Melania Skewered For Tone Deaf Photo Op While We’re In A Pandemic

Melania is getting trounced on Twitter, once again, due to yet another vintage tone deaf moment. It’s not as bad as “I Really Don’t Care, Do U,” nothing could be. And it hasn’t quite gotten to the level of “let them eat cake” but we’re getting there. No, Melania is doing a photo op on her pet project, renovating the White House tennis pavilion while Washington burns — more or less. Oblivious. I am excited to share the progress of the Tennis Pavillion at @WhiteHouse. Thank you to the talented team for their hard work and dedication. — Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) March 5, 2020 Earth to Melania: Regular people are worried about the stock market plunging, because even if they don’t have money in it, they know it’s a sign of hard economic times to come and they’re already there. Regular people are concerned about the death toll from the coronavirus mounting, while there’s yet another delay in the promised 2,500 testing kits going out — and now they find out they’re going to have to pay for testing. Ordinary folks are in no position to climb into the bubble world you and hubby exist in, we’re forced to live in the real one. Americans died and lost their homes in Tennessee, but Melania Trump concerned about wasting tax payer money on a tennis pavilion. The victims would appreciate a visit and support.???? #TennesseeTornado #TennesseeStrong — Jules Morgan (@glamelegance) March 5, 2020 My classroom doesn't have books or pencils. — Mari Jeranek Errico (@mteaches) March 5, 2020 And so it goes. Melania is not going to go down in the history books as particularly loved, any more than hubby will. It’s a shame that all of Trump’s money can’t be used to buy a clue. If Melania was on the Titantic, she’d be doing a photo op on recovering the deck chairs and thinking nothing of it. She’s one of the ones guaranteed a life boat. For the rest of us? Glub glub. Yet we’re not supposed to get upset over this idiocy.

The Purge Is On. Deputy National Security Advisor Reassigned On Fears She May Be...

Cue the Pink Panther music, and turn up the midnight oil, “Anonymous” — the White House staffer who penned the scorching editorial in the New York Times and the book, “A Warning” — may have finally been outed by the Trump administration. Now the lead detective on this case will make Inspector Clouseau seem like Hercule Poirot on steroids. Would you believe Peter Navarro, Trump’s painfully inept and embarrassing economic adviser — whom he calls “My Peter?”  And Navarro is just one of a team of staffers that have taken it upon themselves to rout out this snake in their grass — and bear in mind, Trump says, he’s “surrounded by snakes” which is his pet name for Never Trumpers. Nobody is safe in Trumpworld, least of all Anonymous. Read this brief back story on the atmosphere in the White House these days and then we’ll get to today’s headline of the deputy national security adviser who’s head is rolling — at least as far as the Department of Energy. Daily Beast: Does the so-called “Senior Administration Official” really exist, or is it just the Failing New York Times with another phony source? If the GUTLESS anonymous person does indeed exist, the Times must, for National Security purposes, turn him/her over to government at once! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5, 2018 That view has inspired the West Wing’s efforts this month to purge the White House of perceived subversives, such as Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who testified to Congress about Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president. Vindman is not suspected of being Anonymous, but was removed from his NSC post last week in retaliation for his (legally mandatory) testimony before a House panel investigating conduct that led to the president’s impeachment. It’s not clear whether Anonymous actually remains in an administration post, or has moved on. Reporting since his or her Times column has floated a variety of potential culprits. Every administration official who’s been asked has denied being Anonymous. But then that’s what Anonymous said he or she would do. “For now,” the person wrote in A Warning, “if asked, I will strenuously deny I am the author of this book, including when the president demands we each disavow it.” Ooooh, wicked. King Donald doesn’t like that attitude, I’ll warrant. This is what the rack and thumb screws are for. So today, either Anonymous was unmasked, or at least a scapegoat was found and in this political climate, that is the direction we’re going, make no mistake. Either way, deputy national security adviser Victoria Coates is set to be removed from the National Security Council and moved to the Department of Energy because word on the street is she might be Anonymous. Axios: Why it matters: Coates’ working relationship with National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, who elevated her to the deputy role only months ago, has strained amid an effort by some people inside the administration to tag her as “Anonymous” — a charge she has vehemently denied to colleagues. […] Driving the news: As Politico first reported, Coates has been the target of a whisper campaign in recent weeks making a circumstantial case that she was the identity behind an op-ed in the New York Times and later a bestselling book describing a resistance movement against President Trump in his own White House. One of the literary agents […]

Trump Fears He’s ‘Surrounded By Snakes’ So He’s Hiring Loyalists To Keep Him Safe

