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Recruiting Firm Posts Ads For ‘Female Only’ and ‘Preferably Caucasian’ — Yes, Heads Did...

It’s been a little over a century since signs like “No Irish Need Apply” were posted in the windows of shops, and the “Help Wanted — Male” and “Help Wanted — Female” ads that were routine when I entered the work world, have been gone for decades as well. However, don’t think that the mentality of job discrimination has changed all that much, because there was a big racist snafu at a recruiting firm in Virginia a few days ago. Here’s what initially went out into the world. Uh, hey @cynetjobs – what's with this? Your job listing for a mid-senior level business development position's top qualification is "Preferably Caucasian" How could you POSSIBLY think that's okay? — Helena McCabe (@misshelenasue) April 27, 2019 Now, here’s the other jewel. You’ll have to hit Ctrl + to expand the text so you can read it, but the orange-highlighted words are “female candidate only” and this is for a sales job. FYI, the only time you can justify a job as gender-specific is when circumstances dictate that the job is covered under a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ). These are situations where sex matters–for instance you can recruit only women to play female roles in a play or hire only men to help elder men shower in a nursing home. A sales role, as described above, is extremely unlikely to meet the strict qualifications for a BFOQ. In fact, I can’t think of a single way you could twist a sales job to be single gender. I took these screenshots Sunday afternoon and Cynet Systems posted this after 10 p.m. EST on a Sunday, and the job postings were scrubbed around the same time. I spoke with a company spokesman who said both of these mistakes were made by the same employee who was new, and that Cynet is an equal opportunity employer and this does not reflect their values. A post on Twitter further revealed how the company responded internally: Cynet apologizes for the anger & frustration caused by the offensive job post. It does not reflect our core values of inclusivity & equality. The individuals involved have been terminated. We will take this as a learning experience & will continue to serve our diverse community. — Cynet Systems (@cynetsystems) April 29, 2019 The attempt to make nice-nice was not graciously received. You apologize for the anger and frustration? You should be apologizing for posting a racist job advert! This is a “learning experience”, not an “experience which has left us completely mortified and ashamed”? You are utterly clueless. — Claude Demers (@claude6543) April 29, 2019 'must be female' @cynetsystems are you lawyered up for a lawsuit? — citybythelake (@citybythelake) April 29, 2019 What I can share from experience, is that many years ago I worked down the hall from a recruiting agency. I made friends with a few of the “headhunters” (one of whom was black and from Africa, and did we howl about his job title) and we would have lunch and talk shop. These people made it quite clear that there were two conversations that were had with a client: 1. In a perfect world, who do you want in this job? 2. The world being anything but perfect, are you prepared to accept the candidates we can realistically provide you, and not run totally afoul […]
LIVE ON-AIR NEWS / YouTube Dick Durbin Grills Homeland Security Sec...

Kirstjen Nielsen Gone At Homeland Security, Right After Trump Decides To Go With “Tougher”...

