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Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam of the 6th Congressional District had big plans for how the Republican tax giveaway to the rich was going to help lift the GOP to victory in the midterms. But now that same plan is being wielded against him on the campaign trail, writes TPM’s Cameron Joseph.

While Roskam isn’t airing any ads about the GOP’s signature legislative victory, his business-minded opponent Sean Casten certainly is.

“There’s no disputing Peter Roskam’s link to Donald Trump as the author of Trump’s tax plan that gave $1 trillion in tax breaks to big corporations and the top one percent, adding nearly $2 trillion to the deficit,” Casten’s latest ad intones. “And to pay for all this they want to send the bill to America’s seniors, cutting Social Security and Medicare.”

Casten cut that ad long before Mitch McConnell launched his own personal campaign this week to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Compounding problems for Roskam is the fact that his highly educated suburban district is exactly the type of territory where white women have been abandoning the GOP in droves. Daily Kos Elections ratings currently rank IL-06 as a toss-up, with Casten leading Roskam 47-42 percent.

So much for that silver bullet.


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