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That is not a typo in the title of this piece.  That is the title of this New York Times column by Charles M. Blow.

Blow has been a consistent — and persistent — critic of Donald Trump even since before it became obvious that Trump was going to be the Republican nominee.

He considers it necessary to keep focusing attention on all that is wrong with this presidency, with this administration.

He feels that Moore has the momentum going into tomorrow’ Alabama special election to fill the Senate seat left open by Jeff Sessions becoming Attorney General.

Hence this column, which begins:

If Alabama voters on Tuesday elect Roy Moore to the Senate, the Donald Trump-diseased party once known as the Republicans may as well call themselves Roypublicans.

There will be no way to shake the stench of this homophobic, Islamophobic, sexist, racist apologist and accused pedophile. He is them, and they are him. Any pretense of tolerance and egalitarianism, already damaged by a Republican history of words and deeds, will be completely obliterated.

There will be no way to simply say that Moore is the abominable outgrowth of Alabama voters’ anger.

Blow argues that Moore would not be possible without Donald Trump.  Yes, I know that Trump at the urging of Mitch McConnell endorsed Luther Strange in the primary, but it is clear he is all in for Moore now. 

The key voter block for both Moore and Trump has been so-called White Evangelical Christians, who are the reason that Moore is ahead in polls.

The pre-Trump Republican Party is dead; The zombie Trump party now lives in its stead, devoid of principle, feasting on fear and rage, foreign to moral framing.

Note the last words there about morality, and then read what Blow wrote next:

Trump was the gateway to the Roypublicans.

After all, Trump’s 2016 support did not crater among “Evangelicals” after the Access Hollywood tape (although the recent Pew Poll notes that support is diminishing, as now ONLY 70% of those “Evangelicals” approve of Trump’s performance as President —  still, that is a decline of 17%>

This column is full of brilliant, biting prose, that hammers home the points of Blow’s argument.

Obviously I cannot quote them all, and yet they are too rich to merely be described.

Republicans have surrendered the moral high ground they thought they held, and have dived face-first into the sewer.

The Trump agenda is the Republican agenda: hostility to women and minorities, white supremacy and white nationalism, xenophobia, protectionist trade policies, tax policies that punish the poor and working class and people living in blue states.

Yes, we can see that agenda in the tax bills that are now pending in Conference Committee.

We can certainly see it in the rhetoric of the man in the Oval Office — and I note I was tempted to chance its title to Awful or Offal Office, given the occupant thereof.

There is brilliance in how Blow responds to the Moore words about America being great at the time of slavery because families together, a time of course when Black families were ripped asunder (and here it is worth remembering that one slaveholder prone to such ripping was Robert E. Lee, since Blow cannot cram that into the limits of his column).

As far as the distortions, as Blow focuses on those of Moore the words he uses:

If you can’t deal with it, lie about it.

are clearly applicable to Trump as well.  In fact, because Trump has gotten away with so many lies, it becomes easier for other Republicans to lie as well, only now that will mean they inherit the lies of Roy Moore.

Which leads Blow to these concluding words:

If Roy Moore is elected to the United States Senate, Trump will solidify his position as the author of the rewritten conservative. He will have led to the rise of the Roypublicans.

I think this is a brilliant column.

I urge you to go read it.

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