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Here’s a line you’ll never hear in the movies, Do what you want to the girl, just leave me alone!   George Carlin

Well, that moved a bit Faster than even I expected, but waddaya gonna do? Apparently there’s one low lever drone in the Trump reelection campaign who is blessed with that rarest of all GOP qualities, a double digit IQ, and he tipped to what I explained to you guys a couple of days ago. Namely, that laying all of the GOP’s convention eggs in a basket being held by a Democratic Governor might not be the brightest idea in history. Said drone pushed this thought up the ladder to a higher level mucky-muck with the GOP standard single digit IQ, and from there on up to President Penguin.

Who responded in typical fashion, In a rage tweet from his holiday home in the bunker to the left of the 11th fairway, Trump threatened that if North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper did not immediately guarantee that the GOP’s convention would take place in Charlotte with full capacity attendance, His Lowness would take his pissy parade somewhere else. I hear Cooper was rubbing his hands together so hard and fast that it set off the smoke alarm in his office.

Just an observation to start. The fact that Trump is publicly raising this issue simply goes to confirm the absolute cynicism, and total disdain of Trump and the GOP for its own citizens. If Trump and the GOP are correct, that the coronavirus is whipped and under control, and that it is perfectly safe to reopen the nation for fun, frolic, and business again, then he has nothing to worry about, his convention will go off like a moron frat party dream. The fact that El Pendejo Presidente is suddenly scared shitless about a late cancellation of the event, or a reduction in attendance for safety reasons shows that they all realize just how full of shit Trump really is.

There’s a really good reason that the party’s announce the location of their national conventions 4-6 months in advance. This shit takes a ton of time. First, there’s securing the venue. And because not only the city, but the county and the state will end up providing manpower and resources, all of them have to sign off. Then there’s the matter of negotiating thousands of discount rooms for the delegates to use to sleep off the previous night’s drunken debauchery. Street closures, security, crowd control. all have to be worked out. Then there’s the carpenters and electricians and other workers to construct the stage and electrical requirements, and stage and floor help. Even under ideal conditions, Trump is already pushing the inside of the envelope, we’re now almost exactly three months out from the opening ceremony.

Next problem. Even if Trump bugs out on Charlotte, where does he go? The only places who would be willing to take on this kind of a political kamikaze run are red states that Trump bludgeoned into reopening for that express purpose. And in about 4 weeks, the Governors of Trump friendly, populous states like Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Florida are likely to find themselves riding a spiking wave of coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations like some kind of Grim Surfer. Which if any of them will be willing to follow Trump into the abyss, and sign off on the healthcare equivalent of a four day coronavirus mosh pit?

There is good reason for Trump and the GOP to be terrified right about now. I lived through the historical lesson that they’re trying like hell to avoid. In 1968, the Democrats met in Chicago to nominate their next presidential candidate. Then Chicago Mayor Richard J Daley had basically engineered the convention as a love sonnet to his Democratic excellence, nominating Humphrey was actually just a byproduct. Instead, the national TB audience was treated to 3 nights of uncontrolled police riots, with Chicago’s finest beating unarmed hippies senseless in the streets, and throwing them through the plate glass windows of Michigan Avenue. By the time Humphrey finally limped out of Chicago, he couldn’t generate the momentum of a snail on Valium. That’s what a fucked up convention can do to a political party.

There is one more thing to consider here that could well doom Trump and the GOP even if he indeed holds his convention  with full, unmasked attendance. While the GOP and his My Pillow stuffed supporters may be willing to risk it all for Glorious Bleater, nobody else does. And a 4 day frenzy of brainless political mental masturbation is no reason to take chances. The networks can cover the goddamn thing with 3 remote controlled cameras at different angles. No All Star Panels sitting behind a desk in some owners box, that can be handled safely from the studios. And big roving reporters on the floor with hand held cameras and mics, wearing lobster bibs to protect their nice clothes from the spit of screaming Trumpistas. Cover the damn thing, but cover it responsibly, there’s no reason to take any unnecessary chances. Like a bad kidney stone, this too shall pass.

This should be entertaining to watch. Trump generally tends to get even more unhinged when he is defied, which will make his rage filled tweets alone worth the price of admission. There is no sane reason for Roy Cooper to make a bad public policy and health decision just to pull Trump’s roasted nuts out of the fire. If Trump eventually backs down, then he ends up with the convention he ends up with, end of story. But if Trump pulls out of Charlotte, and seeks greener pastures elsewhere, then we could be presented with that rarest of all events. A national nominating convention that is every bit as chaotic and incompetent as the Trump administration itself. And won’t that be a revelation to his slobbering horde.

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