Tuesday, October 27, 2020
LIVE ON-AIR NEWS / YouTube Mitch McConnell Rips Dems For Hype...

“One Is The Loneliest Number.” McConnell Is On The Brink. Updated With New Info

This shouldn’t take long. With the news that President Donald Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus, and pootled on over to Walter Reed Medical Center for observation and treatment, it is of course the only dominant feature of the news today. As well it should be. But there is still other news on the […]

Barrett’s SCOTUS Nomination Poised To Ignite Religious Sparks Over Her Handmaide-esque Cult ‘People Of...

Amy Coney Barrett’s name was floated the last time a supreme court opening occurred, but instead we got Brett Kavanaugh, replete with “boofing,” “Devil’s Triangle,” and the heart wrenching sexual assault testimony of Christine Blasey Ford. Incredible as it seems, we may have been better off with Kavanaugh, because the Barrett confirmation looks to be […]

Most Hated President In History Starts Morning With ‘Vote Him Out’ Chants At RBG’s...

Donald Trump lives in a world of stark contrasts. As much as possible, his sycophants and enablers keep him insulated in his adamantine echo chamber. But occasionally he ventures beyond the parameters of his bubble and hears what Americans have to say. That was the case Thursday morning when he visited the casket of Ruth […]

Reform Will Save The SCOTUS, Not Destroy It

As far as I’m concerned, the die is now cast. Now that Mitt Romney has reverted to that scared, piss-your-pants little boy that crawled across a stage to accept Trump’s blessing, there is nothing left to do. If the Democrats win back the Senate and the White House, Chuck Schumer’s first non negotiable order of […]

Trump Says He’ll Name A SCOTUS Nominee After RBG’s Funeral, Accuses Dems Of Making...

In the shambolic and insulting manner that is Donald Trump’s way of dealing with everything, no matter how momentous, he announced two things Monday morning: one, that he would wait until Ruth Bader Ginsburg is actually in the ground to announce an appointee and two, that he doesn’t believe that Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish, which […]

In Rushing To Replace RBG, Trump Is Really Conceding the Election

In some ways, making politically-based decisions  can be compared to an ongoing high-stakes chess game. In February 2016, former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia, died. He had been described as the “intellectual anchor of the Court’s Conservative Wing”. Not surprisingly, former President  Barack Obama nominated  a Liberal-leaning candidate, Merrick Garland, a […]

MUST SEE: Trump Pantomimes Round A$$ Shape When Talking About ‘Woman’ SCOTUS Nominee

I guess you can take the boy out of the locker room but you can’t take the locker room out of the boy. Donald Trump was asked if he would pick a woman to fill the supreme court vacancy occasioned by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He stuttered for a bit and then pantomimed […]

Susan Collins Plays Lucy With the Football, One More Time

Concern troll Susan Collins is setting us up to play Charlie Brown to her Lucy, yet again. My statement on the Supreme Court vacancy: pic.twitter.com/jvYyDN5gG4 — Sen. Susan Collins (@SenatorCollins) September 19, 2020 This is how it always is. She makes the right noises, gets on the right side of the argument, and then when […]
Deb Nystrom / Flickr Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg...

A Bridge Too Far

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7 The Lioness of Justice shall roar no more. My eyes are finally dry. While I mourn her passing, the incredible legacy she leaves behind sill live long after the pangs of sadness at her passing are gone. For me […]

Triggered Trump Attacks SCOTUS, calls DACA, LGBT Decisions ‘Shotgun Blasts In the Face’

Just another normal day in Trump world, where the Tangerine Trigger has once again been pulled and vitriol and psychosis is now spewing out into the ethernet. Here is Donald Trump’s latest entry into the national discourse. These horrible & politically charged decisions coming out of the Supreme Court are shotgun blasts into the face of people that are proud to call themselves Republicans or Conservatives. We need more Justices or we will lose our 2nd. Amendment & everything else. Vote Trump 2020! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 18, 2020 DSM-V says the metaphor "shotgun blasts into the face" means you are one endangered feeling and seriously fucked up dude. https://t.co/yMq9PjnL5X — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) June 18, 2020 The president sure does love these images of violence. Recall the gusto he used describing the women kidnapped and bound and gagged with blue tape. https://t.co/biGacN2QZP — S.V. Dáte (@svdate) June 18, 2020 Poor Donald. His mind is simple to begin with, he’s overwhelmed by all the nasty press arising from the tell-all books now being released, and then the Supreme Court lobs two, not one, but two, shells over his bow in the same week. This is simply not to be borne. Trump has more concern about rhetorical "shotgun blasts" at conservatives than real gun shots at black Americans. https://t.co/1wulcaf12I — The Rude Pundit (@rudepundit) June 18, 2020 "Shotgun blasts to the faces of conservatives". Now he's talking. Lock and load, people! I'm speaking metaphorically, of course. — Mike Norman (@MikeInOhio) June 18, 2020 Beware – #Trump @realDonaldTrump this is what he is doing inciting Arms and Guns as if the only amendment is the 2nd- why? b/c he expect his private militia, his police, his military to keep him in office when he loses to @JoeBiden iIt's always been about the courts. https://t.co/2ghvLLagGe — Linda Kenney Baden (@KenneyBaden) June 18, 2020 It has indeed always been about the courts. And Trump loves violent rhetoric. Do you recall when he called the impeachment inquiry a “lynching?” That the phrase was so closely followed by him needing more SCOTUS justices is anxiety inducing… — FFS wear a mask. (@makriese) June 18, 2020 Poor Donald. He thought he had stacked the court. And things are still not working. What’s a dictator to do?  

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