Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Q-Anon Crosses Event Horizon With Proposed Trump Running Mate

I suspect the genius behind the Q-Anon movement, who simply must be a liberal having a good time with the Trumpers, must be testing himself (herself?) and his followers. Surely, the goal all along has been to see just how far across the Rubicon he can lead this division of rubes. But the Q-Anon hive mind has come up with a theory that must have “Q” shaking his head, lamenting he ever did this. You will never guess who is coming back on July 4th of this year. Not only is he coming back, but he’s coming back to run as Donald Trump’s running mate. No, it is not Mike Pence’s dark flamboyant side. The person isn’t even alive. It is JFK Jr. Hang on. I did not make that up! The guy who writes about Q-Anon, and/or his followers made it up, didn’t he Rolling Stone? The theory that JFK Jr. is alive and a Trump supporter and a hirsute former financial services professional who lives in Pittsburgh has been percolating in QAnon forums for at least the past year. But it recently made a resurgence on YouTube, where QAnon supporters are posting tutorials for how to make JFK Jr. face masks to wear to Trump’s much-hyped July 4th rally, when they believe JFK Jr. will finally emerge from hiding. Wow. Gaze in awe. One rarely runs across such pure genius in unadulterated and pureed bullshit. This is performance art that will find itself in the Smithsonian some day, ideally on July 5th of this year. So what, exactly, is the basis for this theory, and where did it come from? Why, exactly, do QAnon believers ardently cling to the idea that John John is alive and well and living in Pittsburgh? And did Vincent Fusca have sex with Daryl Hannah in the 1980s? These are just a few of the important questions we must answer. No, absolutely not. It is perfect as is. Rolling Stone goes on to explain the genesis of the theory that JFK was coming back, but it basically boils down to “Q” being on sabbatical in July of 2018 and a bunch of other complete gibberish. We move on to the important stuff that gets to the heart of the matter: The idea gained further credence thanks to Liz Crokin, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who referred to JFK Jr.’s role as Q during a 2018 interview with vlogger Jenny Moonstone. In the video, Crokin cited Q’s posts about former President John F. Kennedy as evidence that JFK Jr. was running the account. “The way that Q talks about JFK Sr. in the posts, it is with such love and passion, it makes me think that it is someone that is close to him,” Crokin said in the video. “If JFK Jr. faked his death and was alive, it would make sense that he was Q.” Well, you do have to admit that is inarguably logical. I mean, if JFK Jr. faked his death, the only sensible thing to do would be to remain in hiding for a long time, and then come out as some complete dumbass on 4Chan and speak in stanzas that make Nostradamus read like a how-to manual. Remain in hiding that is, until such point that a president befitting of […]

Brian Kilmeade Is the Dumbest Man on Television

Brian Kilmeade is one of the few essential Fox News analysts. He has a rare gift in articulating the view of the average high school drop-out, post head-injury. Kilmeade took his keen eye and dulled brain onto Fox’s morning show “Outnumbered,” hosted by Jessica Tarlov. The blog likes Tarlov because we love an underdog, especially one with glasses, and we can think of few bigger underdogs than brunette women on Fox. Our support seems important. Plus, Tarlov was going against Kilmeade, of which we also approve. Tarlov accurately described the situation from Nancy Pelosi’s perspective: “I think Nancy Pelosi was feeling a little bit of pressure here that we do get to the trial point,” Tarlov explained. “Their caucus was split on whether or not to wait those couple of weeks.” Yeah, okay. That makes some sense. Not sure I’d use the word “pressure,” more like that there might have been differing opinions on when best to bring the matter. But, okay, yes, we agree. Pelosi had to balance several concerns, and that brings about pressure to do it right. Kilmeade is not one to leave an accurate observation left unchallenged on Fox News. Kilmeade tried to persuade Tarlov that Pelosi was wrong to wait, because any witnesses which manage to be called would surely favor Trump, even if the witness is John Bolton. Stop right there. To believe what Kilmeade just said, you would have to believe that Mitch McConnell and Trump are fcking idiots, while Kilmeade is brilliant. Because both McConnell and Trump have fought to keep witnesses far away from the trial, especially Bolton, of whom Trump specifically said he would invoke executive privilege against. Probably best to just stick to what we know. Kilmeade is a moron. Nevertheless, Kilmeade persisted: “You talk about what’s good for Democrats, what’s good for Republicans,” Kilmeade said, “you know what’s good for the country? To turn the page. You can say Bill Clinton is impeached for life, you can say Donald Trump is impeached for life. When I think of Bill Clinton, I don’t think of impeachment. Atta boy, Brian. Back on safe ground. “Turn the page,” meaning don’t bother having the trial, since it is just going to mean that Trump turns out like Clinton, who improved his standing. Kilmeade is just looking out for the country, warning us it’s just going to make Trump popular. It is not that Kilmeade – and most Republicans – are terrified about what a trial might bring. Kilmeade then pointed out the Clinton left with 65% approval ratings, and had “been re-elected twice,” evidently forgetting that Clinton’s impeachment occurred in his second term, and thus had nothing to do with his election. Or Kilmeade remembered but figured Jessica wouldn’t. She knocked him off edge, and pointedly told Kilmeade to stop talking as if being impeached is good thing for Trump, because from Trump’s perspective, it clearly is not. It took a clear spanking to get Kilmeade to stop celebrating the impeachment of Trump as yet another glorious feat accomplished by the man. Yes, drop some reality on Kilmead’s pointed head. He hates reality. “No!” Kilmeade replied. “John Bolton could testify and I would say to Democrats, don’t wish for it too much because he has a super PAC and he’s got a […]

