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Believe it or not, there’s somebody even more worried about Mueller than Trump.

You know, Der Gropinfuror really should stop calling it a “witch hunt.” At last check, small as it is, Trump still had a teenie-weenie, so he really should be referring to Mueller’s investigation as a “warlock hunt.” There’s no doubt about it, Robert Mueller is the #12 reason for soaked bed sheets in the Presidential bedroom, following incontinence. And I don’t blame Trump one little bit. After all, if Ruday Fhouliani and Jay Suckulow were my last line of defense against Robert Mueller, I’d be scared shitless too. But believe it or not, there is one person in Washington DC who is even more terrified of Robert Mueller than The Cheeto Prophet is. And that man is Mitch McConnell, Trump’s last, best chance of getting out of this mess with his ass unscathed. In McConnell’s case, it is perfectly admissible for him to use the phrase “witch hunt.” And that’s because, starting on January 3rd, Nancy Pelosi is going to be leading the coven, and that woman has one mean ass broomstick.Not only does McConnell no longer have a complaint co-conspirator leading the House, what he has instead is an opponent who knows the game and arcane rules every bit as well as he does, and she has a largely unified caucus behind her. “Bubble, bubble, toila d trouble,” asshole. The real problem for McConnell isn’t just that the Democratic led House committees are going to be holding fair, honest investigations, it’s that the ungrateful little bastards are going to hold them publicly. And it won’t be just Trump-Russia either, they’re going to be digging into Trump’s emoluments clause violations, Jared’s financial ties to the middle east, Trump’s ties to Saudi Arabia, Ivanka’s sweetheart patent deals with China, the list goes on and on. and Democratic House committee members will be overjoyed to go on CNN and MSNBC, and explain what it means to the rest of us in simple, easy to grasp terms.Which sucks for McConnell, because while, our bombastic rhetoric about “family values” notwithstanding, Americans have always been rather ambivalent about their President getting a little on the side, we still tend to draw the line at our President selling out the country to stuff his pockets. The 2018 midterms were McConnell’s worst case of night terrors, because of what it portends for 2020. Nevermind the House debacle, McConnell has worse smelling fish to fry. The Democrats posted record turnout numbers nationwide in a midterm, and thrashed the GOP by some 8 million votes. They flipped seven Governorships in 2018, including ruby red Kansas, putting upward pressure on any GOP incumbents running in those states. Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are now blue states again, and North Carolina, Georgia and Texas are not going to be the walkovers they once were. The biggest problem GOP Senate incumbents face in 2020 is whether it’s worse to piss Trump off, and have him back a primary challenger from the right, or let him come and campaign for you, especially in states with large urban areas with adjoining former GOP suburban strongholds. Look, the GOP was solidly behind Nixon, right up to the point where it became untenable to do so. Forget about Trump-Russia for a minute. Trump is not only dishonest enough, he is sloppy enough to have left the democrats in the House a cornucopia […]
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The real reason why Trump is so unhinged lately.

