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Tom Steyer is being disingenuous, and he needs to stop it.

He got a Lincoln Continental, he got a El dorado too   Bad, Bad Leroy Brown   Jim Croce You know, for a long time, I considered progressive billionaire Tom Steyer to be more of a curiosity than anything else. Steyer hopped aboard the “Impeach Trump” express early, and he decided to put his money where his mouth was, spending millions of dollars on nationally televised ads pushing for the impeachment of Trump. Personally I thought that a better use of that money would be electing Democrats, but Steyer pledged $100 million to elect Democrats in 2020, so that’s that. I just hope that some of that swag goes into electing Democrats to state legislatures, to flip state houses in time for the 2020 census redistricting. And actually, Steyer’s ads were pretty kewl. In each one Steyer laid out the case nicely, looking earnestly into the camera, and using facts and logic. Also nice was the fact that Steyer’s ads were non partisan, he didn’t solely call on Democrats to take action, he called on congress to do its damn job. And apparently he has had some success, claiming some 6-7 million signatures on his online petition to send His Lowness back to his gilded birdcage in Manhattan. But to be fair, 6-7 million signatures in a country with an average of about 135 million voters isn’t exactly a tsunami of protest, especially considering how simple an online signature is. But Tom Steyer’s latest ad promoting sending the Plush Bottom Poltroon packing is misleading almost to the point of deceit. It isn’t that his litany of grievances are wrong, they’re as factual as ever. And it isn’t his use of “real people” to make the point instead of directing his comments to the camera himself. It’s the last third of the ad that goes off of the rails factually, and in a way that isn’t helpful to the cause of impeaching Trump, or in defeating him in the 2020 election. In that segment, the people speaking are clearly angry, upset, and disappointed, saying things about impeachment like, “This is what we knocked on doors for, this is what we knocked on doors for, this is what we gave money for, this is what we voted for, and now you’re telling us to wait for the next election?!?” The thrust of the argument is clear, that the Democratic base is angry and upset that the representatives that they voted for, explicitly to impeach Trump, are dragging their heels now that they’re in office. This is NOT true! While there were a handful of progressive firebrands like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib who campaigned on the promise of impeaching Trump, they are in the minority. The vast majority of Democrats who flipped the 40 seats in the House last November did not loudly advocate for the impeachment of the Cheeto Prophet. In fact, most of them studiously avoided the subject of impeachment. The majority of the House seats that were flipped were in conservative leaning swing districts, talk of impeaching Trump could have been injurious, if not fatal to their campaigns. Instead, these candidates campaigned, and campaigned hard on issues like infrastructure, healthcare, and education. What those Democrats promised their constituents they would do is to provide oversight to the shenanigans of Trump and his administration, something […]
MSNBC / YouTube How President Donald Trump Gets Those...

Don’t believe the hype, it’s all a con.

