Friday, January 22, 2021

Sorry, Mr. President, There’s Nothing “So-Called” About These Angry Crowds

President Donald Trump belittled engaged constituents on Twitter Tuesday evening, dismissing those who are showing up to local town hall meetings nationwide as "so-called angry crowds."

On President’s Day, Mass Crowds Say of Donald Trump: ‘Not My President’

While we acknowledge that Donald Trump holds the current title, the policies he's trying to put in place are not the beliefs shared by the majority of the people.

Trump ‘imPEACHment’ march stretches 5 miles through Atlanta

A rally in support of impeaching President Donald Trump got under at noon on Monday in Atlanta, continuing a President Day’s weekend of similar gatherings across the nation.

#DayWithoutLatinos: 10,000+ March in Milwaukee Against Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

Amidst growing pushback against the Trump administration's immigration crackdown, more than ten thousand people marched in Milwaukee on Monday to resist the wave of deportations and immigration raids sweeping the country.

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