China AND Iran Plan Their Own Fake News and Manipulation of Our 2020 Election.

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It was inevitable. And we knew it in the backs of our minds, and probably chose not to think about it too closely, because it was too horrific. But now it is front and center. This is what happens when the leader of the nation puts policy up for sale, and dictators want to buy-in.

Axios says in a new report that China and Iran are about to join Russia in the effort to manipulate the 2020 “election.”

Among other things, both Facebook and Twitter have uncovered phony social media accounts that are being used to both undermine protests in Hong Kong and interfere in elections in Taiwan. However, former CIA analyst Chris Johnson tells Axios that he doesn’t believe China will so blatantly interfere in the election on behalf of a candidate as Russia did with President Donald Trump in 2016, as it doesn’t want to risk the backlash that Russia has faced.

Well, that’s nice of them, not wanting to be so blatant about it. So too, understanding that it comes with a damn serious risk if all doesn’t go well at least demonstrates that they know there is a limit in how much manipulation can be done. If they lose, some horrific sanctions might be levied, and there would be some calls for a “war” in every way but shooting.

And then there is Putin’s proud puppet, Iran:

When it comes to Iran, meanwhile, Facebook has discovered several fake accounts run by Iranians pretending to be American or European citizens.

“Iranians pretended to be located in the U.S. and Europe, and used fake accounts that impersonated legitimate news organizations in the Middle East,” Axios reports. “The pages discussed politics in various regions, including the U.S.”

Iranians might not have a legitimate choice in the matter, their security, especially this week, depends heavily upon assisting Putin in every way.

My god. It is happening. Countries are now making war on what little is left of our nation’s democracy, and right to vote, It is happening with the blessing of the Republican President, and the Republican senate. That is terrifying.

Think about the pressure on Facebook, a massive company with billions of accounts. In many ways, it is a nation unto itself, like many other massive transnationals. There is also reason to believe, given their intransigence, that they bend toward the Republican side in all of this, perhaps because it requires such a massive effort on their part to police themselves, and perhaps some real Republican partisanship exists at the very top, their tooofficers, and “the guy.”

Axios also notes that there is a chance that China will interfere against Trump too, attempting to drive out the man imposing tariffs. They also might be tired of being blamed for every ill out there, including the country Trump always brings up as responsible for near everything “bad.”

On the other hand, they need to hedge, because demonstrating a pro-Trump bias will help them tremendously should he win.

It was inevitable. Trump, in cooperation with Putin, put this nation’s foreign policy up for sale, all for Trump’s personal benefit. If that is not the act of a dictator, I really don’t know what is.


Peace, y’all

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Yup. In the last days the King of the North (Russia and formerly the USSR) will be battling the King of the South (Anglo-American world power) this also includes the allies of said Kings. China, NK and now Iran with implementation of the military protection umbrella of China are associated with Russia. None of this worries me as this system is passing away and will be completely destroyed in the very near future at Armageddon. The only thing left unfulfilled as far as the last days is the destruction of false religion at the hands of the political, it could… Read more »