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Kim Jong-Un “Winning,” Testing Missiles Without Fear of U.S.

It took Donald Trump’s love affair with Kim Jong-Un to make the United States look like a loyal lapdog to mighty North Korea. North Korea is back testing short to medium range missiles. Do keep in mind that we have an entire intelligence operation aimed at preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons and rocketry. North Korea routinely threatens the United States, and yet Trump dismisses all this as “nothing.” How are we “winning” in this scenario? As North Korea fired off a series of missiles in recent months — at least 18 since May — President Trump has repeatedly dismissed their importance as short-range and “very standard” tests. And although he has conceded “there may be a United Nations violation,” the president says any concerns are overblown. Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, Mr. Trump explained recently, just “likes testing missiles.” Right. So does Iran. And yet somehow we view it as very important that we not allow Iran to have nuclear capability, nor have medium range inter-continental missiles, and they – too, are likely United Nations violations. (Did you like that? How easily Trump dismisses ANY rule? “Yeah, they probably are breaking international law, but he likes testing missiles, so what?”) This is insanity. Although Mr. Trump acknowledged that “there may be a United Nations violation,” he appears unwilling to make statements or take actions that could call into question what he considers his warm relationship with Mr. Kim, which the president believes is crucial to ending decades-long hostilities with the North. Trump believes that the world runs this way, by relationships. He doesn’t care about international law, he cares about being flattered. He doesn’t care about United States’ interests, he “is” the United States. He finds it easier to deal with dictators because if he sees himself as a dictator, and if he just forms a “relationship” with another dictator, he and the dictator’s relationship will cause an agreement on whatever they need, United Nations’ violations or not. Trump doesn’t believe rules and/or laws apply to him, never has. He doesn’t like rules or laws. He likes doing what he wants, with whom he wants, even with respect to international relations. Oh, you were waiting for the dangerous part? An estimate by the Defense Intelligence Agency, circulated to select officials inside the United States government this summer, estimates that the North has also produced enough fuel for roughly a dozen new nuclear weapons since the historic talks in Singapore. Other intelligence agencies have “more conservative numbers,” one former senior official said, but all point to an expanding cache of bombs. An expanding number of nukes, and expanding number of missile tests. Horrific. I originally wrote a witty, ironic and mocking end to this piece, asking whether you believed it possible that Kim Jung-Un might be pulling a fast one on Trump and faking all this “love” stuff because, well, he likes to test missiles. But, I decided it wasn’t appropriate. Seoul South Korea, a city of about 20 million good people, our allies, sits within reach of North Korea’s conventional artillery shells. Downtown Seoul is approximately 30 miles from the DNZ. North Korea could kill thousands upon thousands in South Korea without a single missile fired, without nukes. Just a big artillery blast into densely populated Seoul. This is […]
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Trump Handing Ukraine to Putin While Using It Against Biden

Donald Trump is “seriously considering” blocking $250 million in military aid to Ukraine, the nation currently occupied – in part – by Russian troops, and in active warfare with Russians in other regions. Blocking the aid would effectively hand Ukraine to Putin, or at least make it far more difficult for Ukrainians to defend themselves from Putin. This seems to be the entire point. According to CNN, Trump instructed the Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor to oversee a review process that could delay the funds past a September 30th deadline. A White House source told CNN that Trump has made no secret that U.S. aid abroad should be “prioritized” and that other nations should be paying “their fair share.” The decision is troubling on several levels, one of which is that the money is already appropriated by Congress for Ukrainian defense. As expected, the potential move has some in Congress in an uproar. Adam Schiff tweeted this morning. Trump is withholding vital military aid to Ukraine, while his personal lawyer seeks help from the Ukraine government to investigate his political opponent. It doesn’t take a stable genius to see the magnitude of this conflict. Or how destructive it is to our national security. — Adam Schiff (@RepAdamSchiff) August 29, 2019 Yes, you did read that correctly, the Ukrainians have some hope because Rudy Giuliani is on the case, letting Ukrainians know that it would please Donald Trump immensely to see Ukraine pursue wholly made up charges against Hunter Biden, impacting the Biden campaign. We go back to CNN from another story: The move shows the former New York mayor is making a renewed push for the country to investigate President Donald Trump’s political enemies. Giuliani, who serves as Trump’s personal attorney, has long lobbied Ukraine to investigate the former vice president’s call in 2016 to remove the country’s top prosecutor, who at one point had been investigating a Ukrainian natural gas company connected to Biden’s son, Hunter. Other self-respecting Western democracies have called upon the Ukraine to end the kangaroo court “Investigations.” But we are not a self-respecting democracy. Our leader threatens to choke off the Ukraine’s defenses, in exchange for some help in the coming election. Just when you think you are sufficiently cynical, you learn you were never in the right ballpark. Because I have more. If you thought  that the army invading Ukraine was the biggest issue that nation faced, John Bolton – currently in Kiev – wants to assure you and the Ukrainians that he knows who the real enemy is, it is the same enemy that broke into the DNC server. That’s right .. It was great to meet with my Ukrainian national security and defense colleagues in Kyiv. The discussions clearly show that we share a common commitment to preserving Ukraine’s security and sovereignty, and to ensuring it is not subject to Chinese economic exploitation. — John Bolton (@AmbJohnBolton) August 28, 2019 It is China that the Ukrainians should fear, and Bolton is there to assist in “economic warfare,” while our nation withholds funds for “actual warfare” conducted by Donald Trump’s friend. Let us sum all this up. This is now Trump’s country. Money Congress appropriated as aide to help in the defense of an ally is now being used to […]

