Is Donald Trump profiting from foreign gifts in direct violation of the Constitution’s ban on such self-dealing? Yes, Donald Trump is profiting from foreign gifts in direct violation to the Constitution’s ban on such self-dealing.

China has granted preliminary approval to 38 new Trump-related trademarks as President Trump’s family works to develop a series of branded products in the country, including hotel chains, escort services and insurance.

That’s right, thanks to a series of trademarks that were approved “unusually quickly,” you’ll soon be able to partake of Donald Trump-branded “escort services” while visiting China. And a portion of the money will go into Donald Trump’s pockets, for him to spend freely the day he leaves office.

Trump’s lawyers in China applied for the trademarks in April of last year, The Associated Press reported Wednesday. The new trademarks are considered by some to be a conflict of interest, especially as three of the trademarks were specifically made under the president’s name.

The trademark approvals are noteworthy because up until Trump became a serious candidate for the presidency, trademark protections had been a long-running, losing battle for his company. Lo and behold, however: after winning the November election, things began to turn around for the Trump company.

Trump had been losing on this one since the case first began in 2006, in fact.

Trump appealed the decision all the way up the Chinese court system to the Beijing High People’s court, losing every time.

Trump’s last defeat in the case was in May 2015. He declared his candidacy for the presidency one month later.

Upon which Chinese authorities changed their minds, and here we are.

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