Sunday, February 17, 2019

It’s a retirement party!

That’s right, I’m throwing a retirement party, and it’s gonna be one helluva bash, I can tell you that. There’s gonna be unlimited beer and munchies (as long as you bring that shit yourselves), and the awesome “DJ Drums is spinning it for free, since he’s flush with kaboodle coming off of that Trump inauguration gig. Y’all can quit fist bumping and chest thumping now, I’m not the one who’s retiring. As long as I can continue to read the characters on the keyboard, you’re stuck with this tripe on pretty much a daily basis. Besides, I already retired once, four years ago, and I understand that some of my former coworkers are still on probation from that last bash.The guest of honor at this soiree is a long time trope, and all purpose pain in my ass, and once he leaves, I’m giving standing “shoot on sight”orders to security if he ever comes back to one of my diaries. The golden moldy that I’m finally shoving out the gate to pasture, never to rear his ugly head again is the age old slogan, “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line.” I have hated that insipid line ever since the first time somebody put it in a comment, and rubbed my nose in it like a puppy with a fresh pile on the living room carpet. Enough with that shit already! It’s long past time to drop a rose on the lid, and fill in the hole. It’s sorry, it’s tired, it’s old, and unlike a Twinkie, it actually has a shelf life, and that shelf life expired quite a while ago. Like me, it just doesn’t work anymore, for the simple reason that there is no longer a viable Republican party! That slogan harks back to a day long ago, when there was a “traditional” Republican party, and that party was based on certain basic principles. Were they sick, evil, twisted, fucked up principles? Yep, but they were principles, so they went with what they had. The whole meaning of the phrase was that while their voters may have had problems, sometimes serious problems, with an individual candidate, when it came down to crunch time, they all sucked it up and rallied around the party. But that isn’t the case anymore, and hasn’t been for almost a decade. The cheap, easy way out is to blame Trump, and he deserves his fair share of the blame. By the time that Trump stumbled through all of that smoke on the stage of the Republican National Convention, looking like a trailer of the movie version of the book “The Fat Vampire,” he had already split the party in two. back during the 2016 primaries, Trump channeled his inner David Pecker, and threatened the political equivalent of publishing dick pics of Reince Priebus by threatening to take his supporters and go hold his own election if Priebus didn’t turn the RNC over to him. We all saw how that turned out, the ENC ended up paying freakin’ Jared Kushner’s legal bills for a while. When Trump split the party, there was no longer one coherent message for everybody to rally around, and enough traditional Republicans rebelled that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million. Damn! That’s one raggedy ass line they got there. But the real nexus of the split occurred 6 years earlier. […]

The “Wall” debacle is worse than they realize.

Apparently it’s all over but the shouting. Fittingly enough, the final capitulation came not from The Pampers President himself, but instead from Ditch Mitch “No show votes” McConnell, who stated that the Senate would move quickly to vote on the compromise border security bill, and to say “Gee whiz, I shore hope the Purzident signs the gosh darn thing!” or something like that. I for one am not going to take a dance a victory Irish jig on Trump’s humiliating wall grave. Hell, I’m not that mature. Instead, I’m planning on chugging a 12 pack of Bud Light to generate the maximum piss volume. But as I watched all of these GOP losers in shiny suits walking around with Basset Hound looks on their faces, a realization hit me. This whole political Waterloo over his stupid vanity border wall is worse than they realize. The Three Horsemen of the Shitpocalypse, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter seem clueless, although two of them are already cutting their losses. The Oxycontin Kid is already saying that the fact that the alleged author of The Art Of The Squeal managed to negotiate himself from $25 billion from the Democrats in return for permanence in DACA to a measly $1.375 billion for new fencing is an “embarrassment” for the President, but sticks the GOP congress with the tab, for not fighting harder. And Flat Top is sputtering and blustering about how any Republican that dares to vote for this “garbage compromise bill” is going to have to explain his capitulation to their constituents. Only Coultergeist continues to do her best banshee impersonation, moaning hollowly about how the President “talks a good game, but doesn’t have the guts to fight for the wall.” Oh yeah, and she’ll get his little dog, too! All of these slobs, from McConnell to Hannity, from Meadows to Coulter, are so busy crying in their beer about their humiliating defeat about the damn wall, that they’re failing to see that there is a bigger picture involved here, and that the wall is just one piece of a larger mosaic. It just happens to be the piece that holds the rest of the mural together. You should all know my favorite Catholic ditty by now, “In order to keep your faith intact, ensure it stays unsullied by fact.” Trump the con man is himself nothing more or less than an elaborate con. He is an illusion, a cheap trick, except that this time, when the magician pulls his hand out of the hat, there isn’t going to be a rabbit in it. Trump’s entire “mystique” was built on one central conceit, that he was a winner! The brash, loud mouth, finger pointing mogul whose favorite pastime was snarling “You’re FIRED!” to cringing underlings, although the real Donald Trump couldn’t fire up a Weber grill. The owner of a multi billion dollar real estate empire, who proudly proclaimed himself the “king of debt,” knowing full well that his audience and supporters were too dim to realize that what that really meant was that it was all somebody elses money! Trump wasn’t alone in perpetuating this scam on the dim and inattentive. Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh, Ingraham, they all played Trump up like he was the greatest boon to man since the discovery of the polio vaccine. They touted his business acumen, […] / YouTube Top 10 Crazy Donald Trump Moments...