Trump’s Third Press Secretary Is A Charmer, Too: DUIs and Plagiarism

Donald Trump famously said that he was going to drain the swamp and only hire the best people, when in fact he brought the swamp with him, and his idea of “best” is clearly open to wide interpretation. His third press secretary in less than three years, Stephanie Grisham, lost one job for plagiarism and another for cheating on expense reports. Plus, she’s been arrested twice for DUI — the second time in 2015 when working for the Trump campaign. New York Times: In December 2015 in Arizona, Ms. Grisham was arrested for driving under the influence. She pleaded guilty and was fined, and in August 2016 the court ordered her into a treatment program. It was a second offense: In 2013 she was arrested for driving under the influence, speeding and driving with an invalid license. While working in public relations and writing traffic safety briefs for AAA, Grisham got a bit careless with her bookkeeping. A former AAA employee with direct knowledge of the matter said Ms. Grisham left after accusations that she filed false claims for travel and other expenses. A spokeswoman for AAA Arizona declined to discuss personnel matters. Ms. Grisham lost a subsequent job after an accusation of plagiarism. She had gone to work for an advertising agency in Arizona whose clients included a start-up called GarageFly, an online service that helps car owners find auto repair shops. While making a presentation to the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, GarageFly’s founder showed off his website. In an interview, he said he was quickly informed by a furious attendee from AAA that the website included material lifted verbatim from AAA. GarageFly’s founder said he had not known because the website was created by GarageFly’s ad agency, Mindspace. And the Mindspace employee responsible for placing the AAA material on the GarageFly website turned out to be Ms. Grisham, according to two other people involved in the matter. Ms. Grisham lost her job. The agency’s owner, Brent Shetler, confirmed Ms. Grisham’s employment but declined to discuss the reasons for her departure. But, as you know, none of this matters to Trump. All he cares about is cultish devotion. As long as that’s there, Trump doesn’t care if you go home and kill your own children and bake them in a pie. From her bosses, Ms. Grisham “gets a lot of praise for being loyal,” said David Bodney, a media lawyer in Arizona who tangled with Ms. Grisham over reporter access to public records when she worked in state government there. “But her job is to make information available,” Mr. Bodney said. “She’s now in a unique position to either serve or frustrate the public interest. Unfortunately, her tenure in Arizona does not bode well.” Nothing about this woman’s history bodes well. When she first began working for Trump as a press wrangler, passing out fast food and tracking down lost gear, she said that she was “riding it until the money runs out.” Like her predecessor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she’s found another vein of gold to tap and that’s what she’s doing. Nothing wrong with making money and advancing oneself, but there’s a lot wrong with compromising the essential principles and values of any given job and perverting it into something it’s not. The job of White House […]
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Inevitable Republican Move: A Big Step Toward War With Iran