This is truly one of Trump’s more obtuse maneuvers. Kristen Nielsen was like a lap dog to Trump. She went along with his fabrication of an emergency at the southern border, likening it to a “Force 5 Hurricane.” Be that as it may, he bounced her early Sunday evening after an Oval Office meeting and then tweeted about it, so it’s official now. Nielsen, who took over the department from John Kelly, lasted sixteen months. Another firing in Crazytown. Daily Beast: The general focus of the department has changed drastically under Nielsen’s leadership, too, officials said. Over the past year, most of the department’s high-level briefings and meetings have centered around threats by foreign actors, particularly those from South America. At the same time, the department has drawn back from looking at threats posed by people living in the U.S. who have the potential to carry out mass casualty attacks, the officials said. Even after the shootings in Pittsburgh and California, the department continued to focus more of its attention on the border security and the caravan, DHS staffers told The Daily Beast. The top of the press packet compiled and distributed on November 9, 2018, the day after the shooting in Thousand Oaks, reads: “Administration Moves To Require Asylum Seekers To Go To Designated Ports Of Entry.” Under that section, the briefing quotes and bolds a Breitbart headline: “Fewer than 10 percent of Central American Migrants Arriving At Border Have Legitimate Asylum Claim.” Out of about 19 pages of  quoted media text, 1.5 focuses on the California shooting, 3.5 on border security and immigration and six on the Mueller investigation, Whitaker and the White House response. The rest of the pages touch on news about cyber security, terrorism investigations and other DHS-related topics. This is on top of Trump recently pulling the nomination of Ron Vitello, was was going to be the new head of ICE. That decision was made because Vitello is not tough enough for the likes of Stephen Miller — however that translates. CNN: President Donald Trump is pulling the nomination of Ron Vitiello to lead US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, saying he wants to go in a “tougher direction” — a move that came at the urging of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller. “we’re going in a little different direction. ron’s a good man but we’re going in a tougher direction. we want to go in a tougher direction,” trump told reporters friday at the white house. MILLER DIRECTLY LOBBIED TRUMP TO PULL THE NOMINATION, TWO WHITE HOUSE OFFICIALS TOLD cnn. miller went to the president and told him that vitello, who has led the agency in an acting capacity since last summer, was not fully in favor of closing the southern border, as trump has threatened to do in recent days. One can only speculate what “tougher” translates as, but with Stephen Miller in charge, look for some brown shirt wearing, goose stepping fascist to take control. You don’t need a degree in political science to figure out that Stephen Miller is running immigration in the Trump administration, and to say that that doesn’t bode well for human rights is an understatement. It’s blatantly clear that immigration is Trump’s signature issue. That makes sense. The people coming across the border are the most vulnerable and marginized […]

A Slice Of Life In The Era Of Trump

This is how the seeds of fascism are sewn. First of all, you find an “other” and then you demonize them. “They” become the root cause for every problem in your life, and whether it’s building a concentration camp or a wall, it’s the same prospect, it’s looking for a final solution of eliminating the Other. At this point, if you don’t think Trumpism is a cult then you are a Republican who has put your party over our country and it is clouding your vision and judgment. Shame on you. — Ryan Knight 🇺🇸 (@ProudResister) April 2, 2019 Here’s a link to a California story where a racist woman (the one in the image on this piece) who was visibly intoxicated in the morning, berated a woman in a gas station, for greeting another woman in Spanish. Despite the Spanish-speaking woman saying that she had been born and raised in America, the redneck Trump supporter kept the hate dirge going, “prove it to me motherfu**er.” Trump is the icon that the angry and disenchanted rally behind. They honestly don’t know that he’s a carnival barker germophobe who utterly disdains them as people and merely wants their money and their cheers. They don’t get that, to their detriment and to ours. Trump “articulates their rage,” like the Howard Beal character in “Network.” That’s what the cult is all about. A vote for Trump is a vote for hate. That really is the long and the short of it. The election of Trump is a political anomaly, made possible by a sociological phenomenon of so many people in the electorate feeling disenfranchised and left behind. I get that they feel that way. The fact that they look to Donald Trump for any kind of relief is incredibly sad.

Breaking: Trump Threatens To Close Mexican Border Next Week

If there is a Goddess of Diplomacy on Mt. Olympus, Diplomite, or some such name, she is probably ready to slash her wrists right about now. Donald Trump has already ruined our relationship with our good neighbor to the south, Mexico, quite possibly beyond the ability of any future administration to ever restore, and now here’s more gasoline on the fire. The DEMOCRATS have given us the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the World. Mexico has the strongest, & they make more than $100 Billion a year on the U.S. Therefore, CONGRESS MUST CHANGE OUR WEAK IMMIGRATION LAWS NOW, & Mexico must stop illegals from entering the U.S…. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 29, 2019 ….through their country and our Southern Border. Mexico has for many years made a fortune off of the U.S., far greater than Border Costs. If Mexico doesn’t immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States throug our Southern Border, I will be CLOSING….. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 29, 2019 ….the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week. This would be so easy for Mexico to do, but they just take our money and “talk.” Besides, we lose so much money with them, especially when you add in drug trafficking etc.), that the Border closing would be a good thing! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 29, 2019 No word yet of response from Mexico. This story will be updated. By the by, during the 2016 campaign, Mexicans used to smash Trump pinatas for sport, and they had a video game, whereby one could throw various objects at Trump for points, to wit, a cactus, a volleyball, or a tequila bottle. The tequila bottle was my favorite. This man is hated by sane and decent people throughout the world and his vile spewing of hatred, like these absurd tweets, is the reason why.

