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The Only Way to LOVE Hearing from Trump: Hilarious Snapchat

Point, the first, this is literally the coolest, funniest thing on the net, as it stands today. You will never want to hear or see Trump in any other way again. Turn up the volume, it is nothing without the sound: Hahaha – can’t handle Trump’s ugly mug spewing horseshit day after day? Try watching with this filter. — LiA (@LibsInAmerica) October 5, 2019 Point the second: One is so used to recoiling from Trump’s moronic utterances, that it is difficult to really appreciate the stupidity of his actual words and syntax. But not with the snapchat. “But China …” Sometimes little stupid things end up having disproportionate impact, even great beauty, according to the mathematical science of “Chaos Theory.” We never know what little things can end up turning the tide in a war for the country. This one isn’t quite as funny, but still full of awesome: Finally! Someone suggested a Snapchat filter to make the DOTARD tolerable and you know, they aren’t wrong! #trump #trumpwall #moot #moat #TrumpMeltdown — Colleen McNamara ☘️ (@cmcubfan) October 2, 2019 No one, I mean no one, takes greater pride in puffing himself up with faux-testosterone and glare, than Trump. No one goes to greater lengths to intimidate. Seeing his words projected into the little weasel-worthy sneak that Trump personifies, could – could – have an impact no one could have predicted. And it’s just so damn funny. Even without imagining the orange one cringing when checking his Twitter feed. **** Peace, y’all Jason  
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff / Flickr 911 salute...

Trump just disrespected everyone who has ever served. Why do they take it?

I served in the US armed forces for 3-½ years.  This was during the Cold War so I never saw any combat.  Nonetheless, I have an 8-inch surgical scar, a spinal fusion, constant pain, and a permanent...

Weekend Pick Six: Impeachment Week Duex

We note that it is Friday, and Nicole Wallace is saying smart shit on TV, which means two things. It is near the end of the work week, and I have a mad crush on Wallace. As is our custom, your weekend “Pick-six” What Would Jason Pick to Click? Can’t beat Jane’s Addiction, “Jane Says” from the Hammerstein Ballroom: BEST FOOTBALL GAME of the WEEKEND: #7 Auburn University versus #10 Univ of Florida CBS: 2:30 p.m. BEST BRAINFOOD SMART STUFF TO IMPRESS NICOLE: “Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality.” THE BEST EXPLANATION YET FOR THE LAST 60 YEARS: The US government made a pact with Aliens for otherworldly technology via @alienufovideos — Alien UFO Sightings (@alienufovideos) October 2, 2019 That part is actually true, and if you want to know how true, you need to read my novel. Readers who used to think UFOs were freaky-conspiracy theory stuff started questioning which “reality” to really believe in. I am not sure what I believe, but the questions are fun. BEST THING ON THE INTERNET THIS WEEK For the love of god someone get this dog a beer!🔉 — Funny videos / cute videos (@BestVideosviral) September 30, 2019 BEST COLD-OPEN on SNL in a While:   As always we will be around for breaking news, but I have a daughter who wants to go to a football game with her friends, and I am chaperoning, so … I can’t wait. **** Peace, y’all Jason and Twitter: @MiciakZoom      

Trump’s “image” problem.