The “D” Word and Empowered Evangelical Hypocrisy

“If you don’t support me, you’re going to be so g–damn poor.” Donald Trump stump speech. ** If you are confused when asked about your thoughts on the “D-word,” you likely are employed, have a family and are self-actualized. You might be best served by just moving along. The last thing any of us need is more snowflake victimization to ponder as the evangelical right flexes their new-found muscle. Others here might be familiar with “the D-word,” as it has been front and center in the most contrived case of the vapors in a long time. A man in a commercial takes a bite of a burger-like product in a Burger King commercial for a veggie Whopper. The man stares down and says: “Damn, that’s good.” The average person watching such a commercial has only one reaction. “Bullshit, I’ll bet my damn dog wouldn’t eat that thing …” But many evangelicals are not average people, and they aren’t wondering why the hell Burger King would create such a monstrosity. They’re stuck on the “D-word,” as in “Damn, did he just say ‘damn’ in a commercial?” Enough of them had the same reaction such that the “D-word” scandal is now rippling across a country that certainly doesn’t have any other pressing issues concerning decency or ethics upon which to concentrate. Now, I am probably the wrong person to address such a weighty issue, because I think a society that embraces meatless burgers is already in a spiral toward the apocalypse. Additionally, I never rid myself of the adolescent belief that swear words are a value-added benefit to all things funny. We have a rule in our house; the only bad words are words used to hurt people, doesn’t matter if they are four letters or ten, base or poetic. As one of my fictional characters – who happened to be a Pope – said: “One can use verse like Frost and say something vulgar.” Some words may be improper in certain contexts, sure. And some words are inherently harmful, thus wrong in any context. But, as you can tell, generally-speaking, no one in our home gives a fffff, we don’t care what word you use. Just don’t hurt anyone. Some people do care, and they’re positive this is hurting them, somehow: One Million Moms is taking issue with a moment in the commercial when, as they write, “One man is completely shocked that the burger is not beef, so he uses the d-word to describe how he feels about himself for being deceived by the taste of the burger.” The “d-word” referenced is “damn.” After taking a bite the man says, “damn that’s good.” I’ll be damned. I never knew that anyone had that much time on their hands. And who might “million moms” be? Glad you asked, because these people most certainly want you to know. They are used to getting what they want, damn it: One Million Moms is a division of the American Family Association — which has been named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of its stance on LGBTQ issues— and calls itself an organization for moms who are, “fed up with the filth many segments of our society, especially the entertainment media, are throwing at our children.” The organization has less than […]
ABC News / YouTube Trump Assassination Attempt Thwarted...

Expect Middle-East Terrorism to Explode, and Worry.