Trump’s brewing “woman” problem.

I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore   Helen Reddy   I am woman Just a quick reminder, I have absolutely no idea of who is going to win the Democratic primaries for President, and neither do you. I don’t even have a “favorite” yet, and won’t for some little while to come, I want to see and hear them perform in some of the upcoming debates before I start to even think about locking in on any one potential front runner. I will say this though, I think that anybody who automatically relegates Amy Klobuchar to the second tier due to her national name recognition is making a mistake. But there is already a dynamic starting to take shape, even in this early stage of the primaries that is fascinating, and it has nothing to do with how the Democratic hopefuls are relating to each other. Exactly the opposite in fact. Donald J Trump, Pestquire seems to have a bit of a woman problem. For a bull stud that is reputedly more desirable than Valentino himself, Trump seems to have run into an inordinately high number of outlier women who just didn’t find him all that desirable when he put his filthy paws all over them. And they didn’t mind saying so in public either. Man, talk about a hit to the good old Casanova meter! As if having all of those loud mouthed crybabies on his ass wasn’t enough, Trump now finds himself faced with a strong, independent woman who is as infallible to his male dominance as water is to oil. Nancy Pelosi is tossing him around over her head like pizza dough, while he spins helplessly, and flattens out a bit more with every rotation. His complete inability to deal with her is apparent from the fact that the worst Twitter epithet he can think of for this hated rival is “Nancy.” What’s the matter tough guy, cat got your tongue? Personally, I am thrilled to see at this early stage, that there are more women than men running for President on the Democratic side. It is a testament to the diversity of the Democratic party, especially considering that the women are eminently qualified for consideration. On the Republican side, not only do you not have any women running for President, you don’t even have any men running for the job, just the whiny and petulant man child. And this infusion of intelligent, qualified, assertive women on the Democratic side is going to give Trump a whole lot of agita right out of the gate, for the simple reason that he just can’t keep his big, fat, New York nose out of anything! It was stated on MSNBC today that women running for President have an inherent problem, polling shows that men will vote for someone that they don’t personally like if they agree with their positions, but if they don’t “like” a female candidate, their positions are unimportant, the man won’t vote for them. We’re already seeing this with Amy Klobuchar, with this nonsensical controversy over how tough of a boss she is on her staff. Nobody makes such a claim against a male candidate, unless sexual harassment is involved. Men are “driven,” women are just “nags.” And now we’re hearing that Klobuchar is too “nice” to run, […]
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Taking the “high road” is fine, but…

