Trump eventually will be directly responsible for a quarter-million deaths from COVID.

“We’re actually experiencing more death than we thought we were.”

The coronavirus pandemic may have caused tens of thousands of more deaths in the spring and summer than previously thought, a new study says.

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond found nearly 75,000 more people may have died from the pandemic than what was recorded in March to July, according to the report published Monday in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA.

By examining death certificates, the study found more than 150,000 deaths were officially attributed to COVID-19 during that period. But researchers determined that nearly 75,000 additional deaths were indirectly caused by the pandemic, bringing the total number of deaths for those four months to more than 225,000.…


And then there’s yet another example of illegal insider information provided by the White House.

“Is that dancing?” Mary Trump asked. “I’m sorry. “I thought it was a white man’s overbite thing.” (On IMPOTUS’s dancing while on stage)

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  1. 7/8 Million US citizens infected and over 2 close 3 hundred US citizens died from Covid 19 and this idiot of a President said he’s not responsible and it was caused by 1 person. Give me a break. The President of The United States was briefed about this virus back in October or November and DID NOTHING TO PROTECT US NOTHING. This is GENOCIDE mass Murder mass Homicide. He is totally responsible for what happened and what’s going on in this country. Joe Biden, Hunter Biden have nothing to do with it. It’s all on this ASSHOLE watch. VOTE NOVEMBER 3rd!!!!!

    • He was warned as early as November, when he passed the warning on to Israel… he’d been warned about Pandemics several times a year starting before he even took office when Obama’s HHS Secretary gave him a special presentation about Pandemic and how to handle it.

      He built this with his own two hands and empty head. He chose this.

  2. From now on, you need to make a quick mental translation. When people in positions of power and wealth say the worlds “Herd Immunity”, you need to hear “Culling the Herd”. Got that. Stop. Get that. Get it in your bones. Let it sink in. Make the connections… logically… philosophically… rationally.

    The old, the sick and infirm, the foreign, the poor, the uneducated, the people who are of no value to the owners of our nation. The DISPOSABLE. In Nazi Germany, 80,000 handicapped were gassed. The Nazi’s referred to them as “Useless Eaters”.

    America will perfect this ideology if given the chance and eliminate 10s of millions of “Useless Eaters”, and COVID is just a start, a lucky break to begin the culling. If you don’t intend to keep people alive past their useful, productive age, you don’t need Social Security, how dare they breath our owners precious oxygen. End them, save that money for people who know how to spend it.

    Have you not heard the words coming right out of the mouths of Republican Leaders, “Medicine is for those that can afford it.” Wasn’t it Scrooge who said “The poor should get on with the business of dying!” Read about the Malthusian Logic behind these statements. Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, all money the wealthy could use to become more wealthy. The owners are not amused.

    We are either a Nation of the people, by the people, and for the people, or we are a Fascist Plutarchy. Which is it. What are you going to do about it. The time to get off your ass has arrived, while you still have an ass.

    • “If they be apt to die, they should do it then
      and decrease the surplus population.” — Scrooge, “A Christmas Carol”. We need another Charles Dickens to take on social ills. He was, however, a little anti-Semitic, unfortunately.


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