Of course you saw this coming. After all, we do have a Republican administration, which – by definition – means war in the oil soaked Middle East, eventually. Silly that we once relied upon Trump’s one semi-redeeming value; his stated isolationist stance on wars in areas that certainly do not threaten American lives. With all the death and destruction from the week before last (remember Gilroy?), the White House made a critical move that largely went under the radar. Huffington post picked it up a week late, surely leaked by a few brave but terrified folks on the inside. President Trump’s administration sanctioned Iranian Foreign Minister Jovad Sharif last week – a highly unusual move that essential blacklists the country’s top diplomat when the U.S. and Iran have come exceedingly close to open military conflict. As a means of furthering U.S. interests, experts deem the move nonsensical. No shit? Great idea, we may well be close to shooting at a nation, so why bother speaking to the one person their government designated to talk to our government? Nonsense, indeed. Well, unless your goal is to ensure those shots get fired. It appears some harbor that goal. God help us. The administration surely won’t. One cannot help but think that one of the Trump whisperers in the White House has won out over the non-blood-thirsty folks, often referred to as “doves,” or pheasants, or ducks, any bird that does not dive at your head as a meal plan. The ultimate goal became apparent the moment the U.S. pulled out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, the agreement that everyone outside the current administration agreed was working. Experts with unprecedented access to Iran’s facilities found nothing. The results satisfied every other nation on the U.N. Security Council. To be fair, no other nation on the Security Council has to deal with bloodthirsty Republicans rising every eight years. It is rare to sanction a foreign minister. We have not done it to Syria or North Korea. Both countries represent a far greater threat to actual American lives, but neither sits atop the world’s second largest oil reserves. Let’s face it, Iran’s biggest sin is its unwillingness to simply give us the oil. Being Islamic doesn’t help, either.   Even more worrisome. The “hardliners” in the administration include Sec. of State Pompeo, and National Security Advisor John Bolton. In other words, the two most powerful voices regarding foreign policy. I doubt that Ben Carson’s, or the Surgeon General’s carry much weight. I have no idea what their position might be on the matter, in part because it couldn’t matter in the least. Not scared enough? I can help more. If Trump feels vulnerable going into 2020, and there is nothing we want more, he is far more likely to believe that a war will boost his chances. History sure teaches such, something Pompeo and Bolton have obviously pointed out already. We have a Republican administration. We can count on the sun continuing to rise in the east, and war initiating in the Middle East – never the Far East, they have little oil. Lives will be lost over oil, and gross amounts of public treasury money spent. More than last time. Iran actually has a real military, and a larger, better educated population than […]
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Never Forget: Trump Disbanded DHS Domestic Terrorism Unit in April

Finally, we heard Trump denounce race-based hatred, white nationalism, today. However, we can never forget or forgive the fact that Trump disbanded the DHS Domestic Terrorism Unit last April. From the Daily Beast’s report last April: In the wake of this move, officials said the number of analytic  reports produced by DHS about domestic terrorism, including the threat  from white supremacists, has dropped significantly. People in and close  to the department said this has generated significant concern at  headquarters. “It’s especially problematic given the growth in right-wing extremism  and domestic terrorism we are seeing in the U.S. and abroad,” one  former intelligence official told The Daily Beast. The group in question was a branch of analysts in DHS’s Office of  Intelligence and Analysis (I&A). They focused on the threat from  homegrown violent extremists and domestic terrorists. The analysts there  shared information with state and local law enforcement to help them  protect their communities from these threats. Okay, let’s you and I deal with a couple caveats right off the bat, but bring it around to Trump anyway. First, this was the Department of Homeland Security’s unit, not the FBI’s, and there is no doubt at all that the FBI continued to monitor domestic terrorism. They more likely would tell the president to go f-himself before they ever disbanded a unit dedicated to such a law enforcement threat. Indeed they are the ones who have been producing reports about domestic terrorists all along, even when Trump didn’t like their reports. But even with the FBI studying these groups, it is highly doubtful that they shared their intelligence with local law enforcement to the degree that DHS did. It is in the FBI’s DNA to keep their own intelligence secret from just about everyone. These are the people, after all, who decided to investigate Trump as a possible threat to this nation. They kept that lid tight, too. Second, nowhere in the story is there any evidence that Trump actually ordered the DHS Unit disbanded. He did not issue a formal order. Of course, no president would ever issue a formal order like that because the next attack would be blamed squarely upon that president. However, we know that Trump micromanages to the point of mental illness, and there is not a chance in hell that the secretary of DHS would disband that unit without being told to disband that unit, or that person would be the one that received all blame during the next attack. Thus, with those two possible caveats dismissed, we can state that Trump unequivocally disbanded this unit because he wanted it easier for white nationalist groups to operate. He likely doesn’t want them to kill, but he likely wants them to fester, to bring more people in, because he can then be their champion. He need not say a thing beyond “What’s wrong with nationalism?” Of course, “what is wrong with nationalism” is the fact that these groups’ raison de’ etre is to elevate the white race above others, in the name of “saving” their country. This nation has a long way to go with respect to civil rights. However, until Trump, this nation made progress. We allow gays to marry. We elected a black president. We may damn well elect a woman president this time, instead of one just getting “more votes” like […]
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Creeping Fascism in Plain Sight: WH Suspends Troublesome Reporter 30 Days.

