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Chef José Andrés, who served three million meals in Puerto Rico while Donald Trump golfed, said Washington, D.C. restaurant Cafe Milano kicked him out of an event he was initially welcomed to “apparently after Ivanka Trump complained about his presence”:

Andrés, an outspoken critic of President Trump, took to Twitter to question why he was booted from the event at Cafe Milano after initially being welcomed as a guest. “’Everyone’ welcome to the after-party, but I’m not allowed in? Is (sic) because Ivanka Trump told you so?” Andrés wrote, telling the owner, Franco Nuschese, “You should be ashamed of yourself.” Jorge Guajardo, Mexico’s ambassador to China, who apparently attended the dinner, said Andrés had already been inside the event when he was taken outside and asked to leave “apparently because his presence made Ivanka uncomfortable.”

“And Trump-fans have the gall to call other people ‘snowflakes’?” CNN contributor Ana Navarro tweeted. “If you can’t take the heat in Jose’s kitchen, do us all a favor, stay within confines of Trump property safe-zones.” Apparently, Ivanka can’t let go of the fact that quite a few people were offended when her dad called Mexicans criminals and “rapists”:

Andrés was involved in a volatile legal battle with the Trump Organization over a restaurant deal that the chef pulled out of after Trump made disparaging remarks about Mexicans. Trump sued Andrés for $10 million over the move, and Andrés counter-sued, leading to a two-year feud that ended only last spring, when the Trump Organization settled. Andrés went on to become an outspoken critic of Trump’s policies, particularly on immigration.

And, of Trump’s disgraceful response to the Hurricane Maria disaster, which gave other Americans, like Andrés, no choice but to step in. During its peak, his Chefs for Puerto Rico campaign had 18 kitchens throughout the island at a cost of nearly $500,000 daily, including a coliseum where he and up to 500 volunteers prepared more than 60,000 meals every day. Somehow, this was offensive to Ivanka.  

Also, aside from kicking chefs out of events, has anyone figured out what exactly Ivanka does as a federal employee and why she needs security clearance to do it?

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