just remember one thing, the higher the road, the steeper the drop off at the edge of the shoulder. Everybody agrees, believing in God is a perfectly acceptable personal choice, but when do evangelicals become an insufferable pain in the ass? When they pull that “holier than thou” crap. Mike Pence is a perfect example, walking around so arrogant, so damn smug, that you’d swear that he has a sliver of the true cross encased in plastic hanging from a chain around his neck. I learned a hard lesson a few years ago, and being a rock headed Irishman, of course I had to learn it the hard way. It was the spring of 2016, and party primaries were kicking into gear all over the place. While you all know that I mainly worked the GOP primary side of the street, specifically the Presidential primary, I took keyboard in hand and did a candidate diary for the opponent of Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I don’t live in Florida, I live in Nevada. And I wasn’t a Bernie supporter either, but I was highly pissed that Wasserman Schultz had tried to put her finger on the scales for Hillary. I received several comments in the diary from Florida residents, politely, but firmly advising me to let actual constituents decide the issue, and keep my damn nose out of it. I haven’t done a primary candidate diary since. This is the problem that the national Democrats, especially the Presidential candidates are facing, and the tightrope that they have to walk in dealing with the Ralph Northam controversy in Virginia. The Democrats decided quite a while ago on a “zero tolerance” policy in dealing with Trump, a decision in which I totally agree. If you’re gonna talk-the-talk in regards to Trump’s misbehavior, you have to walk-the-walk with members of your own party, or risk being hypocrites. But remember, just because I believe in God doesn’t give me the right to dunk your head in a bucket of water to baptize and save your soul. National Security expert and MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance summed the situation up rather bluntly on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday night, when he said, “I wish all of those people out there that are expressing ;black outrage; all of the time would try checking with actual black people once in a while.” His point was that, while the rest of America, including large swaths of white America, was baying for Northam’s political blood, a poll showed that a clear majority of African Americans in Virginia wanted Northam to remain as Governor.And when you come right down to it, shouldn’t the black constituents of Virginia be the ones who ultimately get to decide just how offended they are with Northam’s behavior, and what to do about him? The Democrats have already made their decision about “zero tolerance,” and I agree with it. Now the next step has to be deciding how to implement it. For a national office, the parameters are different. The Democrats were able to call the Republicans late-to-the-party on Steve King because they took swift action on members like John Conyers, Anthony Weiner, and Al Franken. And in the House and Senate, they can take steps like removal from committee assignments to make their […]

A warning for Democratic 2020 hopefuls. FORGET “Bipartisanship!

That’s not a place you wanna be, sleeping with the enemy, you know   Roger Hodgson I can’t imagine why I should even have to say this, but apparently I do. In the lead up to Senator Amy Klobuchar’s announcement from Minneapolis today, which looked like a scene from “Fargo,” one of the guests on an MSNBC panel show was talking about Klobuchar’s “lane” being her message of bipartisanship, bringing both sides together to get things done in this dysfunctional congress and environment. Excuse me while I get my Kanys on here for a moment, Fuck bipartisanship! I haven’t yet heard any Democratic Presidential candidates coming right out ans talking about rolling in the muck with pigs, but if these talking heads are this delusional, they have no place on MSNBC or CNN, they should be in the Trump administration instead. Have they learned nothing from recent history>? The Democratic candidates led the GOP spring lambs to the barn in 2018 on two simple messages, solving kitchen table issues, and reining in the GOP madness in Washington. Nobody on the Democratic side ran on, or was elected because of their “I’ll appeal to their better angels” bullshit. They were elected by highlighting the GOP’s ig headed obstinance, especially in the arena of healthcare. They didn’t run and win on reasoning with these spoiled brats, they won by running on sending them to the corner for a nice, long time out! But worse yet, it’s like the last 8 years prior to the crowning of the $1 Store Caligula had never happened for these poli-sci nitwits. President Barack Obama rode into the White House in 2008 on a message of “hope and change.” And nowhere in his entire 8 years was his deepest desire for bipartisanship to move the country forward more apparent, and more sincere, than in the Affordable Care Act legislative debacle. Not only did Obama almost literally beg Boehner and McConnell for suggestions on ways to craft the bill to make it more palatable to Republicans to support, he even scrapped things that his liberal base were screaming for, in order to appease them. And what did he get for it? A couple of middle fingers, and “death panels for Granny!” What is it going to take for those telegenic, know-it-all, “I get paid for this shit and Murfster35 doesn’t” featherless dodo’s to get it through their thick skulls? Bipartisanship is DEAD! There is no such thing anymore. You can’t have bipartisanship when only one side is negotiating in good faith, or even bad faith for that matter. That is what we non lettered morons call capitulation, or to put it in 1938 terms for the more historically inclined, appeasement. And we all saw where that got us the last time around. This isn’t that hard to twig out. The simple fact is that there is no longer a “moderate” Republican party. The handful of remaining alleged “moderates” in the party, people like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Charlie Dent, Carlos Curbelo, and Bob Corker either fled in disgust, or were beaten in 2018. All that is left is the rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth public health hazard that is the Trump party. There is no compromise or negotiation possible, because Glorious Bleater himself has never negotiated in good faith for anything in his life. So, please Democrats, I beg you, don’t go down this bipartisan […]
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All hail the Queen!