This whole Trump Ukraine phone call scandal is devastating for Trump, and not only is the State Department Inspector General going to make it even worse in a couple of hours, Trump himself is making it worse. But there’s nothing he can do about it, after all, he’s Trump and a dog’s gotta howl. Trump has always been a small, petty, childish, mean, vindictive man, but for the last almost 5 years now, he’s made that work for him. And he did that by controlling the messaging. When he insulted Democratic lawmakers, or recalcitrant Republicans, or anybody else who displeased him, especially Robert Mueller, he did it by setting the narrative and the context of the conversation or issue. Then, when he let lose his barrage of insane shit on Twitter, it ca,e across to some as cutting, sarcastic, and funny, instead of stupid, childish and insulting. But the days of His Lowness controlling the narrative are over and done with, and as long as the Democrats keep the pressure on, they ain’t coming back. Which presents yet another problem for Trump. Many Trump supporters, even those who continue to insist that they still back and support Emperor Numbus Nuttus, freely admit that they wish he’d just cut out all of the Twitter bullshit and do the job they ut him there to do. They voted for change and an outsider, and they never found his Twitter or oral stunts particularly funny or endearing. And that was when things were going relatively well. But things are no longer going well, and Trump is no longer controlling the controlling the conversation. And if there’s one thing that everybody hates, even Trump supporters, it’s a sore loser.Nobody, including Trombies. hates it when their kid continues to insist tht he’s innocent, instead of just admitting that he fucked up, and owning it. Hell, Trump and the GOP writ large have accused the Democrats of this, whining and creating excuses for fucking up an election that they should have easily won. But now the shoe is on the other foot. At the moment, the Democrats are pitch perfect. Democratic presidential candidates shake their heads sadly, and intone on how they wish that they didn’t have to embark on this sad course. Speaker Pelosi, in her presser today with Intel Chair Adam Schiff, set the tone. She spoke of the House’s continuing work on lower drug prices and the new NAFTA agreement, and wouldn’t let reporters question her and Schiff about Trump until they discuss the other important issues to the American people first. They came across as sane, sober adults, saddened by the impeachment, but resolute in seeing it through, all while continuing to legislate on behalf of the American people that they were elected to serve. And then along came The Pampers President, out own beloved Toddler in Chief. With a real, actual President sitting next to him in the Oval Office, it was a steady stream of “Shifty Schiff,” and “Nasty Nancy,” far right wing conspiracy theories, and vague muttered threats at all and sundry who oppose him. In other words, a classic Trumper tantrum. Carried live on national television. Show me another two year old who wouldn’t have instantly qualified for a time out in the corner, followed by a nap for antics like that. Look, there are plenty […]

The Test Of Leadership

Leadership. You hear the word every day, in a dozen different contexts. We all know what it means, but what is it? You can take two people with identical skill sets, identical training, identical experience, and identical personalities, but when the shot goes down, one of them will step into the breach, and start taking charge, the other will follow. It can’t be bought or borrowed, it just is. And when you have it, it shows, as bright as a new sunrise. The hell with “the most powerful man in the world,” the President isn’t even the most powerful man in Washington. The president can’t even make a simple law. He can send a draft to congress, but it’s the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader who actually propose, write, and pass bills. If they refuse to consider his request, he’s as dead as Paddy’s pig. All this President, with the IQ of cole slaw mi, gets to do is to sign the damn thing with his Sharpie. Whatever you think of her, personally or professionally, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has leadership to spare. In January of 2011, Pelosi handed the Speakers gavel to John Boehner, mainly because she showed leadership in whipping her caucus to pass The Affordable Care Act, which provided millions of Americans with healthcare, knowing as she did it that it would likely cost her her Speakership. In 2018, she showed leadership again. Pelosi could see the blue wave coming, but she also knew that in order to ride it, the Democrats would have to win seats in traditional GOP suburban districts. These are places where Pelosi was unpopular, and the Republican incumbents and the RCCC and associated PAC’s hit her hard. Rather than expect loyalty from people who didn’t even answer to her yet, she quietly got the word to them that if distancing themselves from her was the path to victory, then so be it. As Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis used to say, Just WIN, baby! After the election, rather than risk a contentious floor fight, Pelosi chose to pake power sharing concessions to her new freshman caucus, hoping to ensure a more unified caucus. And Pelosi has shown leadership again in 2019. Those who have read me for a while now, know that I’ve swung like a pendulum with Pelosi over impeachment, finally, like the grandfather clock in a horror movie, stopping in the middle. At first, I sided with Pelosi about not impeaching Trump over an issue nobody understood, or would support. When Trump only became more emboldened, feeling that he was safe from retaliation, I rasped at her apparent refusal to acknowledge that at some point, duty to oath and country overrides political considerations. And now I’m just glad that we finally have an issue that works, and recognizing it, Pelosi is all in. And while Pelosi herself did not favor impeachment for the longest time, she recognized that the decision was a personal and a moral one, as well as a political one, and gave her caucus the freedom to make their own decisions and announcements without fear of recrimination or retribution. That’s leadership. There can no longer be much doubt about it, Donald Juan Trump is going to be impeached in the US House of Representatives, with or without bipartisan Republican input. The Democrats are dong it right, they […]