Another Twist In Jussie Smollett Case, Now All Charges Have Been Dropped

This is one of the strangest cases ever reported, even thought it involves a celebrity and even taking place in the Time of Trump. First, it promoted outrage, when a young actor reported that he was accosted and assaulted by two racists, who proclaimed to him, “This is MAGA country,” while putting a rope around his neck. Then, that narrative was exposed as falsehood and Smollett was indicted in Chicago for filing a false police report. Now, everything is fine, apparently, and all charges all dropped. Chicago Tribune: “Today, all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett were dropped and his record has been wiped clean of the filing of this tragic complaint against him,” the statement said. “Jussie was attacked by two people he was unable to identify on January 29th. He was a victim who was vilified and made to appear as a perpetrator as a result of false and inappropriate remarks made to the public causing an inappropriate rush to judgement. “Jussie and many others were hurt by these unfair and unwarranted actions,” the statement continued. “This entire situation is a reminder that there should never be an attempt to prove a case in the court of public opinion. That is wrong. It is a reminder that a victim, in this case Jussie, deserves dignity and respect. Dismissal of charges against the victim in this case was the only just result. “Jussie is relieved to have this situation behind him and is very much looking forward to getting back to focusing on his family, friends.” Federal authorities are looking further into the letter that Smollett purportedly received at work, which contained threats. For a while, Chicago police were claiming that was fake as well.  This story will be updated when more details become available.
Fox News / YouTube Rep Devin Nunes blasts DOJ FBI...

More Bad Nunes-News: 2010 Video Shows Nunes Defending the “N” Word

It’s certainly no secret that the “R” in Republican stands for racism to many. Now, Devin Nunes puts yet another brick into that wall. Briefly, when ObamaCare was passed in 2010, there were Tea Party protesters, and some of them were yelling the “n” word, specifically at Rep. John Lewis. Incredible as it may seem, Devin Nunes found his way clear to defend that disgraceful behavior. BREAKING: Video of Devin Nunes defending protestors who yelled the "n-word" at US Rep John Lewis: "I think people have every right to say what they want. If they wanna smear someone, they can do it." Nunes is terrible. Dug up @TheDemCoalition. From 2010. — Democratic Coalition (@TheDemCoalition) March 21, 2019 We’re glad you think that people have every right to say what they want. We think you’re a jerk.
Gage Skidmore / Flickr Mick Mulvaney...

How bad was a Trump comment? Forget him, watch his surrogates.