Off with his HEAD!   The Queen of Hearts   Alice in Wonderland I can’t seem to say it enough these days, I really do love it when they eat their young! The age old logic brain teaser has always been, which came first, the chicken or the egg? But that oldie-but-moldy is about to be replaced by the updated brain teaser x 2.0, Which came first, the Coulter fan, or the Trump supporter? This is already shaping up to be another in a long line of weeks that his Lowness would seriously like to pass through unconscious, in a two bucket KFC cholesterol coma. Damn those positive, glowing physical results he keeps demanding from his doctor! The news today is that the “border security” negotiations to stave off another partial government shutdown have broken down. It is generally accepted that the deadline to reach an agreement in time to avoid a shutdown is tomorrow, to give both the House and the Senate time to abide by their rules of consideration, and still pass the bill in time for Trump t sign it. Everybody is running around, high fiveing about the way that Nancy Pelosi is handing Trump his head on a cheap, $0.99 Store aluminum platter every time he turns around. This is true for liberals, because she’s constantly embarrassing him by shutting his overstuffed derriere down at every turn. But for Trombies, Pelosi is evil incarnate. She’s not beating Trump, she’s using cheap tricks to stifle his brilliance. But Ann Coulter?!? That’s a different kettle of fish. granted, talking about Trump and Coulter, that means a bunch of carp with full mud veins, but fish nonetheless. Fish that have been left out in the sun for two weeks. In this instance, Ann Coulter is actually a much greater existential threat to Trump than Nancy Pelosi, since Pelosi is something that Trump can use to rally the base, but Coulter is supposed to be rallying the base for him, against her. and That ain’t happening. In her naked power grab against Trumpenstein, Coulter is drawing on her long experience in dealing with the mental midgets that make up her audience, Keep It Simple Stupid! Coulter has gone on every show from Real Time with Bill Maher to Fox and Friends, spouting the same, absurdly simple yet effective message, “Is it wrong to hold the President accountable for the one promise he talked about every, single day on the campaign trail for 18 months?” Trump has been hoist on his own petard. It has been reported, and yet to be contradicted, that “the wall” was a metaphorical construct, engineered by Roger Stone and Sam Nunberg, to remind Trump to talk about immigration to rile up his racist base. But now, like a failed lab experiment, it has morphed into a virus that threatens all life on planet Alpha Trumptori One. Coultergeist is not going away anytime soon. She fell for Trump’s “Of course I’ll respect you in the morning, baby!” line, and now she wants her goddamn ring. Amusingly enough, Coulter has set herself up to look like a wrong-side-of-the-tracks- romance rebound victim here, considering those pesky reports that she dated conservative dragon slayer Keith Olbermann when they were at Cornell University together. But I’m sure that Coulter somehow or other doesn’t find that particular skeleton in her conservative closet as amusing as I […]

You Got Shamed Yesterday. An Open Letter to FL-1

I’m not going to waste my time with Matt Gaetz. He’s not worth the keystrokes, and besides, my eyes only let me type for so long these days. They say you can always reason with a Republican. That might well be, but you can also always reason with a turkey vulture, for all of the good it will do you. No, I’d rather talk to the denizens of Florida’s first legislative district. That is, if they’re willing to come out from under the bed and go outside again yet. Yesterday, Matt Gaetz came across as a cold, heartless, uncaring, sycophantic fiend. And Matt Gatez represents you. You walked into a gym, pulled a lever, and sent him to Washington DC to be your public face. So tell me, how does that feel this morning? Let’s be clear, shall we? Yesterday wasn’t about any stupid vanity wall. It wasn’t about the evils of illegal immigration either. Hell, it wasn’t even about politics! It was about compassion, empathy, and dignity, the complete lack of which makes Gaetz a perfect surrogate for the day glo toddler in the White House, if not for you. The sad part is that this sorry spectacle didn’t need to take place at all. Almost every other Republican member of the committee boycotted the meeting, they simply stayed away. And that’s all that Matt Gaetz needed to do as well, stay away and shut up! But no, like a 4 yo tired of his toys in the den, little Matty had to run in and disrupt the quiet conversation the adults were having in the living room. The two men that Gaetz chose to castigate and insult were not MS-13 gang members, with machetes in hand, and bales of Tampico ditch weed on their backs, nor were they footsore migrants fleeing violence in Central America. They were fellow Floridians, neighbors, coworkers, friends. And do you know what else? They could have been any one of you. If you have a child between the ages of 5-18, then there but for the grace of God. The subject of the hearing was senseless gun violence. And those two men have laid the ultimate sacrifice at the alter of our flaccid gun laws, their children were murdered at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. Their futures lie with Christmas trees with empty spaces where presents should be, birthday bouquets laid at the foot of grave stones, and quiet, bitter tears shed at night over grandchildren never to be born and held. If ever there were two men who deserved to have their voices heard, and subject on which they should be allowed to speak, it was these men, and this subject. But, no. Matt Gaetz, your representative in congress, had to sneeringly point a scaly Gollum finger at those two men, and when he opened his mouth, every drop of venom that spewed out said that the finger he really wanted to point at them was the middle one. Gaetz tried to have the two men thrown out of the hearing room. And for what reason? Because they twice dared to demand that he stay on goddamned topic. You stitched together this Frankenstein’s monster. You breathed life into it, and then you loosened the straps on the table and let it run amok all over the countryside. So, […]
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Coming soon to a Trumper Tantrum near you

