So, how about that census? Daily Kos contributor David Jarman has an extensive overview here of the winners and losers. Thematically, the story is that cities grew, suburbs grew, the Latino and Asian populations grew, and rural areas emptied out. It’s a story of transition, from an old America that was white-majority and white-dominant, to one that is increasingly Black, brown, Asian, and multiracial. It’s an America where small rural towns are dying while most cities are growing and thriving. New York City, for example, grew by around 630,000 people—which is bigger than the entire population of Wyoming (586K) and Vermont (626K). 

Today on The Brief, we will be talking about the Census, what it means for redistricting efforts, and how it impacts the politics of 2022 and beyond. Our guest will be Cristina Tzintun Ramirez, the new executive editor of the youth-focused NextGen America. Ramirez ran for Senate in Texas last year, and while she came up short in the primary, her wealth of knowledge on Texas, its Latino vote, and the shape of the incoming youth electorate should provide great context for the numbers reported by the census. 

You can watch the show live, Tuesdays at 1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET, but I realize that’s not always the most convenient. So the podcast is a great alternative. It goes live Wednesday mornings at all the usual places, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. A full list of places to download the show is available here.

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