When one aspires to a fascist or fascist-like leadership position, the first thing one does is wrestle control of the media. This is certainly not genius insight, indeed I believe it is likely taught in high school. That is why it is critical that we all pay attention when this particular White House, and this particular president, make a clear move against the First Amendment, in an attempt to control the press. Could anything be more obvious? Brian Karem, the chief White House correspondent for Playboy magazine, said Friday that his press pass is being suspended for 30 days in what he called an “anti-First Amendment move.” Damn right. Unless, you started a fight or something. Except, he did not, and the White House knows this all too well. The suspension will begin Monday, Karem said. In an interview late Friday, he said the White House told him the suspension was related to his actions in the Rose Garden nearly a month ago, where he infamously sparred with former White House aide Sebastian Gorka. The White House wrote that Karem “failed to abide by basic norms of decorum and order” on July 11, Karem said. The letter further suggested that Karem had been rude to Gorka — “a guest of the president.” Anyone who follows the news much has seen that clip, and the most charitable view (to the White House’s position) would be to say that Karem did not handle the “attack initiated by the President’s guest” perfectly. I mean that, by the way. He could have handled it better, and he could have handled it much, much, worse – but did not. He was flat ambushed by Gorka, an oily fascist himself. So, what is this really about? Oh, perhaps it is because Karem has been a thorn in both Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ side and Trump’s hide, for quite some time. Perhaps you recall him asking Sarah Huck if she did not have any empathy, “as a parent,” for the kids separated at the border? Anyone who doesn’t have empathy for kids separated from parents, even parents who DO commit crimes, anyone without empathy for the innocent kids, is without any redemption and not fit to work in the White House. She could have answered the question easily: “Of course I do. However, there are several moving parts to this and we are attempting to stop other parents from risking their children’s lives in the journey from Central America, we do not want innocent children’s lives lost due to  …” Or even: “My private feelings about any policy are not relevant to the president’s decisions. Thus I will not ever comment upon my personal feelings.” See? I do not believe a single word of either answer for a second, however they are the types of answers that a press secretary for the White House ought to be able to make off the cuff, I sure did. But this White House doesn’t work that way. They take pride in inflicting pain without empathy. They want their voters, their base, to know it, wink wink. Ironically, another clear sign of fascism is a total denial of empathy for the perceived “enemy.” They learn that in high school, too, all too well. Regardless, the White House knows that Gorka went after that guy. Indeed, Gorka […]

Trump Withdraws Ratcliffe Nomination After 5 Days Claiming ‘Slander and Libel’ Is To Blame

I wonder if Sekulow or Giuliani or somebody who went to law school could explain first semester Torts to Donald Trump. The truth is an absolute defense to any charge of defamation. Trump doesn’t know that. He claims that yet another one of his ridiculously unqualified candidates for an office, John Ratcliffe, is a victim, “treated very unfairly” by the media and set up for “months of slander and libel.” Nah, Donny, he was set up for proper vetting, which is something that you don’t bother to do. You just watch ’em perform on TV and make an offer. This is just another version of The Apprentice to you, and it would be comical, if it wasn’t so damned dangerous, and Capital Hill the movie set. ….John has therefore decided to stay in Congress where he has done such an outstanding job representing the people of Texas, and our Country. I will be announcing my nomination for DNI shortly. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 2, 2019 Here’s what really happened, per Axios: The state of play, via Axios’ Jonathan Swan: Ratcliffe withdrew himself, per sources familiar with the situation. He was watching coverage of his possible nomination pile up, and the White House was getting word that he would struggle to get enough Republicans to confirm him. Ratcliffe “thought better to pull out now than put family through confirmation only to come up shy,” texted a source familiar with his thinking. According to a third source familiar with the situation, Ratcliffe did not anticipate the intensity of the reaction to his name being floated. The backdrop: Ratcliffe, who defended Trump and “downplayed the threat posed by Russia” at former special counsel Robert Mueller’s July hearing, is not well-known by many Republican senators or trusted by Democrats, per Politico. No, he’s not well known. He’s another Matthew Whitaker clone, embarrassingly unqualified, yet chosen by Trump because he can be combative on television and push Trump’s inane and insane talking points. That’s as sophisticated as Trump’s choices ever get. He probably should have let McConnell chose somebody. He might have found another serpent in the garden like Bill Barr. Oh, well. Looks like Donnie’s plan to undermine the intelligence community just suffered a minor setback. “Too Bad!” as the saying goes.  

