Chuck Todd performs an actual act of journalism, slaps down Ron Johnson on ‘Meet the Press’

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As Donald Trump’s guilt becomes more and more apparent, the deflections and obfuscations his defenders engage in have gone further and further off the rails.

Today on Meet the Press, Chuck Todd (who, in a watershed moment for journalism, recently started rockin’ a full beard instead of that sad Klingon-with-late-stage-malaria goatee), asked Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) why he said he “winced” when it appeared military aid to Ukraine was being held back until Ukraine investigated Trump’s pet theories about the 2016 election.

First, the context, from The Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Johnson said he learned of the potential arrangement involving military aid through a phone call with Mr. [Gordon] Sondland that occurred the day before Mr. Johnson spoke to Mr. Trump. Under the arrangement, Mr. Johnson said Mr. Sondland told him, Ukraine would appoint a strong prosecutor general and move to “get to the bottom of what happened in 2016 — if President Trump has that confidence, then he’ll release the military spending,” recounted Mr. Johnson.
“At that suggestion, I winced,” Mr. Johnson said. “My reaction was: Oh, God. I don’t want to see those two things combined.”

Yeah, so Trump’s behavior there was clearly inappropriate. But today, Johnson was being a good little soldier.


I’m originally from Wisconsin, and while Ron Johnson being my senator wasn’t a primary factor in my decision to move away, I admit it was at least part of the calculus. Johnson’s Senate seat used to belong to Russ Feingold, whom I adored. But my state rejected him in favor of Rojo — which, to many of us, felt a little like your mom divorcing your dad so she could date Carrot Top.

Watching him sputter and spin on national television sure as heck doesn’t make me feel better about my home state.

That said, watching Chuck Todd, whom I’m ordinarily no fan of, slap the senator down like this is satisfying in the extreme.

Can he keep it up? Well, that depends. How absurd are Republicans going to get in their blinkered fake admiration of a clearly guilty man?


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chris whitley
chris whitley

Yes and I read an article that said some trump boys were moving in trump take over on the corruption. And typically the morons on the right thought they could get some mileage out of slamming the Bidens and Hillary. Has to do with Rick Perry and as usual trump going to throw them under the bus to cover his crimes.


Lets face it, by the time Rick Perry figures out Trump screwed him the election will be over. 2024 election that is.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Well they are still sorting it out but it seems some people from Texas were moving in on setting up gas sales. Apparently Rudy is involved and they had it going on till new president got elected. He wasn’t into corruption so what’s a crook to do. Then comes arms deal and Rudy goes to trump and puts the fix in. Trump holds up Ukraine weapons until agreements are made. They have just broke the story and who knows how it will go.