Well, the walls are closing in on Der Gropinfuror at long last. Which will put the Pampers President under even more pressure. But if there’s one thing that can be said about Trump, it’s that he is grace under pressure. By that I mean that he says grace, and then pops the lid on another bucket of KFC. I honestly believe that his famous “covfefe” tweet was due to greasy fingers between a wing and a drummer. But one thing is for certain, Trump is gonna need a whole lot more distraction ammo to attempt to keep noticing his myriad of misdeeds as they are being exposed. And considering the fact that Trump’s personal intellect is about as inspiring as a piece of kale (blanched), he’s going to have to get his new nonsense howitzer shells from somewhere. So, I decided to do a little research (no shit, I really did) in Trump’s favorite sloughs of drivel, and try to find some of the things that you can look forward to seeing in a 3 am poop tweet, or hearing at a cabinet meeting pool spray near you. *Spoiler Alert* These are all actual headlines, with accreditation to their source provided San Francisco Drug Addicts Now Outnumber High School Students   Infowars Man, oh man, Alex Jones really hit a grand slam for Trumpenstein here. Trump can tie the drugs part to the flood of illegal narcotics coming across our unguarded southern border, hence the national emergency, as well as hitting Nancy Pelosi for the decadence of her own home turf. He may tweet this one out before I finish the freakin’ article! Disturbing: Aborted babies used to create animal human hybrids   Infowars Never let it be said that nobody pays any attention to Trump anymore. Alex Jones was obviously listening to the SOTU, and hand crafted this vile “article” to buttress Trump’s abortion claims. The garbage post comes complete with a picture of a small rodent on what appears to be a baby blanket. How can Trump resist? ¼ of French believe elites using mass migration to replace native Europeans   Breitbart Trump must feel like he’s at a Golden Corral buffet with the way these clods just keep bringing out more and more aluminum tubs of shit for him to pile on his plate. We’re right back to the southern border again, and maybe this time, he can get a guest pass for Steve King to share a meal with him. Gowdy: Schiff only interested in undoing the 2016 election results   Breitbart Because nothing says “investigative excellence” quite like spending multiple years and millions of dollars investigating Hillary Clinton over Benghazi, and failing to uncover a damn thing. But if Trump uses this drivel, at least it’ll give Schiff his belly laugh for the day Poll: Approval 49%   Drudge Report The poll that the Drudge Report is using is the Rasmussen daily Presidential poll, ‘nuff said. Obviously Drudge is hoping to highlight the popularity number in such a way to get people to not click on the article itself, since Rasmussen also says that 37% “strongly approve,” w hi;e 42% “strongly disapprove,” which gives His Lowness a net Presidential rating of -5. And since Trump has the attention span of a slumbering 3 toed sloth, he’ll never get past the main page headline. Female […]
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An “A” For Effort

