Sunday, February 23, 2020

CNN refuses to air false and misleading ad from Donald Trump

The Donald Trump 2020 campaign (yes, that is a real thing already happening) released an ad claiming Trump’s first 100 days have been amazing, the best, "America has rarely seen such success." For real, that’s a statement in the ad, which can be seen...
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Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance… freaks out when called a Trump "advisor"

That denizen of Nevada brothels, Sean “bad for America” Hannity likes to refer to his close relationship to Agent Orange, but freaked out when listed as one of the two media people POTUS45* uses for close advice. It depends whether Sean gets a subpoena...
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As Reports of Assange Arrest Warrant Emerge, Who Will Defend WikiLeaks?

'Once WikiLeaks is prosecuted, it will make it much easier for the Trump admin to go after other news orgs too.'

The White House shuts out the press for remainder of the week as President...

Republican members of Congress aren’t the only ones hiding out from the media and constituents. Donald Trump is so incapable of answering even the most basic questions about health care and foreign policy, not to mention his own accusations of illegal...

Trump whines media isn’t covering meaningless statistic he can’t possibly be responsible for

There he goes again: After claiming to have “inherited a mess” from Barack Obama, Donald Trump tried to take credit for something that’s a result of Obama’s policies, if anything … but also isn’t even newsworthy. Trump’s sourcing was former pizza...

Richard Nixon’s Authoritarian Loathing of the Media Lives On in Donald Trump

When things go wrong for the president, his administration in crisis mode and his approval rating down to a weekly average of 41%, he turns to the press, anger in his eyes.

Trump Skips Correspondents’ Dinner But Does Not Say Why

Donald Trump has tweeted he will not be attending this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner slated for April 29th, making him the first president to skip the event in over 30 years.

Major Media Outlets Refused Entry to White House Briefing

Breaking News... This post will be updated...Just hours after President Donald Trump launched his latest rhetorical (and predictable) attack on the press during a speech to right-wing activists, CNN and other outlets have reportedly been blocked from attending Friday afternoon's press briefing at the White House.

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