There are two things that I saw in the last hour that drove me to the keyboard today, in what should be my “day of rest,” cuz I’m like, ya know, so damn busy the rest of the week. But when duty calls, ya gotta step up and represent. First, I never realized how little I missed Kayleigh McEnany during her enforced hiatus from MSNBC and CNN for her excessive oral flatulence, until I once again clapped eyes on her reality free self again today on MSNBC. Time to renew the boycott guys. I don’t care if she’s the spokesclown for the Trump 2020 campaign, she’s still as irritating, fact free, abrasive, and interruption prone that got her and her sob sister, KellyAnne Con-way the boot in the first place. But she plays a part in this sordid saga, so here she is. Second, and more important, don’t be fooled by Justin Amash. So there’s finally a Republican member of congress who managed to remember he took an oath, huh? *Sniff,sniff* Ah, a vintage 2016 bullshit Chardonnay, with a rich bouquet of irony, yet just a touch of slapstick. There’s a reason you uncork a classic like this, and it’s not for the guys at the bowling league. Look, I am not here to judge Amash’s intentions. Justin Amash is a Trump supporter, but he has also been known to rather publicly buck Trump when he is of the mood. I’ll let each individual assign their own judgement on Amash’s intentions and probity. But no matter the decision, the outcome is pure bullshit, either way. It is already well established that Donald Trump goes to bed every night dreaming of the blessed day that Nancy Pelosi utters the magic word, impeachment. Trump is mired in the low to mid 40’s, and in a poll released a day or so ago, he was stuck on 41% against every one of the top 5 Democratic challengers. Trump needs impeachment the way a goldfish needs a bowl, to rally his seemingly shrinking and flagging base around him. So you do everything in your power to force the issue, like stonewall document production and testimony, and laugh off congressional subpoenas. And still Pelosi won’t pull the trigger. What a rip off! Jeez, you call her Nancy, you help her retake the House, and still she won’t cut you a break? No, man, the Dude will not abide! But, in the moment of your darkest need, talk about pennies from heaven! Justin Amash, a card carrying, duly elected Republican member of congress, says you should be impeached! Now that should break the logjam. Nancy has been stalling on impeaching Trump pending GOP buy in, well Justin Amash just anted into the pot. It only takes one GOP vote in the House floor vote to make it bipartisan. What are you waiting for,Nancy? And boy, are Trump and his army of Trombies playing this one to the bone. Trump took his righteous outrage to Twitter, to call Amash a loser, and a total lightweight! And that was after his 11th hole-in-one in 8 holes, so you know he was royally pissed.  And the aforementioned McEnany girded her loins and hit MSNBC, where she called Amash a total lunatic, and demented, and sang a dirge about all of his previous treachery towards Glorious Bleater. By the way they’re carrying on, you would have thought that Amash had snuck up behind Trump, […]

After months of lurching towards it, we’re finally almost there.

A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS! Oh, my God! Pack up the  babies, grab the old ladies! Hide the sheep, and break out the likker, the end is nigh! You gotta admit, those three words sound like nothing other than Orson Welles frantically describing the end of civilization in his iconic “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast. Politicians actually love the “sound of a constitutional crisis, for the simple reason that they can fund raise off of it. Also, it makes their political egos swell like watching them pump helium into the Trump Baby Blimp, they can scare the shit out of us, while looking just solemn enough to portray the kind of calm steely leadership required to get us out of this mess. Democratic congress critters and most media pundits have been proclaiming that we’ve been in a constitutional crisis ever since Willie “The Ewok” Barr took his Mueller report ball and went home. But the simple fact of the matter is that we aren’t in one, at least, not yet anyway. By definition, a constitutional crisis only occurs when we stumble into an issue that the constitution itself has no remedy for. This ain’t it. Barr has refused to honor subpoenas issued by House committees to turn over unredacted copies of the Mueller report, and Steve Munchkin Mnuchin is refusing to turn over Trump’s felonious tax returns. That isn’t a constitutional crisis, because there’s a constitutional remedy for it, and the Democrats in congress are following that remedy. Mainly, you go to court and get a judge to force The-Hole-In-The-Head-Gang to comply with the law. But mark you calendars for May 31st, because, that’s the day when we could finally find ourselves in what our duly elected members of congress have been predicting, and drooling over the possibility of, for months, a flat out, full bore, accept no substitutes constitutional crisis. Because apparently Judge Emmett Sullivan, currently overseeing the Michael Flynn case, has had enough of Barr’s piddly ass attempts to play hide-the-sausage. Sullivan is the judge that shocked Flynn into a bout of incontinence by blowing up his sentencing hearing, bluntly telling him that his “ci-operation” with Mueller did little to offset his treasonous behavior, and if he didn’t pony up some more, Sullivan had a hammer and a pile of rocks with his name on it. Well, yesterday Sullivan set the table for a true constitutional crisis. He gave Barr and the DOJ until May 31st to provide a transcript of an audio recording turned over by Flynn with a conversation between a Trump personal lawyer, and Flynn’s lawyer, regarding Flynn’s dropping out of his joint defense agreement with team Trump, and threatening retaliation. Not only that, but he has ordered that all redactions regarding the Flynn case be removed, and giving the DOJ until May 31st to have an unredacted, public facing copy of the report posted on the court docket by then. There’s your constitutional crisis right there. Up to this moment, the Trump administration answer to every congressional request, demand, order, and subpoena for anything related to Trump or Mueller has been to stonewall it, flip it off. But how do you blow off a judicial order? If  judge orders you to pay child support and you flip him double barrel birds, a couple of cops haul you off to durance vile until […]

It’s Now Inevitable.

