See the footage on cnn:


  1. Mike Pence, needs to testify. Donald Trump, sent a mob to execute him. Plain and simple. He was simply a speed bump on Donald’s charge towards insurrection. Less than collateral damage. A gleeful sacrifice.

    He has no political future in the Republican Party. He has nothing left to lose. Bad as he is, he drew the line at burying our Democracy. On that point he should be thanked and acknowledged (low a bar as that is.) And he needs to bare his soul before America and share what he knows… every bit of it.

    He needs to call a traitor a traitor.

  2. I just read an article on Fox News naturally. It said josh hawleys wife was upset about people protesting outside her house. Now it’s my thinking that she might mention that to her husband since he incited thugs to hang mike pence in front of his family if they would have found him. Just saying, you know. Equal shares and all. Especially since it’s against the law to even threaten a high ranking politician. The republicans being the supposed law and order party. Haw Haw.


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