Ya know, when you were a kid, your parents always told you that the only to handle a bully was to stand up to the bully. That was easy for your parents to say, because they weren’t the ones who were going to get their ass kicked in the middle of the school yard. besides, the real problem was never the bully himself, it was the preteen cro=magnons the bully was flanked by. The air of invincibility was in the strength of numbers, and the bully knew it. Donald Trump is a typical New York bully. When he started his run for President, he was the first one to pick up a gang to surround himself with. But not just any gang, all politicians get their “base,” but there was something different about Trump’s base. If a Marco Rubio dropped out of a race, his “base” would find somebody else to support. If anything happened to Trump, his base wasn’t going anywhere. Ted Cruz proved early that he was too tactically stupid to be president by continuing to coddle Trump in hopes of picking up Trump’s supporters when he finally flamed out. When faced with resistance from the teachers, Trump used his base until the principal gave him her lunch money. As president, Trump used his base to keep his GOP congress firmly in line. There was no sense in trying to defy Trump, since the bully had already dispatched 16 brave souls who had dared to stand up to him in the primaries. And while Trombies may not have been the sole reason that all of these Senators and Representatives got elected in 2016, Trump turning them against the incumbents might well be a reason for them to be defeated in 2018 or 2020. So, the congress joined the base standing beside Trump. Trump became invincible, at least in his own mind. There was no reason for him to change, either personally or politically, since his original antics were what was so popular with his base, and got him elected in the first place. He was free to say or do anything he wanted, since nobody in the congress would dare to stand up to him, for fear of being thrown to the Trump wolves in the next election. Examples were made of apostates like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, making their independence an issue with the base that made it impossible to be reelected. The bully was unfettered. Look, Personally I have no doubt that Trump is both paranoid as well as delusional. But it was Trump himself that broke the spell of invincibility without which no bully can survive. Every president loses seats in the first midterm of his presidency, and Trump had set himself up for, as President Obama put it, “ a shellacking.” An intelligent politician would have stayed out of the midterms, taken his puppy whupping, and blamed it on the candidates. But not Trump. He let his mania override any good sense he may have. He pitted his cult of personality against all of the odds, and he lost. He forced himself into the midterms, and he made it all about him. And he still got vaporized. Trump hysterically proclaiming a beautiful “red wave” was eerily reminiscent of Hitler screaming about the “phantom army” that was only days […]
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Fox Distilled to Essence: “Cohen Not Credible if Against Trump”

So, Cohen spoke to George Stephanopalous on Sunday, sort of. He did it off camera, and revealed that he placed his family and country first, leaving out “my ass above all else;” a fact so obvious it need not even be said. Interesting that given the interview was off-camera, Trump can never know all that was said, […]
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Trump Team “Ready for War” Against Mueller: Fate of a Nation at Stake.

Newt Gingrich tells the Washington Post that the White House and its allies are “preparing for war” with Mueller, as the anticipated report on obstruction of justice draws nearer by the day. Would one expect any other analogy from a team as self-important as that made up by Trump, Gingrich, Giuliani, Nunes …I could go […]
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Manafort Likely On Suicide Watch, Brings Forth Other Questions in Your Mind

Paul Manafort once told his daughter he felt suicidal. He told her while at home, awaiting trial, living in luxury that most of us only dream about. That, coupled with the fact that this is a 69 year old man used to living at the pinnacle of everything, romping around the world with the most […]
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Please Note, Mueller’s Team Is Steamrolling Trump’s Team, Will Get Worse Soon.

Hey? Have you noticed that, despite the fact that Rudy Giuliani, former top prosecutor in the Department of Justice, together with Trump’s boy in Congress, Nuness (and now McConnell) keep whining – as so perfectly put in the column alongside mine –  this Robert Mueller guy keeps rolling up “wins”? You have? Yeah, me, too. […]
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Saudi, the UAE, Don Jr., the Seychelles and an AUGUST 2016 Trump Tower Meeting

Rachel Maddow spent much of her show last night focused on a single nugget within a NY Times report on Trump billionaire buddy Tom Barrack (exquisite irony in the name of your friend, Mr. Pres, more ironic if he helps put you in jail).  Tom Barrack is tight – or was – “tight” with Paul […]

New Info On Elite Russians Who Met with NRA Execs During 2016 Campaign

Several prominent Russians, some from President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle or high in the Russian Orthodox Church, had provable and significant contacts with National Rifle Association officials during the 2016 U.S. election campaign, as found by a McClatchy Report today, citing photographs and an NRA source. The details emerged through a widening Justice Department investigation […]
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Manafort Had 2 Journalists on the Take for $2.4M, Asked to Lie to Mueller

According to a New York Times report, Paul Manafort hired two journalists, paying them $2.4 million out of a foreign account, wanting them “to bolster the reputation” of Viktor F. Yanukovych, the former president of Ukraine. No news there, that’s the exact type of sundry service that Manafort provided around the globe. Although the investigators […]

Today Is NOT Just Any Other Day in America:: Trump Consolidating Fascist Power

It has already been a devastating day. I apologize ahead of time. I am in a stupor. It appears to me that some people – like the readers typically here – do recognize the utter devastation unleashed upon our democracy today, but most people do not, or even support it, leaving me breathless. Trump declared […]