Let’s begin with a caveat. I have no expertise in military or intelligence matters, nor terrorism, or even much in international affairs. I do have a pretty good handle on domestic politics and global political reality. The entirety this piece is simply common sense and the analysis of history and people I trust. We are about to see a dramatic increase in Middle East asymmetric warfare “terrorism,” most of it not directly against Americans or American forces. It will be against proxies, Saudi Arabia, Israel, perhaps tit-for-tat hits against U.S. forces, we will see only a back and forth of limited acts. Iran must feed its people’s hunger for revenge, while also not attacking so strongly that half the United States is calling out for “real war.” “Real war” for our purposes is something akin to the objective in Iraq, regime change. It will not happen, in my opinion, for many reasons. The single biggest reason is that neither country can afford the investment, all things considered. It is not worth the risk. For the United States, we cannot go to war with Iran unless well over (well over) 50% of the population demand it. That is not going to happen unless the Iranian military itself attacks the United States military “bigly.” Too many people remember three recent wars in the Middle-East. These wars don’t “work,” and people know it. It doesn’t matter that the Military-Industrial-Neo Cons want it badly, it simply won’t happen. In part, it won’t happen because Iran would be the worst of those wars by an exponential factor. As I’ve said before, Iran has a real military, with a real air force (critical), real troops (a lot of them), real equipment, with a lot more money and WAY more land. If we thought Iraq was a slog, we have not seen one like this. This is not expert analysis, just look at the two countries side by side, Iraq-Iran, look where the Tehran is compared to Iraq’s capital, read some analysis, and imagine the time and effort to get the tanks and divisions there. So this would be – in effect – the most significant war since at least Vietnam, if not longer. And few want it. Trump really doesn’t want it because he is fundamentally a coward in the end. Thursday’s strike represented the perfect option to him. He gets to puff his chest out, tweet a flag, talk all bad ass, make threats, get the heat off him for a while, blah blah blah. But when the Joint Chiefs sit him down for a presentation about what a “real war” with Iran looks like, Trump will see: One million troops, $250 billion (just a down payment), two years minimum and only if we hit with everything we’ve got, and a lot of U.S. losses, 10 to 20 thousand would be “limited.” We will get no help from any other nation (except maybe Saudi Arabia, which is not the U.K., which will not be there). Trump has blown his wad with respect to allies and the world hates him. Now think about it, there is simply no way Trump is making a decision of that magnitude. He has no principles, it is all about “him,” and he won’t see this as “good” for him, because […]

Trump Dangerously Sparks Q-Anon Support and Campaign Won’t Refute

It is absurdly easy to mock the far right: their cultish loyalty to Trump, the anti-education stuff, and, of course – the “Q-Anon” movement that has become mainstream at some Trump rallies. It is ridiculous, no doubt. But it becomes serious when Trump starts to actively promote the top Q-Anon sites and Twitter feeds. It is not “just” that people can die when these get out of hand, as we have seen. It extends to the fact that self-government – democracy – becomes increasingly difficult when on one hand, there is Elizabeth Warren talking about her education plan, the need for universal healthcare and the obligation of billionaires, while at the same time, a significant number of people believe that Warren is a Satanist that runs a child-sex ring with Barrack Obama and Hillary, and their ultimate plan is to institute world government through the U.N.. Trump remains so terrified of ruffling the feathers of even the most crazed of his base, that he will not dismiss the thing as “nonsense” and state there are “real things” that must be dealt with. He cannot do it; he might lose their votes, and that’s the worst outcome of all, something detrimental to his person. So he does shit like this: On New Year's Eve, Trump retweets multiple times an account that has pushed the QAnon and Seth Rich conspiracy theories (h/t @MollyJongFast). — Alex Kaplan (@AlKapDC) January 1, 2020 and On New Year's Eve, Trump retweets multiple times an account that has pushed the QAnon and Seth Rich conspiracy theories (h/t @MollyJongFast). — Alex Kaplan (@AlKapDC) January 1, 2020 Can a nation function when the “leader” of that nation is pushing beaver-shit insane propaganda? We can ask North Korea. In North Korea, the leader is seen as a deity, and they once published a story about its leader playing golf and having six “Hole in ones.” They can’t feed themselves. But just south, across the border, is its sister nation, the democracy that thrives on science and facts, is a thriving Pacific power with one of the wealthiest cities (Seoul) and economies on Earth. The Trump campaign considered countering the Q-Anon BS by acting like adults. It didn’t work: Jane Duff, a Trump 2020 campaign official, tweeted “I know we on the campaign don’t support Q and its all bizarre nonsense for ppl who need to believe something … Q is so absurd, why should the President acknowledge it when NO ONE cares?” She swiftly deleted her tweets after a wave of furious Q supporters pounced. There you have it. Too fearful of losing any support. So, they’ll agree that the sun goes around the Earth, just like the map in Genesis, if it maintains the base. It is deeply insidious, and not as chuckle-worthy as I wish. These people cannot be brought back to reality, not with facts, anyway. At one point, they fervently believed that Robert Mueller was actually working on arresting the Clintons and Obamas, Holder, whomever else they hated, on their worldwide sex-ring bullshit. And it didn’t matter at all when Mueller released a report stating that Trump sure did have a lot of Russian contacts, and definitely obstructed justice. Oh, and Mueller didn’t arrest Obama or Hillary. It didn’t have an impact. Nope. They just kept going. The movement considers […]

