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Yesterday, our Lunatic-in-Chief went into a (not uncommon) pout about the mess he finds himself in and ranted about it on Twitter.  This time, it was about an SNL skit which dared make fun of him. He mused that maybe what we need in our nation these days, during these days of his self-imagined ‘national emergency’ is retribution against television shows that dare hurt his little feelings.

Well, Trump isn’t the only one who takes some good-natured ribbing on SNL.  It isn’t all about Trump, it turns out.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were also characterized in a skit on SNL and Chuck Schumer sent out a tweet of his own afterward.

Did Schumer call for an investigation ending with autocratic-style retribution?  Uh.  No.

Instead, Schumer shows that he has both humility and a sense of humor by responding, “Good impersonation, @NBCSNL.  But got one thing wrong.  I use a flip phone!”

If it wasn’t already clear that Trump will be learning a lot from Schumer and Pelosi in the coming months, we can add one more thing to the list: How to write a humorous comeback and just get over yourself.

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