Opinion | Trump’s best defense still has a hitch

Opinion | Trump’s best defense still has a hitch

Not since we were all wondering about what was in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report have so many people waited with bated breath for a potential federal court filing. Perhaps the most consequential legal question facing our country is whether former President Donald Trump will face criminal charges for his role in attempting to overturn

Republicans spend the week pushing Black voters away (again)

Republicans spend the week pushing Black voters away (again)

About a year ago, Republican officials expressed some confidence that the party’s strategic outreach to Black voters was starting to pay off. The Hill reported that the GOP believed its messaging was starting to “resonate with the crucial voting bloc.” The New York Times reported soon after that Republicans saw “a fresh opening” to “peel

Brett Kavanaugh assures us the justices are getting along and aren’t partisan

Brett Kavanaugh Reveals Shocking Truth about Supreme Court Justices

Surely there’s just one question on everyone’s mind after the Supreme Court ended its term by striking down loan relief, approving discrimination and gutting affirmative action: Are the justices getting along?Don’t worry, Justice Brett Kavanaugh assured the crowd at a judicial conference Thursday: They are.“We don’t caucus in separate rooms. We don’t meet separately. We’re

Opinion | Why Trump’s latest attack on Fani Willis is doomed to fail

Why Trump’s Latest Attack on Fani Willis is Bound for Failure

We could be mere weeks away from former President Donald Trump getting hit with yet another set of criminal charges. This time the threat is coming from Georgia, where Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has spent the past 17 months probing Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election in the state.

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