Look, you’re never going to be able to rank the degree of offensiveness of each comment that spews forth from this disgrace to our species every time he opens his sewer hole, or fires up his stubby little Twitter digits. There are too many of them to keep up with, and they’re all uniformly horrible. Trump’s verbal atrocities come in two varieties, the garden variety “base bait” that he uses to let his Trombies know he’s still breathing, and industrial strength toxic sludge, that requires political hazmat suits to deal with. Don’t try to rate them yourself, you may develop a rash. Instead, make note of them, and then sit back and watch to see what the Trump surrogates wearing the white plastic suits are talking about on Sunday morning. For instance, when is the last time that a White House chief of stuff, or any other administration official, all the way down to the Third Undersecretary of Checkers, had to go on the air and defend the President in regards to being a virulent white nationalist? I mean before this one. Yet, there was Mick Mulvaney, the temp chief of staff, and full time Valium dispenser, talking about how it is “unfair to conflate the president with the actions of a deeply disturbed soul.” Normally, I’d agree with Mickey on that one, Trump isn’t responsible for every insane racist in the world, only the ones who wear MAGA hats and vote in US elections. But that defense falls apart when the perpetrator specifically names Trump in his filthy manifesto as a “symbol of the rise of white nationalism.” Sorry Mick, this time your guy got a personal shout out from the white terrorist. Life sucks, get a helmet. Another way that you can tell the toxic content, and the extent of the damage, is by the resulting silliness and insanity of the defense arguments. On MSNBC today, that paragon or Republican excellence in Nevada, human Twinkie Amy Tarkanian had a novel defense. When Trump’s comments about “many fine people, on both sides” after Charlottesville were brought up as additional proof of his white supremacist bent, Tark the Lark had a novel contention. With a totally straight face, she said that Trump wasn’t talking about neo Nazi’s being fine people, he was talking about the people on both sides who were protesting over the Civil War monuments. News flash Aim-less, nobody there on either side gave a flying fuck about confederate monuments. That was just a convenient excuse for a rumble. Here, here’s $50,go buy a clue. Over the weekend, His Lowness also unleashed a cowardly and gutless attack against national treasure John McCain. But nowhere so far today, did I see any of the Trump koi pond mouthpieces bothering to defend those attacks, so you can kind of conclude that they think that the issue will fade fairly quickly, with little to no blowback that they need to worry about. See how it works? So, there you have it. I’m a highly untrained, kind of almost expert, and I’m here to help. Instead of driving yourself insane about which verbal Trump Hiroshima to get all in an uproar about next, take a deep breath, tune into Meet the Press or any of the other Sunday morning blatherfests, and you’ll have a pretty good idea […]

Victim-Blaming Australian Senator Who Ended Up with Egg on His Face to be Censured.

The Australian Senator from Queensland who, unbelievably, blamed the victims of the Christchurch shooting for their own deaths, stating  “Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?” and whose family fortune was founded by stealing land from Australian Aboriginals and, at times, kidnap and forced labor of the same will be censured by the government and opposition as well as being investigated for punching the much smaller minor who egged him on says Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Morrison promised “the full force of the law” would be brought to bear against the pugilistic Senator who stepped way down in weight class when striking the child who did this…. In related news the punchy Senator was treated to a classic Australian dressing down when spotted at the departing gate of an airport later in the day. (If you disapprove of the use of triggering Anglo-Saxon descriptors do not play.) As much as Anning deserved those two confrontations perhaps the most severe spanking came from opposition leader Bill shorten who said: “the Christchurch event “hasn’t happened in isolation”, blaming “extreme-right politicians in Australia” and “keyboard warriors who hide behind the internet” for fomenting hatred. “I say to those who perpetuate extreme rightwing hatred … You, by your hate speech, have created a swampland of hatred,” he told reporters in Melbourne. “You cannot disown what crawls out of your swamp.” Would you ever consider moving to the U.S. and running for office Mr. Shorten? We could use your moral clarity over here.
Jasn / Flickr nazi salute...

GOP Nebraska Governor Condemns Former Staffer, Says He Had No Idea He Was A...