Cong. Lewis, American Hero, Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer IV

Our beloved alma mater and mothership brings us the news that Congressman John Lewis of Georgia has been diagnosed with stage IV Pancreatic cancer. A devastating diagnosis, but not a death sentence. There are some treatments to try, but pancreatic cancer is perhaps in the top 3 of “the worst” to get, and his is advanced. Breaking: Congressman John Lewis says he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.More at 6. @wsbtv — Justin Wilfon (@JustinWilfonWSB) December 29, 2019 His statement: I have been in some kind of fight- for freedom, equality, basic human rights – for nearly my entire life. I have never faced a fight quite like the one I have now. “This month in a routine medical visit, and subsequent tests, doctors discovered Stage IV pancreatic cancer. This diagnosis has been reconfirmed. “While I am clear-eyed about the prognosis, doctors have told me that recent medical advances have made this type of cancer treatable in many cases, that treatment options are no longer as debilitating as they once were, and that I have a fighting chance. “So I have decided to do what I know to do and do what I have always done: I am going to fight it and keep fighting for the Beloved Community. We still have many bridges to cross. “To my constituents: being your representative in Congress is the honor of a lifetime. I will return to Washington in coming days to continue our work and begin my treatment plan, which will occur over the next several weeks. I may miss a few votes during this period, but with God’s grace I will be back on the front lines soon. “Please keep me in your prayers as I begin this journey.” Pancreatic cancer at this stage has a staggeringly low survival rate, though it is not the untreatable brain cancer that brought down Ted Kennedy and John McCain. There have been people successfully treated for this type of cancer, including my wife’s aunt. They are rare exceptions. But if there was ever a person I would bet upon to fight it, it would be the man who practically had his head beat in protesting for civil rights, crossing a bridge. He could have died that day, but fought through it. If you pray, pray like hell. Not because we need Cong. Lewis in the fight for this nation, but simply because Congressman Lewis is just that good a person. He deserves more time to help more people on this earth and more time to be helped and thanked. If you don’t pray, do whatever you can do to assist him in his fight, donate to the American Cancer Society, call his office with warm wishes, donate $10 to the SPLC in his name, something, anything. He deserves no less. May God and the loving moral spirit of this universe be with you, Congressman. We support you with love and charity. We will do our best to follow your example, always. **** Peace, y’all Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

Politico’s Terrifying Article: Russia’s 2016 Hack Succeeded, Only Question Is How Much

I will warn you now. Politico Magazine’s deep dive into Russia’s hack of the 2016 election will leave you stunned, depressed, and scared as hell. You may well want to consider whether today is a good day to read it. But you must read it at some point. It is your duty as an American. America was attacked, successfully. The only question is how extensively, and how successfully, as well as the questions about the vulnerability of 2020. It could be worse. This column will not be short, but I dearly hope you appreciate the depth of analysis. Indulge me in allowing me to start with a personal observation that may or may not be relevant, but damn well fits the findings in the article. In the Florida elections in 2014 (Senate), 2016 presidential, and 2018 (Senate and Gov) it unsettled me to consistently see the Republican vote (always close) outperform reputable polls done a week prior to the election. I remember reading articles noting the Democrat led by 2-3 points, only to see Florida go red, consistently, in what I had confidently considered a Democratic winner. It has gotten so bad that I now just expect to be “surprised.” The Politico article leaves me even more unsettled. For one, it is now established fact that Russia manipulated the 2016 Florida database computers – especially Broward County, the heavily Democratic area. In 2017, then Senator Bill Nelson noted the importance of the successful hack, and was attacked by Republicans for alleged speculation. In 2018 Nelson was proven correct. Later in 2018 he lost an extremely close election to the Republican, Governor Snyder. The article is from Politico Magazine, and is thus a deep deep dive, and hard to summarize and analyze here. But I must give you a taste within the bounds of the fair use doctrine. The focus of the article is the evidence of extreme abnormalities in North Carolina and Florida, both associated with a small company that specializes in election data base software VR Systems (50 employees, but widely used in Florida, NC, and other states). There is no question that the small company’s software was hacked. The questions persist about the impact. I doubt the company itself is biased toward Republicans. It cannot survive unless it is known to be reliably neutral, with no political bias. But it also has every reason to cover-up any detrimental impact due to Russian interference. There is rock-solid evidence that the company was penetrated prior to 2016, yet the company is not responsive to many questions. During the September call, the FBI urged participants to look out for any traffic coming to their websites from a list of suspicious IP addresses the FBI provided. After the call, VR Systems told Wyden, the company looked through its traffic logs, discovered activity from the IP addresses the FBI had mentioned on the call and subsequently reported that activity to the bureau. It’s not clear, though, whether the company also told the FBI at this time about the phishing emails it had received a month earlier, or whether it had already reported those emails back in August. (VR Systems wouldn’t respond to questions about the timeline discrepancies.) The article is simply stuffed with disturbing facts such as the above. One of the most […]

