CBS News Says More Mueller Indictments Expected As Soon As Today, Ears Burning Don Junior?


You might want to put some champagne on ice, just in case. Today could get very interesting.

Let me say that if any investigation is leak proof, it is Robert Mueller’s. However, it’s common knowledge that he had done lots of work and that he was holding off on taking action solely due to the midterm elections. With those being history, more or less, look for some seemingly quick developments in the Trump Russia investigation.

Swiftboat birther Jerome Corsi and his ally Roger Stone have already indicated a belief that they’ll be indicted any time now. And don’t forget, it was speculated when Trump melted down the day after the midterms and went for Jim Acosta’s jugular that he was really upset about the possibility of Junior being indicted. That was supposedly the compelling reason for Trump to move so quickly with the firing of Jeff Sessions and the appointment of Matthew Whitaker to replace him — a move which looks to be blowing up in his face as we speak.

Plus, Michael Cohen took the train to D.C. to meet with Mueller yesterday.

The day is young, and could become quite interesting. Trump is venting his spleen on Kirstjen Nielsen right now, trying to get control of something, somewhere in his administration, and that will probably occupy him for a little while until Robert Mueller gives him something new to think about.

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Jon Voitko
Jon Voitko

The champagne is waiting. Believe me