I wrote recently on the difficult dichotomy of whether to impeach, or not impeach. I touched on the risks and benefits of both courses of action. I personally was ambivalent, leaning slightly towards investigating the shit out of Trump to tar him for 2020. But the news I saw yesterday now leads me to conclude that at the least an impeachment hearing is inevitable. It wasn’t the Mueller report, that was “revenue neutral.” Someone summed it up perfectly the other day with “If you wanted to impeach Trump, you want to impeach him even more now, and if you didn’t want to impeach Trump, the report didn’t move the needle one inch.” What convinced me that impeachment was inevitable wasn’t anything in the report itself, it was in the fallout from the release of the report. If Trump or anybody else in Toontown thought that the media was just going to pack up their tents and go home following the release of the report, here, here’s $20, go get a clue, will ya? The fact that the resident DOJ Ewok wouldn’t answer questions in his testimony about whether or not he had consulted with the White House, or given them information on the report prior to its release started the ball rolling. Reporting said that there were repeated contacts between Barr and the White House prior to release, and I think he will be forced to confirm that in his testimony before the House Judiciary committee on Thursday. But the report yesterday that Rod Rosenstein,, Mueller’s actual boss, had run to the White House to do a full Neil-and-Bob on Trump, agreeing that Trump was being treated unfairly, assuring Trump that he was “on his team,” and promising to “land the plane” was the capstone. And who collaborated with Barr in determining that Trump had not obstructed justice, and has vociferously defended Barr’s conclusions about the Mueller report? Rod Rosenstein. And with that information, Watergate comes full circle. Wadda ya know, history really does repeat itself. What is the ultimate axiom connected to the Watergate scandal? Come on, you’be heard it a thousand times, “It isn’t the crime, it’s the cover up. And if the information that the media has uncovered about Barr and Rosenstein is true, then the gagging stench of a full blown cover up in unmistakable. I believe it was Frank Figluizzi on MSNBC last night that summed  up the impeachment dilemma of the Mueller report perfectly He said that “If congress doesn’t act to impeach Trump, then it sends a message that this conduct is permissible. And if congress does act to impeach Trump, and it fails in the Senate, as it almost surely must, then it sends the message that Trump’s actions aren’t impeachable crimes.” At its core, that is the lose-lose situation that the Democrats, and sadly the country at large, find ourselves mired in. ​​​​​​​But if the Barr-Rosenstein information is true, the dynamic is fundamentally changed. This is no longer about politics, and it’s no longer a semantic game about what is and isn’t obstruction of justice. If this information is true, it isn’t even about Trump anymore. It’s about two high officials in the United States Department of Justice,conspiring to protect the President of the United States from facing responsibility for conduct they themselves feel may be criminal, and personally deceiving […]
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Impeachment can’t BE two different things at once.