First Major Papers Call for Trump to Resign, Let’s Be Cautious

At least three major newspapers have become the first to call for Trump’s resignation over last week’s revelations concerning political extortion of Ukraine. First, the Boston Globe, the major progressive paper in perhaps the nation’s most progressive major city, led the way: THE VISCERAL REACTION I had to the summary of President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was that he should resign the presidency. So obvious and brazen was the abuse of presidential power; so evident was Trump’s concern only for his own political interests; and so lacking was any consideration of the national interest. The Hearst News Group of Connecticut followed course: The Hearst Connecticut Media Editorial Board on Thursday called for Trump to resign from office for “conduct far outside the accepted norms of a democratic leader.” The newspaper chain’s editorial board said Trump’s request for an investigation into Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “would benefit him politically” and is a clear-cut case of an “impeachable offense.” The scathing Hearst editorial concedes “there’s almost no chance” Trump will step down and urges Congress to vote to remove him from the White House. The calls from major Northeastern liberal establishment papers shouldn’t surprise anyone, nor should it be taken to be indicative of all that much beyond the fact that Trump remains firmly in trouble. The other paper to call for Trump’s resignation is a horse of a different color, see the second Tweet below, regarding the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis Post-Dispatch has also called on Trump to resign from office, writing, “The time has come for Republicans to stand up for the Constitution, stand up for America, and tell Trump to step down.” — Matt McDermott (@mattmfm) September 30, 2019 The pitter-patter of feet scampering toward the exists can be heard if one listens closely. Over at the mothership, the Rec-list is busy analyzing a Newsweek column suggesting that Trump will engineer a deal by which he steps down in exchange for immunity from prosecution. I saw that tweet yesterday and noted that the Newsweek column was a year old. At some point, someone at the mothership will point out that somewhat relevant fact to the others. For now, though, they’re busy rejecting the “deal,” competing as to whom can reject it most forcefully. People are out for blood, they want Trump in prison, they want him and his family, and his dog – if he had one, which he doesn’t – locked up forever, because they’re that much cooler and clearer headed than everyone else. I, too, want to see Trump go to prison, along with his family and court jesters. Let there be no doubt at all that Trump doesn’t deserve to negotiate any deal, for anything. However, before we pound our chest about our righteous blood-thirst, we need to designate our priority in the process, those elements we hope to accomplish. Are we trying to remove a dangerous president from office? Are we trying to remove a dangerous president from office and his law-breaking enablers? Are we trying to expose the entire truth regarding Trump and his crimes? Are we doing all we can to improve our position for the next election? Are we trying to exact revenge upon the person who has inflicted so much pain […]

Admit it, we dodged a bullet.

I don’t mind admitting it, I am getting way too old for this shit. We won”t say that democracy was at deaths door, but the old dear was on a respirator, with a toddler running around over by the outlets. Thank God we grabbed the little bugger in time! I’m the last one who will be throwing rose petals at Nancy Pelosi’s clomping feet, or laying a laurel wreath upon her weathered brow. If Madame Speaker had had her way, impeachment hearings would have begun on the first Thursday after the Second Coming. But I’d rather be lucky than good any old day, and Pelosi finally knew a good thing when she saw one, even if she had to be tied down like Malcolm McDowell in a Clockwork Orange, with his eyelids taped open.  Pelosi was finally dragged, kicking and screaming, to the altar of impeachment by seven of the very members she was trying to protect, who finally penned an op-ed saying, ‘This shit has gone far enough.” The car may have broken down, but we finally crawled to the circus. While impeaching Trump is the paramount thing, believe it or not, the most important battle has already been won. It is now almost doubtless that articles of impeachment will be filed by, and passed in the House of Representatives. Either McConnell and his band of merry mutts will convict in the Senate, or they won’t. But so long as Trump is sufficiently weakened to be plucked like a nit from a child’s scalp next November, I can live with the outcome. Because the marker has been laid. Democracy is alive and kicking, and she’s aiming for the balls. The system worked. It worked n 2017, when maximum public pressure was brought to bear on GOP congress critters to stop Trump’s most egregious legislative advances. It worked in 2018, when the populace looked around, decided that this group of peripatetic leaches was no longer worthy of holding unified control, and elected the Democrats to control the House, to provide a check and balance to Trump and the GOP. And most of all, it worked in 2019, when the Democrats finally remembered that they owed their allegiance to the constitution, and not their seats. This impeachment is a warning to both parties, but especially the Republicans, that it is unwise to actively enable, or even passively tolerate an executive branch run amok. The problem with these narcissistic power grabbers is that they never know when enough is enough. You give them a foot, and they grab for the hip. You let them get away with something, and instead of thanking their lucky stars and hiding out, they go to greater lengths, feeling invincible. But the warning has now been issued. Even with a slavishly compliant Senate, and a rigged national right wing media complex, there are still Rubicons that may not be crossed. This should be a doubly stinging rebuke for the Republicans, because this is the second time in two generations that they have pimped their reputations and honor at the hands of a strutting popinjay and been made to pay the price. The two differences this time is that at least Nixon tried to cover up and hide his myriad sins, while Trump is so pathetically incompetent that he ended up publicly confessing his sins. And Donald Trump makes Richard Nixon look like a […]
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Two People, Outside Government, Could and Likely Will, Take Trump Down

