Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Trump Releases Another Whining Screed On Voting Fraud This Time On Twitter

It’s quite a night for video production at the White House. Donald Trump released a second opus two hours after his original one on what a “disgrace” the stimulus bill was and this one is a nine minute long screed edited from his 40 minute long tirade on Facebook a few weeks ago. His allegations […]

Newsmax Dynamites Trump’s Election Fraud Claims Under Threat Of Lawsuit By Voting Machine Companies

That crash you hear, followed by rumbling, is the sound of dominoes falling over as the mouthpieces of Donald Trump’s phantasmagoric election fraud fantasies — namely Fox News, Newsmax and OAN — throw it all in and issue clarifications in order to defuse the looming lawsuits which are headed their way. Newsmax's Chris Ruddy tells […]
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Kracken Queen Returns To WH To Encourage Trump To Sign Executive Order To Seize...

There are two ways, maybe three, to take Sidney Powell’s latest rendezvous at the White House Sunday after she was just there on Friday night: She’s possibly facing sanctions in Michigan and Arizona and she’s been asked by Dominion to retract her statements or face a lawsuit; and she wants Trump to do something about […]

WATCH: Trump Goes Full InfoWars With ReTweet Of ‘How To Steal An Election’ Pure...

Filmmakers of the world take note: Donald Trump is taking submissions for the Best Conspiracy Theory Video of 2020 — or so it would seem, if you take a look at his Twitter feed. Yesterday he pinned an Orwellian doozy, showing how people worldwide are massing in demonstrations because they love him so much. Big Brother never […]

Suspended Houston PD Captain Runs A/C Repairman Off Road, Accuses Him Of Massive Voter...

It might actually be best for all concerned if Texas does secede from the Union. The star of this tale is a former Houston Police Department Captain, who was suspended indefinitely after a botched raid on a K-Mart in 2002. The suspension hasn’t deterred the intrepid captain from taking the law into his own hands, […]

Mo Brooks Defies McConnell’s Orders To Caucus To Avoid Electoral College Brawl

One thing that the Trump era will be remembered for is the meteoric rise — and equally meteoric burn out — of various extreme personalities. In the past, the petri dish of Washington, D.C. would produce an occasional loon (Margaret Mitchell comes to mind) but in the Trump era they appear with such regularity that […]

Treasury and Commerce Departments Hacked By Russia But Trump Goes Online To Rave About...

The idea of Donald Trump resigning has been entertained but erroneously so. It’s a bit off point to even think about such a thing. The fact is, to all intents and purposes, he has resigned. He’s not *working* his calendar of public events is dark and has been since election day — and before that […]

Lin Wood Reveals That Canada Is Part Of the Plot To Steal Election From...

I am beyond embarrassment at this point. I know people in Canada, I do business with Canadians, and Google analytics informs me we have Canadian readers. Therefore I had hoped that shoe smuggling and trade deal improprieties would be the most ludicrous accusations leveled at our staunchest ally and good neighbor to the north. But […]

Trump Loses It In Maudlin Post-Midnight Twitter Screed About Getting ‘Screwed’

We are a post-truth world, a post-reality world and for damn sure, we are a post-parody world. The You Can’t Make This Shit Up file has now taken up orbit around Alpha Proxima, it is far too big for this solar system. Friday night, Donald Trump, all sadz, skipped the White House Christmas party and […]

Trump’s Latest Meltdown Is Comical, He’s Begging the Supreme Court To Save Him So...

I have seen this kind of elliptical thinking with con men before. I remember a guy that I knew back in B Movie Hollywood in the 80’s, whose tag line was, “Help me to help you.” That was his way of grifting favors, discounts, meals, anything that would keep his latest grade Z motion picture […]

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