A few days ago I wrote a piece “Neo-Nazis Openly Declare Plans To Take Over The GOP.” If you didn’t read it at that time, you will want to do so now, because this is real. The GOP Governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts, evidently just learned that his former campaign staffer, Bennett Bressman, who was the centerpiece of the Splinter article I quoted, made anti-Semitic statements in an online chat room. This is what Ricketts had to say: “I unequivocally denounce his hate-filled views towards Jewish people, LGBT people, African Americans, journalists, women, and others. I am particularly concerned about his anti-Semitic statements. Anti-Semitism has no place in society no matter where it hides. The State of Nebraska stands with Israel and has been a home to thousands of Jewish families for generations. We are only a generation removed from World War II, during which millions of Jews who were killed because of their heritage and 400,000 American soldiers died to stamp out Nazism and its anti-Semitic ideology. We will continue to make this state a welcoming place for the Jewish faith and work with faith leaders to root out anti-Semitism wherever it may be.” The NEGOP released the following statement, as well. Bressman worked as an unpaid intern for the Nebraska Republican Party. “The views expressed by Mr. Bressman online are abhorrent, and have no place in the Nebraska Republican Party or civil society,” said NEGOP Executive Director Ryan Hamilton. “Had the Party been aware he harbored those beliefs, he never would have been permitted to volunteer and had the Party become aware of them during his time as an intern, he would have been terminated immediately.” Bressman announced his goals in the chat room in no uncertain terms, stating that the main one was, “taking over the GOP and spreading white identity,” by joining up at the local level. In an announcement message that month, “Bennet” encouraged members to get involved in local politics. “Today I decided to get involved with my county’s Republican party,” he said, adding, “The GOP is essentially the White man’s party at this point (it gets Whiter every election cycle), so it makes far more sense for us to subvert it than to create our own party…if you’re unable to do activism for various reasons, I’d like to encourage you to join your local Republican party. Present as a Trump supporter/nationalist. No need to broadcast your radical views.” The day after Trump was elected, both the neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan marched proudly in the streets. The neo-Nazis held a rally in Washington D.C. and tossed off the Nazi salute with glee, “Hail Trump!” while hate crimes spiked in the 72 hours post election, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The white nationalists and the KKK have always been present in the Republican party, along with religious extremists, the evangelicals, but the election of Trump empowered and emboldened them. Apparently now, the neo-Nazis are looking to make one last stand to consolidate the power they already have and to expand. There’s two schools of thought as to whether these controversial groups are splinter factions of the GOP, or if they represent mainstream GOP thought. Pete Ricketts is taking the stance that the neo-Nazis are not the GOP and are not welcome. Whatever wink wink nudge […]

Neo-Nazis Openly Declare Plans To Take Over The GOP

You certainly remember Donald Trump’s idiotic waffling after the Charlottesville debacle, “There are very fine people on both sides.” Trump has also identified as a “nationalist” on several occasions. Therefore, it will come as no shock to you that the “very fine” neo-Nazis view Trump as a catalyst for their movement, and by extension, they view the GOP as the vehicle for their ascension to power.  Splinter: More than 235,000 logs on the chat platform Discord show users claiming to be members of the group Identity Evropa openly discussing their desire to infiltrate and take over the GOP. The logs were collected by an anonymous group of antifascists and are being released today by Unicorn Riot, a decentralized non-profit media collective; Splinter was provided with an advance copy of the logs prior to their release. Discord is the preferred chatting platform for fascist groups, and its servers have been leaked on Unicorn Riot multiple times since 2017. […] In an announcement message that month, “Bennet” encouraged members to get involved in local politics. “Today I decided to get involved with my county’s Republican party,” he said, adding, “The GOP is essentially the White man’s party at this point (it gets Whiter every election cycle), so it makes far more sense for us to subvert it than to create our own party…if you’re unable to do activism for various reasons, I’d like to encourage you to join your local Republican party. Present as a Trump supporter/nationalist. No need to broadcast your radical views.” […] The logs also show server members discussing their plans to infiltrate College and Young Republicans groups, and local GOP offices, on at least 48 separate dates. One person last February invited members to help build a national College Republicans Discord server, which would be run by Identity Evropa members, who were told not to use “overtly alt right usernames of profile pics.” Some members said they were either current lawyers or plan to attend law schools in an effort to provide legal support to the group, while at least a dozen people said they are currently or formerly in the military. One member asked, “What are our long range goals? Other than taking over the GOP and spreading white identity? What is the end goal for IE?” Friends, you have it there in black and white. The Nazis intend to take over the GOP — or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, “more than they already have.” My God. This is what happens when a carnival barker reality TV actor gets his hands on the People’s House. Donald Trump is our cultural Pandora’s box. The day he got elected, a rock moved somewhere in a desert in Hell and all manner of evil was unleashed. The Nazis got their second wind and returned. This is ghastly. And Trump & cadre think it’s all about celebrity and money. They have no idea the evil they are wreaking — or maybe they do, and don’t care, because they don’t think it will affect them, their money will insulate them. Two schools of thought. But whether they are clueless or have a social conscience, but are willing to sell their souls for the right price, the bottom line is, we lose.      

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