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Talk is slowly quieting down about Donald Trump’s impromptu interview with the New York Times, giving way to the next five outrageous Trump acts of the day. But the words spoken will forever remain a part of America history. The meeting took place Thursday in the Grill Room of Trump’s West Palm Beach golf club.

Many can imagine how it went down. Below are just five of Trump’s fabrications. To see a comprehensive list followed by a short detailed fact-check, visit The Washington Post.

  • “Paul [Manafort] only worked for me for a few months.”
  • “What I’ve done is, I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department.”
  • “I know the details of taxes better than anybody. Better than the greatest C.P.A. I know the details of health care better than most, better than most.”
  • I think it’s been proven that there is no collusion.”
  • “I like very much President Xi. He treated me better than anybody’s ever been treated in the history of China.”

…and I’m nineteen.

Twitter lit up and the extended characters began. Here are eight tweets by different Twitter faves, some well-known, and a meme to live by. Chelsea Handler never has trouble speaking her mind. Here is her reaction to the NYT interview.

There are different views as to how the interview was conducted and whether or not it gave Trump yet another platform to spew his lies and propaganda. Maggie Haberman with the New York times shared both sides.

Different people find different parts of the interview to be either disturbing, humorous, concerning, enraging—or all of the above.

Charlotte Clymer (formerly Charles Clymer) voices her concerns, which are very different from Maggie Haberman’s reasoning.

Nope, can’t imagine any other “modern president” saying what Trump said in the NYT interview either. But then, Trump is neither modern, nor a legitimate president.

Trump gives himself away so often, it’s baffling he remains in office.

And then there’s Aunt Crabby.

Joy Reid states the sad truth of it all. (For more Joy Reid tweets/threads about the NTY interview, click here.)

By the way, Joy Reid’s page is pinned with the following meme:

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No matter how one looks at the Trump-NYT interview, there can be no doubt the man is dangerously deranged and a menace—to the world and to all that is good.

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