Steve Baker / Flickr Trump wants to rule with an...
Steve Baker / Flickr

Anderson Cooper characterizes Trump’s Tuesday bipartisan DACA meeting as “another episode of ‘The Apprentice'” and states that there were no letters sent from anchors, let alone ones congratulating Trump on “one of the greatest meetings they’ve ever witnessed,” as Trump proclaimed to one and all on Wednesday at a cabinet meeting (which he started by saying, “Welcome back to the studio.”) 

Trump claimed to have gotten “private messages” from anchors, which must have been coming to him from his ouija board. The White House, when asked to substantiate the claim, provided a list of two CNN videos and 19 tweets.  Imagine, if you will, the mental processes that Donald Trump must possess to be able to take the raw material of 19 tweets referencing the meeting, and cobble together a recollection of the event that says that he was the greatest star, at the greatest meeting, P.T. Barnum and Abraham Lincoln rolled into one. As Trump is wont to say, “Phenomenal.” 

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