#ClintonBodyCount is trending courtesy of your friendly neighborhood trollbots

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Don’t think the ratf*#kers are still hard at work trying to elevate Donald Trump and smear Democrats?

Well, take a gander at this:


Yup, that’s #ClintonBodyCount trending today in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide — courtesy of a Borg-like swarm of trollbot accounts. It joins other “hot” topics that couldn’t hope to survive without constant nurturing from dishonest operators, including #MAGA, #Trump2020, and #WalkAway, the supposedly grassroots movement of Democrats who somehow decided to turn against their party in the midst of the most corrupt, incompetent, venal, and vile Republican presidency ever.

Clearly, Russia still wants Donald Trump to be our president, for much the same reason that I’d like to make a Hostess Ding Dong president of the NRA. It only makes sense. If your number one geopolitical rival had elected a shaved bigfoot with a head full of caramel, nougat, and deep neuroses, you’d want another four years of that sweet, gooey insanity, too.

So don’t blame Russia. Blame us if we don’t end this farce in 2020.


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