The year is 1998, and William Jefferson Clinton is President. And the GOP is highly pissed about that, because he beat George HW Bush down for a second term, and then stared down that sanctimonious little twit Newt Gingrich. The Whitewater “scandal” had been buzzing around like a gnat for years, but Clinton had his political OFF spray on, and it was working. Then, along came an intern named Monica Lewinsky with a DNA friendly piece of apparel, and the GOP was off and running. They impeached Clinton for having the audacity to get laid in the White House, something no upstanding, evangelical Republican would do, and then lying about it to keep from being relegated to the Lincoln Bedroom for the rest of his term. Democrats indignantly screamed that the GOP was indulging in a “purely political exercise” as a punishment for Clinton. And we were right. Flash forward to 2019. We have President Pampers, who is implicated in possible actual crimes, and some of the same GOP politicians who merrily threw Clinton to the dogs are now screaming at the Democrats for engaging in a “purely political exercise” in retribution. Meanwhile, we have Democratic politicians, some of whom were in middle or high school when Clinton was impeached, standing funereally i front of microphones, and solemnly demanding that Trump must be impeached because, “No man is above the law.” These two polar opposite things cannot possibly both be true at the same time. And they aren’t. The Democrats were right in 1998, and the GOP is right today. Impeachment is a purely political exercise. Hell, it was designed that way, and the Founding Fathers make that clear in their description, when they state that a public official can be impeached for “high crimes (criminal acts) or misdemeanors (non criminal violations).” The age old bromide is that a purely partisan congress could impeach a President for jaywalking, or littering, if they determined that such an event rose to the level of an impeachable offense. Congress, not the law. Democrats who state that impeachment is “required”” in this case because no man is above the law are making a terrible, if understandable misstatement. The constitution makes it clear that violating criminal law is not a necessary component to impeachment, other forms of misconduct are acceptable, and the constitution also pretty implicitly implies that it is expected that if a President actually broke the law, criminal prosecution would commence immediately upon removal from office. The act of impeachment itself carries no criminal penalties, such as fines or imprisonment, it is simply a political tool for use in removing a criminal, corrupt, or incompetent official from office. Being “above the law” is an entirely separate matter. The misconception of using impeachment as a form of “legal” redress is due to two circumstances not covered in the constitution. One is an Office of Legal Council ruling on an issue that didn’t even deal with the President. During Watergate, the question that was asked during Watergate was if a sitting Vice President could legally be indicted and prosecuted. The OLC ultimately decided that he could be, then gratuitously threw in the opinion that a President couldn’t be, without even being asked. The second issue is the statute of imitations, which could allow a sitting President to ride out […]

Donald Trump STILL doesn’t get it. Let’s hope that continues.

Please, just keep yappin’, you dumbass. Donald Trump has long been reputed to be a master magician of the media, getting them to follow the bright, shiny objects, but it turns out that he isn’t too hard to mesmerize himself. Personally, I hope that the Mueller probe goes on for at least another six months. Because, as long as it does, Trump’s attention span is pretty much monolithic. And it can be summed by two simple words, the ones most often to come out of the mouth of, or off of the fat, short Twitter thumbs of, Donald John Trump. “No collusion!”Donald Trump’s ego is about to kill him, and it may just take his kids future down with him. Everybody already knows that Der Gropinfuror is a cheap, corrupt, morally bankrupt little man. That’s baked into the cake. But the one thing that Trump can’t tolerate is anybody thinking that his presidential victory was illegitimate, that he had Russian help. In other words, that he’s a loser! This indulgence of his over sized ego colors everything he does. That’s why he leads off every statement or comment, no matter what the subject, with the words “There was no collusion!” And that single minded obsession isn’t just going to ultimately land him in prison, it’s going to break him. Pretend that you’re a detective for just a moment. You’re looking at somebody for having committed a murder. You don’t find enough evidence that he committed the murder to charge him, but you find ample evidence that he’s a world class loan shark. Do you just slap the file folder shut and mutter, “Shit! I thought for sure he did it!”, or do you turn that nice, fat file full of evidence over to prosecutors to nail him for extortion and loan sharking? That is exactly what is going on here. Trump is in such a frenzy about proving his legitimacy as President, that he’s ignoring the fact that the barbarians are at the gate. The NY State tax authorities are investigating him for tax fraud, as well as tax avoidance on his parents tax scam to funnel inheritance money to him and his sister by illegal means. The New York Attorney General is investigating his financial dealings with at least two banks for inflating his assets to fraudulently get loans and lower insurance premiums, plus possible fraudulent claims, and does anybody think that using his real estate business for money laundering, quite possibly Russian money, can be far behind? And call me kooky, but I highly doubt that the Manhattan District Attorney is going to stop with Paul Manafort. It’s open season in New York State right now, and Donald Trump is the only one not wearing an orange vest while he stomps around in the woods. Ask yourself this. If Robert Mueller totally crucifies Trump in his report, what’s the worst that can happen? They impeach him, and he gets bounced from the White House, either pardoning himself on the way out, or resigning in return from a pardon from Pence. He goes back to running his company. And on’t kid yourself, the only thing that Donald Trump has ever cared about is the money. But Trump becoming President started people looking at all kinds of shit that they never bothered with before, […]
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The Great Trump “Unraveling” Begins.