Pardoning SEAL Eddie Gallagher Will Doom Trump in 2020 More Than Any Other Act

I titled this column purposefully as an expression of my own opinion, I am not reporting a conclusion made by someone else. This is one of my rare Op-Eds. But if you read on, I promise I make a solid case. I do believe that among all the scandals surrounding Trump – including a Yale Psychiatrist and leader of the World Mental Health Organization calling for Trump to be put on a psychiatric hold – as well as all the details wrapped-up in and around the impeachment question, the pardoning of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher will be the act that will cost Trump his credibility and perception of infallibility among the right, and thus cost him 2020. I say that because details of Gallagher’s crimes, beyond the abhorrent ones of which we already know, are leaking out. They paint the picture of a true monster. In siding with that monster, Trump will necessarily take-on some of the same characteristics, and certainly become increasingly complicit in the crime, an accessory after the fact. Moreover, I cannot think of any situation that more perfectly exemplifies Trump’s tendency to cover for the aggressor, the abuser, the law-breaker, while also making decisions without sufficient knowledge of the facts and – were that not enough – replacing the conclusions of real professionals, with his own instincts. As the public learns more about the type of person Trump saw fit to pardon, the public will impose those same reprehensible characteristics upon Trump. In my opinion, this scandal paints the clearest divide, the least susceptible to counter-arguments, the one most impermeable to “both siderism” bullshit. In sum is not political, and therefore, powerful in a unique way. The details are horrific. The New York Times obtained tapes of interviews of his own unit, tapes of SEALs who are not generally seen as a bunch of Elizabeth Warren-voting liberals, pacifists to the extreme. Yet they bore a special hatred for this man: “The guy is freaking evil,” Special Operator First Class Craig Miller told an investigator. Miller then broke down in tears,“Sorry about this,” Miller said. “It’s the first time — I’m really broken up about this.” Now think about what this guy Miller has seen, what he’s been trained to see and do, and imagine what it takes to break him down like this. It is just a taste of what we’re about to see and hear in the coming year. “The guy was toxic,” Special Operator First Class Joshua Vriens, a sniper, said in a separate interview. “You could tell he was perfectly okay with killing anybody that was moving,” Special Operator First Class Corey Scott, a medic in the platoon, told investigators. “Perfectly okay with killing anybody that was moving.” We have a word for those types in this country, they are sociopathic mass-murderers. It is not in the story from which I am quoting, and I want to be careful of fair use policy, but I recently read a first-hand report from a member of his unit which detailed an incident in which Gallagher was sighting in his rifle on day. From a great distance, he shot a young girl in the gut, she instantly grabbed her stomach and fell, while friends she had been walking with ran to get out of the fire, […]

