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It has become abundantly clear that The “Effen” Moron’s only clear mission is to destroy President Barack Obama’s legacy. As his very malicious decision to end the subsidy for poor people under the ACA shows, Drumpf is prepared to hurt millions of Americans in his evil quest to tear down that which Obama built. But the thing is, to The Evil One’s great dismay, the harder he tries to tear down his predecessor’s hard work, the more he himself is diminished even as Mr. Obama’s stock continues to rise

You just must read today’s column from the New Times columnist Charles Blow. It’s entitled, “Trump, Chieftain of Spite.

It must be cold and miserable standing in the shadow of someone greater and smarter, more loved and more admired. It must be infuriating to have risen on the wings of your derision of that person’s every decision, and even his very existence, and yet not be able to measure up —  in either stratagem or efficacy — when you sit where that person once sat.

He continues…

This is the existence of Donald Trump in the wake of President Barack Obama. Trump can’t hold a candle to Obama, so he’s taking a tiki torch to Obama’s legacy. Trump can’t get his bad ideas through Congress, but he can use the power of the presidency to sabotage or even sink Obama’s signature deeds.

In fact, if there’s a defining feature of Trump as “president,” is that in all ways he is the anti-Obama — not only on policy but also on matters of propriety and polish. While Obama was erudite, Trump is ignorant. Obama was civil, Trump is churlish. Obama was tactful, Trump is tacky.

He has so much more to say. Please go check it out for yourselves and let me know if you agree. Thank you, Charles!

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