Trump Is Looking For A MAGA Spy To Replace Coats Until He Can Get...

Dan Coats is leaving his post as Director of National Intelligence August 15. Trump has nominated “Secret Society” conspiracy theorist John Ratcliffe to succeed Coats, but it’s well known that Ratcliffe faces an extended and contentious confirmation process. That is due to the fact that Ratcliffe, like Trump, is a baldfaced liar. He claims that he was appointed as a “special prosecutor” in 2008 to take down Hamas, by kneecapping their sources of funding. Right. Daily Beast: Ratcliffe was also accused Tuesday of embellishing his record in an anti-terrorism case. ABC News reports that he has repeatedly misrepresented his role in the high-profile case, claiming he had been appointed as a “special prosecutor” in 2008 to help secure convictions for funneling money to Hamas, which is a designated terrorist organization. The congressman, who did serve as a terrorism prosecutor and U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Texas, has used the Holy Land Foundation conviction to boost his anti-terror credentials, but court records and lawyers involved in the case suggest he had no direct role in the prosecution. A spokesperson for Ratcliffe told ABC News that his involvement in the case was actually in conducting an investigation outside of the court proceedings, but said she could provide no further details “because the investigation did not result in any charges.” Puffery on a resume is never a good sign and certainly not in a case where the job to be filled is one of great sensitivity like Director of National Intelligence. In any event, Rat Boy faces an uphill climb to get confirmed, although he probably will, with the current Senate a bunch of Trump enablers hell bent on political survival no matter what the cost to the nation and it’s institutions. But in the meantime, somebody has to fill Coat’s shoes as placeholder. That would normally fall to the Principle Deputy Director of Intelligence, in this case Sue Gordon, who is greatly respected in the intelligence community, and on Capital Hill, based upon her decades of service. However, she has one fatal flaw, insofar as this administration is concerned: she’s not a MAGAt, and so Trump is looking to do an end run around the professional and install one of his own yes men, per usual. Daily Beast: That may not be as easy as it sounds. As Bobby Chesney of the University of Texas School of Law detailed at Lawfare, the law indicates that if both the DNI post and the post Gordon currently holds are vacant, then the president could choose from a fairly wide pool of people to take Gordon’s post and, therefore, become acting DNI. [Gordan is not stepping down.] That includes any senate-confirmed officials in the executive branch, and any senior employee who’s been at ODNI for 90 days or more—in other words, anyone on the list the White House just requested from ODNI. […] This disquiet is the latest episode of the president’s long-simmering feud with the Intelligence Community. During Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, he often fumed on Twitter about the so-called “Deep State.” And he even singled out his own officials. On Jan. 29 of this year, Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel told Congress in an open hearing that Iran was complying with the nuclear deal and that North Korea was still […]