Paranoia runs deep. Into your life it will creep. — Buffalo Springfield Donald Trump is sick and tired of disloyalty and so he’s taking action to eliminate it. Trump has found out the hard way that perfection in staffing is a relative concept. People who he blithely sent through the West Wing revolving door a year or two ago are now looking great in retrospect, next to the likes of Rex Tillerson who called him a “fucking moron” or H.R. McMaster who called him an “idiot” and a “dope.” Compared to that, having Reince Priebus, whom he once ordered to kill a fly, back on board is a comfort. Along with Priebus comes Sean Spicer and Hope Hicks, along with Trump’s former body man, John McInteen, who was fired by John Kelly because he had a gambling problem which led to a security clearance issue. McInteen is set up to head the Presidential Personnel Office, which will give him the power to hire everywhere in the federal government. Here we go with “only the best people,” fascist edition. Axios. Why it matters: Trump has increasingly become furious with what he sees as a federal government full of “never-Trumpers.” Administration officials tell Axios Trump feels he’s surrounded by snakes and wants to clear out all the disloyal people. Trump sees McEntee as the ultimate loyalist, and he has assigned him the powerful role of picking personnel across the federal government. What we’re hearing: Trump has been asking for names of people he should fire. Many on the outside are more than happy to oblige. He was furious about former D.C. Attorney Jessie Liu, who he had nominated to serve as the Treasury Department’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes, after hearing from a number of people, including Rep. Louie Gohmert, that Liu was someone not to be trusted. This is looking like the beginning of Trump’s version of the SS. They were loyalists to Hitler and charged with ferreting out anybody who wasn’t and disposing of them. Let the purge begin.

Melania Renames White House ‘The President’s House’ Forget About People’s House

This is either a troll or it is as deliberately tasteless as the pea coat with “I Don’t Really Care Do U?” stenciled on the back. Since when is the People’s House the President’s House? Although it’s not surprising in the burgeoning dictatorship which we know as the Trump administration. In fact, the only surprise is that the structure isn’t being referred to as the MAGA King’s castle. The first lady, Melania Trump, has overseen the renovation of the White House bowling alley. Historically, the White House has been referred to as "the people's house." — David Gura (@davidgura) May 1, 2019 Only Melania would think of something tacky like embossing a bowling ball. But cheer up. Maybe the Trumps will move on from “the president’s house” to the “Big House.” Wouldn’t that be nice? And seriously, I doubt if Melania has ever heard the term “the People’s House” because they don’t talk about that stuff in fashion magazines.  
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Trump’s Top Russia NSC Expert Put On Leave, Escorted From White House

This is certainly a curious development. Andrew Peek, who succeeded Fiona Hill and one other as the top Russia expert on the National Security Council was placed on administrative leave, pending a security-related investigation. Axios: Driving the news: Peek had been expected to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland next week, where President Trump is expected to meet with a number of world leaders as the impeachment trial takes place back in the Senate. Why it matters: Peek’s responsibilities at the NSC, and before that at the State Department, touch on a number of sensitive areas. He joined the NSC in November after serving as a deputy assistant secretary at the State Department, where he focused on Iraq and Iran. He previously served as a strategic adviser to now-retired Marine Gen. John Allen when Allen was commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. Well, that gig didn’t last very long. He started in November and it’s the middle of January. Bloomberg is reporting that he was escorted from the White House grounds and usually that is an indicator of something serious. NEW: The top Russia expert on Trump’s National Security Council, Andrew Peek, has left his post, just a couple months in, sources tell me, @nwadhams and @justinsink. That’s the Fiona Hill, Tim Morrison, Russia/Ukraine job. Peek was escorted from WH on Friday. Story out soon. — Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) January 19, 2020 Peek is the third person to have this job in the last year. He replaced Tim Morrison, who as you may recall, tesitifed at the House impeachment inquiry that Gordon Sondland told him about the quid pro quo of Ukraine’s aid delivery being conditioned on an investigation into Burisma. Morrison replaced Fiona Hill, then Peek replaced Morrison and who knows who’s going to replace him? The West Wing absolutely needs a revolving door, to keep out drafts, with this rate of turnover.  

Lindsey Graham Chokes Up Calling Joe Biden ‘As Good A Man As God Ever...