White House Aides: Trump Friendless, Loneliest He’s Ever Been

File this one under water runs downhill, dogs love their humans and hamburger, Nicole’s giggle is the cutest and smartest, and that bears are Catholic. It would seem that Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, is a lonely man, getting lonelier, according to people who would know. HuffPost runs a great chronology of stories, starting from near the beginning of the Trump presidency, running through November, each one describing an isolated and lonely man getting increasingly severe. It makes sense. Trump used to be semi-rich and people would gather round him in the hopes of scooping up some dribble of cash left fallen to the floor. Most presidents are popular because they can offer power within government positions, or people liked to be seen as an “insider.” Trump’s trouble is that absolutely no one wants a position within his government, as it is a dead weight on future career prospects. Plus working for Trump means taking blame for everything wrong and having the few successes all claimed by Trump himself. Then there are the ferocious attorneys’ fees inevitably incurred by anyone who spends much time close to him. Positions within government are anything but sought. Plus, very few non-evangelicals want to be seen as an “insider” in the Trump administration. Trump may like evangelical support, but cannot relate to their priorities. In terms of actual “friends”? Who wants to be friends with someone who only cares about himself, has no empathy, and generally finds a way to use you somehow? Jesus Christ on the amicus brief, half his friends are in front of judges for sentencing. Regardless, it isn’t healthy for anyone to be that lonely, which could easily account for some of Trump’s increasing erratic nature, and some of the tremendous judgmental errors (even by his standards) made of late. The most recent report, as stated, dated in November, paints a distinctly dark picture: Trump refuses to attend meetings or go out for Chinese food. He engaged in the “unseemly” act (an associate’s word) of tweeting something cruel about Joe Biden’s son Hunter, proof that he is “devolving unmistakably into a different sort of man.” … … “A person close to Trump told me that the president feels isolated and has complained that he has no one in whom he can confide. ‘These heavy issues are weighing on him. He has nobody around him. There’s nobody,’ this person said.” “‘He just has no life,’ the person close to Trump recently told me.” Turns out those stories your parents used to tell you about money not buying happiness (though no one doubts, it does buy convenience), are true. Moreover, power misused for self-aggradizement, as opposed to truly helping other people, is empty power. Trump remains unhappy, and lonely. So much so it is obvious. Happy people do not regularly schedule “rallies” in arenas for the primary purpose of hearing people cheer him like a demi-god (or god, depending to whom you speak). As I recall, Obama loved spending time with his girls at Camp David, which sounds like a happy man to me. Hell, even George W. Bush, he of horrible choices in war and policy, still seemed self-fulfilled. He didn’t require large crowds, eschewed them – actually, preferring to spend time with his family at his ranch – which, […]
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As Democrats, We Need to Exercise Extreme Caution in 2020

Let me just put this right out there. My dream candidate is Elizabeth Warren. I am absolutely convinced she would make the best president. She has the deep raw intelligence the presidency requires, she has the experience, she has an ability to motivate people and – in my mind – the best platform, using a ton of billionaire tax money to pay for one hell of a lot of things. I yearn for a woman president, and I want Elizabeth Warren as that president. But I might not vote for her in the primary. Nor am I going to endorse a candidate here through the primary. I have found website endorsements to be divisive (I think we all know the site and issue I’m referencing). In our rapidly growing community, divisiveness is terribly dangerous. We learned a horribly damaging lesson last time and I’m doing my best to learn from it. So you will never see me endorse a candidate or tell you that your thoughts on anyone are “wrong,” or that mine are “right.” I do want us all – because this column is partly about me reminding myself – that no Democratic policy matters at all in the face of possibly losing to Donald Trump. Not only do we lose on policy with Trump, not only do we lose in having a raving dictator in the White House with Trump, we might well lose our nation, because Trump is not running this administration with Americans as a first principle. He thinks of himself first, his friends (mostly international) second, and his base third. The nation never enters the equation. Add to this the fact that it is near impossible for a president to push through an entire policy agenda, and it becomes increasingly obvious that I, and we, need to exercise extreme caution in our decision. In my opinion, we must guard against being overly enthusiastic about what we may see as a “perfect candidate” from our policy point of view. Over at our beloved orange alma mater, we often hear that a moderate Democrat decreases turnout among Democrats and is thus self-defeating. Only a true progressive “excites the base” and thus gives us the best chance to win. I would love for this to be true. But I have yet to see any proof at all of the principle. If you have stats or data, please send it along because I am looking for a reason to vote my ideals. But absent some sort of data, it sure sounds like an argument made by people looking to justify a pre-determined decision and looking down upon “moderates” as dangerous. There is a reason that Donald Trump so obviously fears Joe Biden. Biden is a good man who has been in public life for forty years, with the stupid gaffes, indefensible positions and major flaws to show for it. But Biden has also always been true to his blue collar roots, and is the most likely to threaten the mid-west belt that carried Trump to victory. Biden has a firm grip on the black vote which is no small consideration. He is also the candidate least likely to scare the horses, “safe” for Republicans and independents. Having said that, Democrats win when they pick a younger outsider, not a […]

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