Hey, what smells in here? Stick a pin in this week. In years to come, when we look back on the sad and sordid history of the Trump Presidency, this will be the week when we realize that the whole damn thing started to come apart at the seams. And to realize that Glorious Tweeter himself kept picking at the thread. This week showed once and for all, the utter, complete, feckless incompetence of the Trump administration. Not only did Trump storm out of Hanoi without his pre-planned Sharpie moment, signing another useless agreement with Kim Dong Pun, but he capped it off by insulting the family of a murdered American student, Otto Warmbier, by siding with his executioner, and thereby ensuring that he shortly faces a public, bipartisan kick in the balls by an enraged congress for being such sa soulless shit. But worse yet for Herr Twitler, was the realization that most of the world didn’t even realize that he was still in Hanoi. Michael Cohen literally owned the airwaves Wednesday, while he dumped a Kansas sized compost heap on top of Trump’s orange whip head. The first time that MSNBC even mentioned Trump and Vietnam that I saw was at 11:50 EST at night, when Brian Williams mentioned the summit, and showed a quick feed of the two tubby despots sitting together. There are two reasons why this past week will mark the beginning of the end for Trump. The first is the investigations. We’re only 10 days in, and already it is 100X worse than Trump ever could have imagined, or that they could prepare him for. Not only is the House Intel committee digging deeper into Trump-Russia, but there are also investigations into the Stephanie Clifford payoff campaign violations, Trump’s taxes, Trump’s association with Deutsche bank, the Trump organization, the goldmine that is Allan Weisselbegs, and even Trump’s children. Trump’s enraged “These investigations must stop NOW” tweet is graphic proof of a man learning the difference between drawing a “red line” for a guy he could fire if needed, and drawing one for a bunch of people who are capable of responding with double barreled birds. The second reason has so far flown pretty much under the radar. When Cohen came out of his closed door session with the House Intel committee on Thursday, his legal adviser, Lannie Davis, commented that Cohen had “broken new ground” with the Intel committee, and that it was a “game changer.” On Friday night, Chris Hayes at MSNBC asked Intel member Eric Swalwell if that had been simply hyperbole from Davis, and Swalwell replied, “Not at all Chris. It was something we had never heard before, and we were literally on the edge of our seats. That’s why he’s coming back next Wednesday, to discuss it further.” Sauron Flackabee Slanders is so full of horseshit. Her favorite “go to” line every time the Toddler in Chief spews bile is that Trump is a “counter puncher. Somebody hits him, and he hits back 10 times harder.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Trump is at his best when he comes out swinging first, setting an opponent back on their heels, and controlling both the confrontation, and the ensuing narrative. When Trump is forced to respond, he inevitably comes off as cheap, petty, vindictive and childish. Every […]
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Donald Trump could be impeached tomorrow.

I’m not being facetious, and the title isn’t click bait. If our congress was more like Amazon, and we could all chip in a few bucks for “Prime, with free 2 day shipping” the Judiciary committee could pass articles of impeachment today, if that is, they only took one day off for President’s day, and not the whole damn week. The House could vote to impeach tomorrow, and by close of business Friday, the Senate could ensure Trump a daily 8 am tee time at Mar-A-Lago for the rest of his life, or until the convictions start coming down. And I’m not talking about the Mueller investigation, we really don’t need that in order to get rid of Trump. And I’m not talking about obstruction of justice either, although that could add a little flash and dash to the proceedings. We already have more than ample evidence of the only crime we need to end the national nightmare. So, you say, what is this Dr Murphy’s Magic Elixir to rid us once and for all of the Peach Colored Poltroon? Willful betrayal of the public trust. And don’t start on me with any of that “betrayal of the public trust” is not a high crime or misdemeanor. We’re not trying this case in Department 302 of the California Superior Court. Impeachment is a political exercise, and eating pizza with a plastic knife and fork can be an impeachable offense if Jerry Nadler and 217 other Democrats say that it is. Willful betrayal of the public trust. Because, when you come right down to it, what else do we have in our politics? We have a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” but there isn’t enough marble in the world to build a congress with 280 million seats. We hold elections to send people to Washington DC to represent us, and to hold our national best interest in higher esteem than their own self interest, that’s the way it works. Politicians sell experience, knowledge, practicality, and charisma. But what we the people are really buying it trust. We trust them to do the right thing on our behalf. Not all of the time of course. I mean, we’re not total morons. Whoops. Clarification required. Those of us who don’t stumble and shamble around all day wearing MAGA hats are not total morons. We expect politicians to look out for us when they’re not busy getting laid, consolidating power, and hustling cash for their reelection campaigns. But when the chips are down, and the issue is bigger than just them, we trust our politicians to do the right thing, and to honestly tell us why it’s the right thing, whether we like it or not. When Jimmy Carter said in his inauguration speech, “My fellow Americans, I will never lie to you,” I turned to my now ex wife and said, “The little goober just told his first lie.” Even Rosalyn doesn’t fall for that line anymore. All Presidents lie, they lie because we, through the media ask them questions that they can’t tell us the truth about, because of national security. But when the evidence and events are right in front of us, we depend on the President to tell us what it means, and what we, through his power, are going to do […]
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Updates: Roger Stone has Been Arrested

