Now I know everyone has heard of the famous quote. ‘Let’s Go Brandon’. Well this wouldn’t be out of line even though it’s offensive and shouldn’t have a place in politics. Now as I read the story I seen where the problem was. It seems that these young people had decided to hold some sort of gathering and they had brought various flags to wave. The problem was that one enterprising you person had decided to carry a flag that said ‘Fuck Joe Biden’! Now that to me is a problem. It is obvious that this child has had a serious lack of moral character in their life. Saying that, they probably could of used a sign that said ‘Let’s Go Brando’, which is offensive but probably tolerable. But then again, probably wouldn’t have gotten them on the sleaze bag network and possibly mainstream media. I don’t watch regular news, but I do watch a lot of media coverage on the old standard YouTube. It will likely be tomorrow before they show anything. Now I’m sure trump picked up on this and is loving it.

  • That’s my problem though. Everywhere I turn you are seeing one after another republican minions toeing the line on offensive behavior. You have a Representative putting out a cartoon of himself cutting off the head of a fellow Representative and even threatening the President. And what do you get from his fellow Republicans. Basically a pat on the back and a good job. Well at least the Democrats had the gumption to fight back and censor him and kick him off his committee assignments. One of which he shared with the target of his juvenile stunt. But what’s going on here, five or ten years ago he would have been kicked out of congress and would be talking to the Secret Service and the FBI. In case anyone was absent that day in school it’s illegal to threaten the President in anyway shape or form. Are we really going to go there. Many right wing nut jobs feel it necessary to carry a firearm. In Texas, it is legal for anyone to carry a weapon. I don’t know if they have enacted this but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this could go wrong. We are well on our way to a lawless society. Last week end we had our glorious criminal General Michael Flynn. His new idea is to have everyone adhere to one government and one church. Christianity of course. Let’s see if I can remember where we had something like that. Hmm, it’s coming to me. Oh yeah now I remember, that’s why we had a war with England for our Independence from anyone where we pledge the right to worship how we want, and the right to keep and bear arms and the right to free speech. Now what these miscreants that want trump and his cronies to come back and have this power don’t get is that all of our freedoms will disappear. All you have to do is look at his new media channel he’s trying to start. Rule number one, don’t say anything bad about Donald Trump, if there is any question refer to rule number one. I’m sorry but this isn’t my idea of America. Oh well, it’s a Sunday and I seen something that disturbed me.

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