Of course, there are any number of people who control information that would destroy Trump and his presidency, perhaps even his personal freedom. But, nearly all of the “typical” people who could topple the administration are within the administration, or outside this country. However, there are two people who work outside of government, two people without any secret inside information, could easily take Trump down with ease and speed. Rupert and Lachlan Murdock. The two people who control Fox News, known by some to be “Trump TV” are inextricably tied to Trump’s fate. Like Pompeo and Barr, the Murdoch future is hinging upon the correct determination as to when to jump off the S.S. Trump, as it careens recklessly through a sea of icebergs. Obviously, Rupert sold his soul long ago, pumping up Trump to loyal viewers, harvesting advertising dollars that go straight into the Murdoch family bank account. But, Lachlan, the younger Murdoch, must necessarily focus upon the long-term Fox future. Lachlan cannot allow the network to cross the Trump event horizon, that black hole that eventually sucks in everyone who blindly revolves around Trump. Lachlan must navigate the situation such that he knows when to blast off tp a safer and more stable orbit. Without “Trump TV” propaganda to manipulate each new shocking revelation, Trump is, quite literally, sunk. As noted in a great column in Rawstory: Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch decide what propaganda gets sold as news on the Fox cable channel. They helped create the false image of Trump the great leader. Their compliant and highly paid program hosts have sustained Trump, attacking anyone who challenges the president, riling up his base. But the relationship between the network and Trump has been fraying for months. Now may be the time for the Murdochs to finally let it unravel. I agree. We have noted over and over that the Trump movement resembles a cult, perhaps it is a cult (look at the way Qanon became “mainstream” within the supporters). Like any cult, the leader does no wrong, and is never questioned. But, as we’ve said, cults do not last forever, and the moment something pierces a cult leader’s invulnerability, the movement folds, blindingly fast, and nothing the leader does can save it. The Murdochs, for whatever else they may be, are not stupid, and understand the dynamic all too well. They will not risk their golden empire attempting to prop-up a man committed to destroying himself and the nation he “leads.” Additionally, unlike real news organizations, the Murdochs control the “news” slant at Fox with an iron grip. If the Murdochs direct the entertainer Sean Hannity to stop with his ludicrous assaults on Trump critics, then Hannity will. If they give new scripts to the actors playing journalists on Fox & Friends they will follow those scripts. If they generally signal to Fox News and Fox Business hosts that Trump is persona non grata they will get the message and repeat it. That is what makes Fox unlike legitimate news organizations where editors or producers w,ho try to issue such orders would at best be refused and at worst be forced out. This Murdochian style can be adopted to benefit our nation. Does anyone doubt the summation? Think about what Fox has to lose. After years of […]

