal attorney” (who cannot prove to a court he is an attorney by providing a list of any other clients, he works for Trump alone, as a “fixer,” according to the DOJ.) Cohen does “jobs” that no real attorney would, indeed, no normal criminal would. So, what is Cohen doing meeting with a top Kremlin official in Prague? Not only was Cohen in Prague meeting with Kosachev, it is almost like Cohen did not want anyone knowing that he was in Prague, as he took a car there across the border, not a direct flight. There are direct flights to Prague. I checked. There are especially “direct” flights to Prague for people used to traveling in their own jets, or used to traveling in other people’s own jets. But, even small private jets have tail numbers, that are tracked. Now, license plate numbers on rented cars?? Maybe not so much.

Oh, and that hacker guy? Yeah, this guy:

There is no acknowledged link between Nikulin’s alleged offences and the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but his arrest came just three days before the Obama administration formally accused Russia of stealing emails from the Democratic National Committee and disclosing them through WikiLeaks.

Formspring, one of the sites he allegedly hacked, was the platform used for sexting by Anthony Weiner, the former New York mayoral candidate and husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest aide. The discovery of emails linked to Clinton on Weiner’s laptop damaged her campaign in its final two weeks after the FBI director, James Comey, revealed their existence.

So, the three of them just happen to have a get together in Prague in 2016?

I am thinking that Robert Mueller knows of this meeting, or is suddenly learning all about it.

It has been frustrating, being on the tail of some of the world’s most sophisticated criminals, experts in hiding money, moving money, moving people, data, all without leaving a trace. The Russian mob did not acquire its billions (trillions?) without having talents. And, Putin is not the only person who would love to lead Russia with an iron fist, he is just the best at keeping the job. His talents involve the ability to make most his moves three layers below the surface misdirection.

Fortunately for us, these sophisticated criminals punched down when they drafted Donald Trump to be their mole in the Oval Office. It appears that the Russians made the same mistake the U.S. voter made, assuming that surely to god, Trump could be controlled, that no one was that stupid, arrogant, careless, reckless. Surely. And that Cohen would recognize limits, would be able to identify things he can and cannot get away with. Wrong on both accounts.

Michael Cohen may be the one to bring down Trump, maybe by association with Kremlin-tied spies, perhaps by Russian hackers, or maybe by porn star, likely a combination of all three. But, next time your Facebook uncle screams that there is no evidence of collusion as if established fact, please ask him why Michael Cohen, Trump’s “fixer,” drove himself into Prague to meet with a top Kremlin official, and international computer hacker


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