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Two Swedish lawmakers have nominated 17-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. According to the Associated Press, Jens Holm and Hakan Svenneling—members of Sweden’s Left Party—argue that Thunberg’s pursuit of climate change legislation on a global level, in the face of stubborn and powerful world leadership, is “an act of peace.”

Thunberg has received all kinds of accolades for her work to highlight the issue of climate change and pressure world leaders to prioritize the environment. She has spoken in front of thousands, including directly to world leaders at the U.N. this past September. Like most people in the public eye, Thunberg has had to weather the bullying of our country’s commander in chief, but as Thunberg has shown nothing if not integrity, she has easily disposed of the tiny-handed tyrant every time.

Thunberg, who recently turned 17, has received all of the adulation that someone like Donald Trump wishes he could have. Trump was rumored to have been nominated in 2018, a nomination that was investigated due to the fact that he is Donald Trump. But Thunberg will not have any of those issues as she has accomplished what she has, and she has received the praise she has received, due in no small part to her character and her convictions.

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  1. Don’t tell tRump as this will surely ruin his day. He’s hoping to be nominated for his Israel, Palestinian peace plan. A peace plan that screws over the Palestinians.

  2. She deserves the nomination. She has gone where no adult dared to go and did it with grace intelligence and courage. She stood up to the crude and rude remarks from an adult who should have known better. I hope she is selected.

  3. Can hear it now. What’s that fcking little “b” doing! That’s my dam award! Or something to that effect!
    No disrespect meant to Greta. She’s one of my idols. She has sparked a movement that’s way overdue. And along the way she has repeatedly owned the orange dude among other leaders. She has shown young people across the globe that they do have a voice and to get out and use it. She deserves the honor! God Bless her and keep her safe!


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