City council in hometown of VP Mike Pence flips to Democrats for the first time in nearly 40 years

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How sweet it is, folks! Democrats now control the city council in Columbus, Indiana for the first time in decades, which is VP Pence’s hometown.

For the first time in nearly 40 years, Democrats have taken control of Columbus, Indiana—the hometown of Vice President Mike Pence.

On Tuesday, Columbus voters saw four Democrats elected to City Council seats, with only three Republican incumbents claiming re-election victory.

In one district, Democrat Jerone Wood beat out Republican incumbent Dascal Bunch by just one vote, according to local newspaper, The Republic.

In another, incumbent Democrat Elaine Wagner beat her GOP opponent, Jim Hartsook by several hundred.

Great results for team D.

No word yet about the shocking results from VP Mike Pence or his older brother Greg Pence, who represents Indiana’s 6th congressional district.

If we should receive a response—it will most likely mirror this delusional tweet from Ronna McDaniel, explaining Matt Bevin’s loss last night in Kentucky.


One thing is certain folks and as the tweet above demonstrates—the GOP isn’t going to learn from these shocking losses. They will enable Trump’s behavior right up until Election Day 2020 and I say—let’s hope they do. It will only serve as a stark reminder to voters that Trump and his Republican enablers must be defeated and that can only help team blue duplicate unlikely results like this one in Columbus, Indiana.

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John R. Frain
John R. Frain

AGOLF TWITLER is going down.Suck it republicans.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah I’m thinking the senators might have a change of heart when it actually comes time to vote on Donnie. Because if they are stupid enough to support the lizard they will go down in flames 🔥 a year from now.