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Trump Is In Legal Hot Water and Big Mouth Giuliani Put Him There

It’s pretty much a coin toss to decide whether having Rudy Giuliani as one’s attorney is better than representing oneself. Donald Trump’s personal disclosure statement is due today, unless he requests an extension. Under the  Ethics in Government Act Trump has to disclose all liabilities that exceeded $10,000 at any time during calendar year 2017, […]
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Rudy Puts His Foot In His Mouth Again, This Time Contradicting White House On...

It’s not the least bit surprising that prestigious law firm Greenberg Taurig pulled the plug on Rudy Giuliani this week. The man is a walking bundle of contradictions, not exactly the hallmark of a top attorney. Now Rudy is stepping into it up to his ankles on the AT&T merger issue, steadfastly maintaining that Trump […]
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Small World Isn’t It? Marc Kasowitz Also Worked For Russian Oligarch Victor Vekelsberg

I wonder if the good ole boys club of Trump World has a clubhouse, or requires a key, or what exactly? They’re a small insular circle, we know that much. Tuesday’s Avenatti bombshell revealed that Essential Consultants, the shell company Michael Cohen used to pay Stormy Daniels’ hush money, also received $500,000 from a firm […]
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Trump Summons Rudy to Meet, Hours After “Worst Attorney Interview Ever Given”

Donald Trump is apparently not enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon at his golf club in Virginia. White House pool reports state that Trump summoned Rudy Giuliani to come out to the club early this afternoon. When such a summons comes only hours after a TV interview that will go down in history as one of […]

He’s Back! Steve Bannon (And Perrino!) Edge Back In as Kelly On the Out

Sweet Jesus, this White House. What an absolute mockery Trump has made of all that used to be “America,” the shining city on a hill, the land Reagan once took pride in leading, the country smart enough to have elected Barack Fcking Obama. Somehow, some way, in leading this country, this White House led by this President has […]

Call Your Bookie: Bets Are On That Rudy Giuliani Is Next In This Gong...

That revolving door on the West Wing is moving so fast that Trump may have to throw his compatriot/consigliere Rudy Giuliani through the door, not just out it, and in the mood Trump is in, that may suit his purposes fine, as a matter of fact. In a case of irony personified, Giuliani has put […]
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Kushner Is Next: VF Reporter Predicts Kushner Will Be Next Under Trump Bus

If you are like me, the phrase “thrown under the bus” elicits the same reaction as seeing a cockroach. It is just so so so overused, had a “sell-by” date in 2012. Being an author, we like to come up with newer, edgier, analogies, especially ones that turn into memes that essentially define an era. […]
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Can You Believe It? Rudy Giuliani Actually Thought Fox Interview Went Just Fine

How did you think it was going to work out when a senile lawyer was hired to represent the interests of a world class dotard? Well, that’s about how well it has worked out so far and Rudy’s been on the job, what, two weeks? Maybe Rudy’s really a double agent on the side of […]
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BREAKING: Trump Paid Cohen the $130,000 to Hush Stormy Daniels

Breaking on NBC news right now, Rudy Guiliani has apparently admitted to knowing that Trump paid Michael Cohen the $130,000 in order to buy Stormy Daniels’ silence about the night when they did not have sex – if you are to believe Trump. Whoa. Look, we have assumed from the moment we heard that Stormy […]