Ya know, ever since the Democrats regained control in the House last November, I’ve noticed that national media reporting on the newly emboldened Democratic House has gone chugging down two parallel tracks. There is the “investigative track,” where the media gleefully foretells the Scorched-earth-march-to-Atlanta havoc that the Democratic led committees can wreak on all things Trump. The “legislative track” is consistently downplayed and tempered with the admonition that the Democrats progressive agenda will almost certainly run afoul of a GOP dominated Senate, and The Great Pumpkin in the White House. I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that in politics, actual results perceived results can be just as important as actual results. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, it was 2008, and Barack Obama was elected President of the United states. He was inaugurated in 2009, and because there was a global financial meltdown going on, he managed to throw a world class inauguration, with a performing list that looked like the Saturday guest list at the Viper Room, for a paltry $54 million, with not a tractor or baton twirler in sight. Once Obama stopped the worlds economy from returning to the Olduvai Gorge, the first thing that he did was to cover millions of Americans with the Affordable Care Act. And that’s where the rubber hit the road. The Republican party neatly disguised their white backlash against the first African American President as a rebellion against “socialized medicine.” They rode the issue of “death panels for Franny” almost exclusively, and stormed back to control of the House on the backs of the Tea Party rebellion. In 2011 came the first House bill to repeal the ACA. This was a risk free vote for the GOP, first, the most popular and impactful portions of the ACA had not yet bone into effect, leaving a still unpopular vision of the law, and second, there was no way for it to pass through the Democratic dominated Senate, and no way that Obama would sign it. But it didn’t matter, because the effort was there. In 2012, still running on repealing the ACA, the GOP held the House, and cut into the Democratic majority in the senate. More Obamacare repeal votes sprang out from the House, like toadstools in a dank place, all to be denied. In 2014, the GOP again held the House, and this time took control of the Senate as well. Another slew of futile ACA repeal votes came down the pike, and in 2016 the GOP used the repeal of Obamacare to, with Russian help, take the White house as well. They held more than 60 failed votes in 7 years, accomplishing exactly nothing, if you consider retaking the House, the Senate, and finally the White House as nothing. How did they do this? Simply by continuing to “try to” deliver what they promised. The Democrats rode the blue wave of 2018 on the back of ideas, repealing the top 0.01% tax cuts, universal healthcare coverage, lower prescription drug costs, infrastructure, getting dark money out of politics, education. The voters who elected the Democrats are not idiots, they know that the House Democrats can’t just wave a magic wand and make this stuff happen. At this point, it’s the effort that is critical. As long […]
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The Biggest “Loser”

I am not going to rehash the insipid intellectual wasteland that was the Trump State Of The Union speech last night. Since I quit drinking a couple of years ago, I find that I no longer have the stomach to suffer through his shit more than once. But there was something that jumped out at me repeatedly as I watched the alleged speech, and I didn’t hear anybody last night on MSNBC or CNN that seemed to pick up on it. Other than Trump’s infantile attempt to show up Speaker Pelosi by barging into the chamber unannounced, before she could introduce him, Trump’s SOTU speech last night could just as well have been held in an airplane hanger in Mississippi. It was pretty the same old red meat, and it was pointed out that Trump may as well have had only one teleprompter, since he looked almost exclusively to the left as he spoke, towards the herd of polled Herefords in $2,000 suits, who lowed and clanked their cowbells on command throughout the night. Just about the only time he looked to the right was the hilarious moment when the Democratic women stole his thunder. I swear, the first time they did it, you could see the back of his neck getting red. But I saw repeatedly, as the cameras crawled across the GOP caucus, cheering and clapping like a bunch of 2nd graders reacting to the classroom loudspeaker when the principal announces a snow day tomorrow, that there was one very lonely pachyderm with a newly sore ass who realized that he was the biggest loser in the room. That poor, docile, domesticated elephant was of course Mitch McConnell. Several times when the cameras showing cheering, feverish disciples of the Great Pumpkin paying their tithe, there was McConnell, hands at his sides, looking like his mother had just trotted out the castor oil. There were a few times when he didn’t even get to his feet, simply staying seated and staring morosely at the floor. Yertl the Turtle has every reason to look like his goldfish just died, because Glorious Bleater just put him in the hurt locker, and slammed the door. Trump laid down a number of markers last night, and just like the same bozo who bankrupted 3 casinos, Trump forgot to check the odds. Trump called for a massive infrastructure bill, lower healthcare costs, lower prescription drug prices, and paid family leave nationwide, and worst of all, he did it with exactly no substance, guardrails, or controls. This is the kiss of death for McConnell. When Trump announced these initiatives, the Democrats stood and cheered just like the Republicans. And for a damn good reason too. Those are all ideas that are very popular with Democrats, and by putting no meat on the bones, Trump gave Pelosi and her caucus carte blanche. McConnell may be a craven, vain, power hungry toady, but he knows what comes next. Legislation begins in the House. Pelosi and her crew are going to give Trump every one of those things, The House is going to pass the most progressive version of every one of those items that they can, loaded up with more goodies than Santa’s sleigh, and then smile like timber wolves into the camera and say, “The House is so pleased […]

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