Not much news yet. But Stone was just arrested in Florida, mostly on charges of lying and witness tampering. Reporters and analysts are still reading the indictments but it looks like most of the charges...
Bloomberg / YouTube Why Robert Mueller Is the Perfect...

About that upcoming Mueller report.

I’d like to take a minute to draw a couple of distinctions about the upcoming Mueller report, and the soon to begin congressional committee hearings. The Mueller investigation is not necessarily These two investigations do not necessarily dovetail with each other, in fact, in some ways they are diametrically opposed. Robert Mueller’s mandate from the DOJ is not to investigate Donald Trump. Mueller’s probe was designed as a counter intelligence probe into the 2016 election. His mandate was to investigate Russian interference in the election process, If he finds evidence of Russian interference, he will issue a report, documenting the interference, and exposing weaknesses in the system so that congress can move to repair them. He may be investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, but that is an ancillary investigation,  “matter arising from his investigation,” and not the focus of his probe. If Mueller finds enough evidence of obstruction, lying to investigators, or lying to congress, then he will issue criminal indictments. But neither he, nor the DOJ is likely to indict Trump, no matter what evidence he uncovers. The focus of the House investigations should not be primarily in criminal prosecutions. By necessity, the focus of the investigations should be on one Donald Trump, and whether or not he has undertaken actions that warrant impeachment proceedings. These hearings are not so much a legal proceeding as they are a political act. And while anything that Mueller uncovers that implicates Trump would certainly be incorporated into the committees investigations, they are going to need to uncover enough evidence themselves to satisfy the political aspects of this exercise. Here’s an example. Robert Mueller is not going to have word one to say about any violations of the emoluments clause of the constitution. Yet this is a serious issue that the House Oversight Committee will almost certainly look into. The necessity for these House investigations to uncover, and publicly present their evidence of any Trump misdeeds independently from the Mueller findings is critical for one simple reason. Because, whenever the Mueller report finally comes out, whatever it actually contains, and whatever Bill Barr and the DOJ allow us to see, it is already damaged goods.Remember the great ACA debate of 2009? The GOP came flaming out of the gate, decrying the bill as “medicare for all (like that’s a bad thing?),” and “death panels for Granny!” before the bill was even presented for debate. The Republicans framed that argument forcefully, before the democrats could even open their mouths, and as a result, it took 7 years for the ACA to finally hit the break even point in popularity. Trump may have failed economics 101, but he learned that political lesson from the ACA fight immediately. From the day that Mueller was named, the administration branded it a “witch hunt,” being operated by “13 angry Democrats.” In order to protect the integrity of his investigation, Mueller has been unable to respond publicly to this abuse, even when it became personal. And Democratic efforts to buttress up Mueller’s investigation, and integrity, have largely been futile, for the simple reason that little to no actual information is emerging from within the investigation that could counterpoint the Trump assertions.Just like with the ACA, the GOP has managed to set the narrative in stone, not for all of America, but for just enough of America to allow the Republicans […]

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