Fox News Attacked Trump’s Worsening Trade War, Trump Can’t Handle It

If you’re just now tuning in, Donald Trump has been livid with Fox News for some weeks now. He’s been tweeting vitriol at them, “Remember who put you there!” and asking his friends, “What the hell is wrong with Fox?” Maybe it’s the Murdoch sons, whom Trump describes as “very liberal” but in all events, Fox is not doing what Fox is programmed to do, in Trump’s mind, which is: to 1) agree with him on all things, 2) amplify his positions 3) give him supporting material for his views, which he can then repeat and retweet. That’s their job and boy, today, they really stepped out of line and the cognitive dissonance in Trump’s tiny mind must be banging like an anvil. Shep Smith started out a piece Thursday, “any notion that we’re in a manageable trade dispute with China is now dispelled. This is a trade war. America just fired another shot. And you are about to pay. The trade talks with the Chinese effectively collapsed today. The president announced new tariffs today. The markets were retreated today — in a big way. The Dow was up nearly 300 points. Then the president tweeted about the new tariffs. That was 1:30 this afternoon. See it. Now the Dow is down 228. A more than 500-point plunge. What does this mean?” Well, we can tell you one thing that it means. Trump is furious. It’s bad enough the stock market turned on him, but the same afternoon, Fox News does as well? Here’s what got the ball rolling. …buy agricultural product from the U.S. in large quantities, but did not do so. Additionally, my friend President Xi said that he would stop the sale of Fentanyl to the United States – this never happened, and many Americans continue to die! Trade talks are continuing, and… — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 1, 2019 …We look forward to continuing our positive dialogue with China on a comprehensive Trade Deal, and feel that the future between our two countries will be a very bright one! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 1, 2019 So now Trump’s going to put an additional tariff on China. Could it be that he really believes that a tariff is defined as a check which another government writes to the Treasury, because that’s what he’s been plying his base with, tales of “billions of dollars being deposited into the Treasury.” Unfortunately, that heretic Shep Smith kept going on and explaining things, and there was no discussion of giant checks being written to the government. Smith actually described a tariff as a tax — fancy that? You mean it’s not a check, like Trump says it is? Oh, noes. The WalMart Patriots aren’t going to like this one bit. The moo moos and the flip flips are going up. Here’s what else Smith said: “everything the Chinese sells to the U.S. will be taxed at a higher rate. Every toy, every piece of clothing, every bag of tea, every drop of oil, and American consumers are the ones footing the bill. First, the importers will pay it, then the distributors will pay up, and the stores will pay it, then they will pass it to you. The buck stops with you. You pay. That’s how this works. Always. […]

Bill Barr Just Recused Himself From Jeffrey Epstein Case and Saved Himself A Whole...

This is an interesting development and not the least surprising. Bill Barr promised Ben Sasse during his Senate confirmation hearing that he would make eliminating sex trafficking a high priority if confirmed as Attorney General. That’s not the reason he’s giving, however, from recusing himself from the case. AG Barr also said that he's not getting involved in the Epstein matter. "I'm recused from that matter because one of the law firms that represented Epstein long ago was a firm that I joined for a period of time," he said. — Charlie Gile (@CharlieGileNBC) July 8, 2019 Barr did tell Sasse at the time that he had worked for the law firm of Kirkland Ellis and that he had a prior agreement with them not to involve himself in any of their cases. Then there’s the fact that Jeffrey Epstein and Barr’s family have a relationship which goes back quite a few years. Barr’s father hired Epstein to teach physics at the prestigious Dalton school, when Epstein didn’t even have a degree in physics. Epstein used to like to chit chat about theoretical physics way into the night, including with a Harvard professor, and he gave Harvard quite a bit of money. Now therein lies a tale. What if I told you that tracing Jeffrey Epstein's money into Harvard led me to Larry Summers, Alishar Usmanov, LUKoil Israel, some strange happenings in a Colorado district court, and… wait for it…the origins of Facebook? — Lincoln's Bible (@LincolnsBible) March 3, 2019 Two leg… — Lincoln's Bible (@LincolnsBible) March 3, 2019 Four. — Lincoln's Bible (@LincolnsBible) March 3, 2019 Boop.#MaybeLarrySummersHadABackChannelToUsmanovForEmergingTechIdeasAndCompromisableAssholesLikeZuckerberg — Lincoln's Bible (@LincolnsBible) March 3, 2019 #HarvardBackChannel — Lincoln's Bible (@LincolnsBible) March 7, 2019 Oh look! The academic papers survived. This is a decent one… — Lincoln's Bible (@LincolnsBible) March 7, 2019 Oh look! There's the World Bank – pushing for vouchers. Who was running that again? — Lincoln's Bible (@LincolnsBible) March 7, 2019 I think we're done here for now. — Lincoln's Bible (@LincolnsBible) March 7, 2019 This is quite a chunk to digest. I suggest you come back to this and do it slowly. One of the recurrent themes you will find is that you can buy your way in and out of anything. This Epstein case could be a watershed moment in our culture.  

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