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Ted Lieu Leads the Charge As TRE45ON Trends Nationwide

Daily exposure to Donald Trump is like a form of nerve disease. His antics cause nerve endings to become calloused, from the sensibilities being outraged day in and day out. After a while you become numb. Be that as it may, the bombshell that dropped Friday, revealing that Trump was informed in March that Vladimir Putin had a bounty on American soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan and chose to do nothing about it, got through all the scar tissue and jolted Americans. This is the worst scandal that Trump has faced and that’s saying a mouthful. Everyone in this picture is a patriot, with one exception. @realDonaldTrump apparently knew Putin paid bounties to militants to kill US troops & POTUS did nothing. Actually, it was worse than nothing. Trump last month invited Putin to the G7 summit. Traitorous behavior by Trump. pic.twitter.com/bIaQPvh8Jz — Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) June 27, 2020 Ted Lieu is an Air Force veteran. Trump did indeed invite Putin to the G7. And in April, Trump and Putin “issued a rare joint statement” commemorating US and Russian forces linking up in Germany during World War II, saying it was “an example of how our countries can put aside differences, build trust, and cooperate in pursuit of a greater cause,” according to Raw Story: Two weeks later, in early May, he bragged about his efforts to forge closer ties with Russia to a gathering of Republican lawmakers, saying, “all of a sudden, we have this great friendship. And, by the way, getting along with Russia is a great thing, getting along with Putin and Russia is a great thing.” […] There has long been speculation that Russia has some sort of kompromat on Trump. Mythical “pee tapes” aside, Trump has longstanding ties to the Russian mob dating back 30 years. Russian money poured into Trumpworld when no bank would give him a loan after his casinos went belly-up. Russian oligarchs and other members of the country’s elite have reportedly snatched up $100 million worth of his tacky properties in Florida alone. He made over $50 million on one “strange” real estate deal with Dmitry Rybolovlev, a billionaire oligarch. […] If the Commander-in-Chief is continuing to do Russia’s bidding after being informed that they’re paying people to kill US soldiers because they could destroy him, or possibly land him in prison, that would at least be an act of self-preservation. The alternatives are pettier, and would show that not only can he be bought off, but that he can be had CHEAP. Two days ago, Trump laid a wreath at a memorial to American war dead while doing nothing about Russia paying insurgents to kill Americans. His presidency is a disgrace to anyone who has ever served this country. #TraitorTrump pic.twitter.com/ULAFedDFH9 — The Hoarse Whisperer (@HoarseWisperer) June 27, 2020 In this photo, #TraitorTrump salutes a West Point cadet ***knowing that he might send this young man off to die in Afghanistan with the help of his good friend Putin*** (whom he believes over anything US intelligence says). https://t.co/eWIGwvJDXM — Grant Stern (@grantstern) June 27, 2020 It bears pausing here for a moment to reflect. This writer, Grant Stern, is connecting the facts that here Trump is saluting a cadet, whom he might well send to Afghanistan and his BFF Putin might well kill him — but Donald Trump didn’t connect those facts. Everywhere Trump goes as *president* and everything […]