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So the Republican Party is not only supporting a man who sexually preyed on teenage girls in Roy Moore, but they’re also backing a raving anti-Semite:

“He is pushing an agenda and his agenda is sexual in nature, his agenda is liberal, and not what Americans need,” said Moore. “It’s not our American culture. Soros comes from another world that I don’t identify with.” […]

“No matter how much money he’s got, he’s still going to the same place that people who don’t recognize God and morality and accept his salvation are going. And that’s not a good place.”

At least the modern GOP makes it easy now, trading their dog whistles for bullhorns: George Soros is a Jew and he’s going to hell for it, plus he’s un-American to boot. The idea that a sinister cabal of Jews is behind every every woe that befalls white Christians is a timeless staple of the far-right. It’s also utterly disgusting that this is now what the Republican Party itself stands for.

Kick hate right where it hurts: Donate $3 to Doug Jones to help him send Roy Moore to a very bad place next week.

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