Coffee Boy Is Running For Congress, Katie Hill’s Seat To Be Precise


News in the Trump era is like one of those sixties oldies stations, the hits just keep on comin’. My God, can we catch our breath? Especially out here in California, where we’re on fire? Hell no, not even here. George “Coffee Boy” Papadopolous just filed paperwork to run for U.S. Congress in CA-25, as a Republican. That is the seat that Katie Hill is relinquishing, over issues of internet porn and inappropriate relationships with staffers. Now I can guarantee you, CA-25 has some very profound, real world problems, such as fire right now. I live nearby in CA-28 (Adam Schiff’s district) and flames aren’t licking off of the ridges here, as they were in 2017. I remember that well. The power went out, so we hooked up the gas generator and by God I blogged from that! And a flashlight! But people in CA-25 are literally being burned out, as we speak, and they do not need this circus side show of George Papadopolous in their faces, trying to pick their pockets, I’ll warrant that.

You can’t read the cut off white letters without expanding the entire tweet, but basically it says that you need to “help George fight Democratic corruption.” Oh yes, that’s just what we need in Southern California is Donald Trump’s coffee boy and his moral compass, to lead us and show us the way to righteousness. Absolutely. We love conspiracy-mongering, carpetbagger Republican felons out here, seriously, we do. We like to have something to point at and laugh. We’re simple folk, really, don’t let the proximity of Hollywood blind you to our basic nature. I mean, we’re always willing to give a fella a second chance. The fact that he lied to the FBI doesn’t mean he would ever lie to us, right? Right?

Papadopoulos does have name recognition. Say, why didn’t Al Capone run for Congress? He had name recognition, too.

Man, if he gets elected, I hope he’ll hold some joint town halls, preferably with Adam Schiff and Brad Sherman, CA-30. Sherman’s office in Encino is the site of impeachment demonstrations every Saturday, for quite some time now, and I believe we know where Congressman Schiff stands. Yeah, throwing Papadopolous into this political mix will be memorable, at the very least. Scratch that, it will be epic.

Insider tip for His Caffeine-ship: Go the phuq up to Fresno and hang with Devin Nunes, you’ll have much much better luck. You’re gonna get eaten alive down here.

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Seriously? I live in NY , I really feel for all of California right now I pray for you, but poopadoopalus running for office that’s funny