Saturday, October 31, 2020

I Love The Biden-Harris Travel Schedule. Here’s Why

Hey Cyrus, this is your barbecue man, and it tastes good   Nicholas Cage   Con Air Yeah, yeah, I know. But, but, but, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Don’t worry, Biden and Harris don’t just obsess about 2016, they learned from it! They won’t be ignored. In fact, just like Jake and Elwood, Joe and Barack are putting the […]

Just A Couple Of Numbers That Are Sticking Out At Me

Lllllllet’s Get Ready To Rrrrrummmmmble!   Michael Buffer   Boxing announcer Of course, every election is different, but there are still some common sense principles that can be used as a starting point, and then apply current conditions to the “standard” principle. I want to start with the principle, and then throw in a couple of 2020 specific things that […]
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Why that 17 point Wisconsin Poll might be more right than you think

I’ve been thinking about that Wisconsin poll that has Biden seventeen points ahead and I have an operating theory. First, it’s probably wrong—outliers happen. But it might be less wrong than people expect. I’m...
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HAHAHAHA! Tucker Carlson “Lost” “Damning” Documents “Proving” Biden Ukraine Conspiracy

First off, Tucker Carlson is a gibbering idiot. This is a fact. What are not facts are the things Carlson spews five nights a week on Fox News. Even Fox News said so, in defending Carlson and itself from a lawsuit accusing Carlson of slander. Carlson didn’t commit slander, the Fox lawyers argued, because no one […]
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Trump Basically Conceded Today

Ever since Sunday morning, Trump all purpose butt boy and mouthpiece, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, has been getting raked over the coals. In an interview on Sunday morning with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Meadows specifically came right out and admitted that the Trump administration was making absolutely no attempt to control the coronavirus, instead simply standing pat […]

The Unbearable Pressure Of Trump

There is something afoot that may show that not only Trump, but the entire GOP caucus underneath may be in mortal peril. And it’s something that I didn’t expect, but that, upon calm reflection, really doesn’t surprise me. I had previously written that a number of the GOP sycophant Governors that had enabled Trump’s feeble […]

Let’s Try A New Perspective

Look. I know I have a difference of opinion with some of y’all. Once I got off of my fainting couch in 2016, and looked at the numbers, I realized that the actual national polling was spot on for the election, it was 77,000 puddle heads in three states, less than 1% in each state […]

The Trump ‘Big Lie’ That Nobody Is Reporting. And Should Be.

Actually honey, yes, that  dress does make you look fat   Famous last words I still think that Bill Maher said it best, when he said, I could tell Trump was lying,  because his mouth was open. And there was no meat in it. The problem with living in a country being run by a witless baboon who has lied […]

Trump Lost The Debate. On Two Fronts

No great surprise here, Trump lost the debate again tonight, and in a landslide. True, Trump may not have roamed the stage like a rabid wolverine, but he wasn’t ready for a role in the film Good Will Hunting either. There were two possible matrices with which to judge this debate tonight, substance, and style, and Trump lost them both. First […]

NY Post Reporters Refused to Have Bylines on Biden Laptop Story; Even Fox News...

Still believe that the New York Post is a bastion of independent, non-partisan journalism? Think again. Two Post employees told the New York Times that the Post‘s big, splashy, and arguably slanderous story about Hunter Biden and the Laptop of Doom was written mostly by a veteran staff reporter, Bruce Golding, who refused to put his […]

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