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The Nunes Memo has been released.

The memo alleges that Steele had an anti-Trump financial and ideological motivations that were not included in the FISA application. Senior DOJ officials knew about Steele’s anti-Trump bias, according to the memo.

Speaking on MSNBC, Chris Mathews looked at the peculiar language in the memo, the “personal feel” of the document, and wondered aloud on air whether or not the White House itself drafted much of the memo and passed it along to Representative Nunes.

“I am very suspicious of the authorship,” said Mathews.

Nunes has delivered water for the White House before. Last summer,  Nunes “discovered” a key piece of evidence that needed the White House’s immediate attention. Nunes made a show of rushing to the White House to deliver the documents, only later  to be discovered that the documents themselves originated within the White House.

Furthermore, when Democrats challenged Nunes as to whether he “coordinated” with the White House in writing the memo, Nunes did not deny doing so.

More will be learned later today when the White House determines whether to declassify the Democratic response memo.  The White House had to declassify the Nunes memo in order for it to be lawfully released. If the White House refuses to declassify the Democratic counterpoint, the Nunes memo will look even more like a cheap political hatchet job.

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