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All @Jack needs to do is suspend Trump for an unspecified amount of time. Then he’ll STFU, or at least restrain himself when caught in these rages. More likely Trump would abuse the @POTUS account as a substitute, This would challenge the pretense for @realDonaldTrump that “citizen Trump” is tweeting his rages.


  1. Even if he had the authority to rid the world of Twitter, he would never do it… he NEEDS Twitter to spread his lies and hate directly to his disgusting brood of mindless cretins.

  2. trump doesn’t get it. Twitter is a private company & they can do what they please. Anyone else spreading lies, hate, conspiracy theories, & threatening others with harm & encouraging others to do so, would get a twitter time out & be booted off the forum if they refused to comply. Give him a time out & I guarantee you he’ll restart his press briefings, he’s just got to spew crap one way or another. No twitter, no rallies, what’s left.

  3. The only thing this thing in office is capable of is breeding idiotd like
    Ivanka, jr. Now thers a nut and forgetting son erick. The only thing he to a veteran is he looks like a wounded waurlus.A tremendous failer. Unite and vote blue to enable this jsckass next year.


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