Impeachment For Dummies

No, I am not talking about the Democratic congress being dummies in the title, I’m referring to the rest of us. Although, with the clarity some of us have shown all along, and the rather foolish way that the Democrats in the House have mucked this up so far, it might be just as appropriate. Hell, take it either way you want. There are some professions ot there that just lend themselves to unnecessary complications. Doctors can con you into agreeing to open heart surgery just by describing your kidney stones in such technical jargon. Programmers tell you their newest idea in terms that make you feel like you should be sitting in front of a cave banging two rocks together. Lawyers throw so much Latin babble at you that you start to get afraid that the way you’re breathing is illegal. And legislators make the simplest congressional act sound like building your own Prosche from a kit over the weekend. Sans instruction manual. All of them do this to make themselves seem indispensable in your daily life, and also to charge you up the ass for the privilege of listening to them retake their final exams. But for impeachment, this is the last thing you want. You’re not trying to bore us into buying a double indemnity life insurance policy single lump payment, you’re trying to convince us to grab pitchforks and torches, and storm the gates of the White House. And for that, you have to Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.! Back after the Tea Party wave of 2010, a bunch of Democratic congressional staffers got together, and looked to see how they did it, and Indivisible was born. Those sae staffers wrote the playbook that the Democrats used to such stunning success in 2018, and right now, the Democratic House needs to take a crash course n that knd of simple linear, direct thinking. And here’s the first thing that they’ll find The GOP kicked the Democrats asses up one side and down the other in the “messaging war” over the ACA in 2009. When the Democrats announced the Affordable Care Act, they produced enough summaries, statistics, and actuarial tables to give an insurance company executive nocturnal emissions. And what did the Republicans respond with? Socialized medicine, and death panels for Granny. And as flawed and inapplicable as those constructs were, they were simple, easy to explain and understand, and just as easy to scream at a congressman in the middle of a town hall. K.I.S.S. First things first. Starting after their closed door caucus meeting tomorrow, the Democrats need to provide a streamlined and simple, unified message. No more screwing around with Robert Mueller and Trump-Russia, that stuff is ancient history, and this is now! And don’t get all bogged down in al of the foreign interference in a US election shit either. That didn’t work with Mueller’s probe, and it won’t wash here either. K.I.S.S. Put it in terms that people can understand, and keep it relevant. Tell people that this is the exact same thing as Blago trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat, only with a different accent. You can even personalize it by telling everybody that it’s no different than Jared’s father taping his own brother in law with a hooker so he could try to extort him out of that business deal. Hell, you […]

Trump Lobbies to Win the Nobel Peace Prize, Again.

Ah yes, our wanna-be Nobel-laureate is talking again about the huge injustice of it all. Had the process not been so thoroughly aligned with spreading world peace, being brilliant, bringing people together through good works, in other words; had it not all been “rigged,” the Peace prize would be his, according to only Trump. Ironically, it takes someone as self-absorbed and half-witted as him to fail to understand that one cannot lobby for the peace prize. Come on, man, it is like Fight Club. Rule number one, if you want a Nobel, don’t go around talking to people about wanting a Nobel. I know I don’t. And believe me, my novels and my work here put me infinitely closer to the literature prize than him and the … never mind. Trump continues to talk. After all, the black president got one, and made it look easy, actually: Trump then offered up former President Barack Obama as an example of the prize being unfairly awarded. “They gave one to Obama immediately upon his ascent to the presidency and he had no idea why he got it,” Trump said, joking: “You know what? That was the only thing I agreed with him on.” And you know what? For the first and only time, I agree with Trump. The Nobel Committee should have waited two more years, then awarded the Peace Prize to Obama, it would have been more meaningful. As it was, they simply gave it to Obama because the committee was glad Cheney was gone, and Obama was cool. Trump will never get the Nobel Peace Prize, and he seems to know that: Speaking to reporters before a bilateral meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Trump asserted that “I would get a Nobel prize for a lot of things, if they give it out fairly, which they don’t.” Asked during a Cabinet meeting at the time whether he thought he deserved the honor, Trump told reporters: “Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it.” Trump doesn’t seem to understand rule number two regarding the Peace Prize, winners must seem to be above the money. Trump might be the only “candidate” ever who values the cold cash even more than the prestige of the award. Someone once told him that the award came with a million dollar check, and in that moment, Trump knew he needed one. All good things come in threes, so we can’t offer up Rule No.s one and two without mentioning the third rule: Winners must make peace, not lob missiles down upon Iran to protect innocent oil refineries pumping black money into family accounts, keeping Saudi and Russian masters happy. Granted, Trump has not yet violated rule number three, and it may seem like a technicality to Trump, but given Trump’s violations of one and two, number three looks to be violated soon enough. God, what if … what if the Nobel hope is the one thing that has kept Trump from starting war in the Middle East? Don’t laugh, it almost makes sense. Among all the other asinine things this man has done, this is chuckle-worthy to the extreme. He believes he’s owed a Nobel prize because “reasons,” Obama and “everyone says so.” Compelling, except to the people giving out Nobels. Rule number four, don’t try to […]

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