Lindsey Graham used to have a clear and unabashedly candid appraisal of Donald Trump, which he openly shared with any and all who would listen. In 2015 he called Trump a “race baiting xenophobic bigot” whom the GOP “should tell to go to hell.” He also cautioned this in 2016: If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it. — Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) May 3, 2016 As everyone knows, that Lindsey Graham has vanished to the bewilderment of all. Pundits have quipped that Graham is the victim of everything from alien mind control to extortion, such is the profound one eighty reversal of his mind set. Last Sunday, in a classic display of both siderism, Graham smeared Biden and demanded an investigation of “Biden/Ukraine, just as there has been one of Trump/Russia.” “They’ve [Democrats] done everything but turn the Trump world upside down. There are no rules. When it comes to this president there are no rules, including a phone call. There are no privileges. So what I’m asking for is to take a look at what the Ukraine did in the 2016 election, what role, if any, did the Bidens have anything to do with it, what it proper, was it not? I promise you the American media is not going to look at it. I’m hoping that the Department of Justice will do for the Biden/Ukraine connection what we did for the Trump/Russia connection.” Then of course, the Fox News host chimed in with how the “media is trying to take what was a Biden scandal and turn it into a Trump scandal.” Graham went on to accuse Biden of malfeasance and malign the media, the top Trumpian talking points these days. Graham said, “Did the Ukraine dump information into the American political system, legal system, regarding Manafort and others…I sure as hell don”t trust the media to get to the bottom of it.” Here’s the Fox News clip. Now, here is a clip from the History Channel in 2016. Graham starts out saying, “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, you”ve got a problem — you got to do some self-evaluation….he came to my ceremony. He said some of the most incredibly heart felt things that anybody can say to me. He’s the nicest person I think I’ve ever met in politics.” Then, with a catch in his throat and tearing up, Graham says, “He is as good a man as God ever created.” He continues, “His heart’s been ripped out, but he’s going to make sure that the other members of his family are taken care of and he started talking about his grand kids.” What a testimonial about Joe Biden’s character. Even in the face of insurmountable loss, Biden’s first instinct was to take care of others. I cannot think of any quality that I would rather have in a leader, a president, certainly, and Graham says Biden has just that. Listen to this 1:33 tribute. This is moving. I have to believe that this is the real Lindsey Graham, because it comports not only with what Graham said and thought in 2015, but also with Joe Biden’s relationship with John McCain, Graham’s dearest friend and mentor, and a dear friend to Biden as well. You may recall Joe Biden’s […]

Fox News Attacked Trump’s Worsening Trade War, Trump Can’t Handle It

If you’re just now tuning in, Donald Trump has been livid with Fox News for some weeks now. He’s been tweeting vitriol at them, “Remember who put you there!” and asking his friends, “What the hell is wrong with Fox?” Maybe it’s the Murdoch sons, whom Trump describes as “very liberal” but in all events, Fox is not doing what Fox is programmed to do, in Trump’s mind, which is: to 1) agree with him on all things, 2) amplify his positions 3) give him supporting material for his views, which he can then repeat and retweet. That’s their job and boy, today, they really stepped out of line and the cognitive dissonance in Trump’s tiny mind must be banging like an anvil. Shep Smith started out a piece Thursday, “any notion that we’re in a manageable trade dispute with China is now dispelled. This is a trade war. America just fired another shot. And you are about to pay. The trade talks with the Chinese effectively collapsed today. The president announced new tariffs today. The markets were retreated today — in a big way. The Dow was up nearly 300 points. Then the president tweeted about the new tariffs. That was 1:30 this afternoon. See it. Now the Dow is down 228. A more than 500-point plunge. What does this mean?” Well, we can tell you one thing that it means. Trump is furious. It’s bad enough the stock market turned on him, but the same afternoon, Fox News does as well? Here’s what got the ball rolling. …buy agricultural product from the U.S. in large quantities, but did not do so. Additionally, my friend President Xi said that he would stop the sale of Fentanyl to the United States – this never happened, and many Americans continue to die! Trade talks are continuing, and… — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 1, 2019 …We look forward to continuing our positive dialogue with China on a comprehensive Trade Deal, and feel that the future between our two countries will be a very bright one! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 1, 2019 So now Trump’s going to put an additional tariff on China. Could it be that he really believes that a tariff is defined as a check which another government writes to the Treasury, because that’s what he’s been plying his base with, tales of “billions of dollars being deposited into the Treasury.” Unfortunately, that heretic Shep Smith kept going on and explaining things, and there was no discussion of giant checks being written to the government. Smith actually described a tariff as a tax — fancy that? You mean it’s not a check, like Trump says it is? Oh, noes. The WalMart Patriots aren’t going to like this one bit. The moo moos and the flip flips are going up. Here’s what else Smith said: “everything the Chinese sells to the U.S. will be taxed at a higher rate. Every toy, every piece of clothing, every bag of tea, every drop of oil, and American consumers are the ones footing the bill. First, the importers will pay it, then the distributors will pay up, and the stores will pay it, then they will pass it to you. The buck stops with you. You pay. That’s how this works. Always. […]
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Trump Team “Ready for War” Against Mueller: Fate of a Nation at Stake.

Newt Gingrich tells the Washington Post that the White House and its allies are “preparing for war” with Mueller, as the anticipated report on obstruction of justice draws nearer by the day. Would one expect any other analogy from a team as self-important as that made up by Trump, Gingrich, Giuliani, Nunes …I could go […]
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Saudi, the UAE, Don Jr., the Seychelles and an AUGUST 2016 Trump Tower Meeting

Rachel Maddow spent much of her show last night focused on a single nugget within a NY Times report on Trump billionaire buddy Tom Barrack (exquisite irony in the name of your friend, Mr. Pres, more ironic if he helps put you in jail).  Tom Barrack is tight – or was – “tight” with Paul […]

New Info On Elite Russians Who Met with NRA Execs During 2016 Campaign

Several prominent Russians, some from President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle or high in the Russian Orthodox Church, had provable and significant contacts with National Rifle Association officials during the 2016 U.S. election campaign, as found by a McClatchy Report today, citing photographs and an NRA source. The details emerged through a widening Justice Department investigation […]