#TrumpIncitesViolence New Ad Shows Trump Mocking A Man In George Floyd’s Position

This is scary. Trump mocks someone in custody saying, “I can’t breathe.” I hope everybody in America gets a chance to see this. Trump has always given permission to the baser elements of our society to act out. It’s not surprising that we’re seeing the spike of hate crimes and racial murders that we’ve seen. #TrumpIncitesViolence pic.twitter.com/gXmT85M2oe — ✿♥ ƗŞŁΔŇĐ ???? ǤƗŘŁ ♥✿ (@IslandGirlPRV) June 1, 2020

For First Time In History America Has A President* Without the Moral Authority Or...

As the National Guard and local law enforcement attempt to enforce the 11:00 p.m. curfew mandated by the Mayor of Washington D.C., the Secret Service has Donald Trump tucked safely away in the bunker, the first time a president has sheltered there since 9/11. Anarchy reigns as protests continue for the sixth night. Trump is in silent running mode, except for his blasts into the ethernet on Twitter, denigrating Joe Biden and Democratic mayors and governors and blaming a loosely knit group known as Antifa for the riots. Trump is a one trick pony and being ugly is all he knows — which is truly tragic at a time when our country desperately needs the comforting presence of a calm hand at the helm of government. We will not get it from Donald Trump. Not tonight, not any night, not ever. It isn’t who he is. Washington Post: “The rioting in the streets has put an exclamation point on what this president cannot do: To bring people around and say we are all in this together,” said Tom Rath, a longtime Republican official and former attorney general in New Hampshire. “On his automatic transmission, there is one speed. It is not conciliate. It is not comfort. It is not forge consensus. It is attack. And the frustration right now is that nobody is in charge. Anarchy rules.” […] “Obviously the unrest and the anger is well justified,” said Al Cardenas, a Florida-based Republican strategist and a former chairman of the American Conservatives Union. “Hardly goes a week by when some white person, whether it’s a white supremacist or a racist law enforcement officer, does not kill a black person needlessly. … What the country needs and wants from the president, they’re not going to get. This president, I don’t believe, relates to the racism, relates to the pain. At least I haven’t seen it.” The White House should probably be renamed the Mad House. The New York Times is reporting that Trump kept walking around the West Wing asking advisers on Sunday whether he should give an Oval Office address and the response was no, because of the error-ridden coronavirus address he gave in March and how profoundly that backfired. He did manage to slip through this. “I’m going to win the election easily,” the president said. “The economy is going to start to get good and then great, better than ever before. I’m getting more judges appointed by the week, including two Supreme Court justices, and I’ll have close to 300 judges by the end of the year.” (So far he has confirmed about 200.) Not only a one trick pony, but one with a one track mind. It seems obvious that Trump’s advisers are trying to protect him from himself and do damage control for his reelection campaign. Those considerations don’t leave much room for giving the nation what it needs and so the obvious vacuum of leadership in this country becomes more obvious still, as the days tick by and a rattled Trump goes back and forth to his bunker. A few hours earlier on Saturday, Trump said on Twitter that demonstrators outside the White House on Friday night were met by Secret Service agents with “the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen,” a […]

‘Photo Lid’ at White House. America’s Burning and Trump’s In His Bunker Blaming Antifa...

A psychology teacher of mine once explained the literal definition of the word “responsible” as response-able. Someone who is able to make a response, as in responsible adult. Donald Trump, by his own admission, is “not responsible at all.” Yesterday, the ceremonial-only president visited the launch of the SpaceX missile, while demonstrations which started five days ago in Minneapolis have continued and spread to 74 cities. And this, while deaths from COVID-19 are averaging 30 a day, and 42 million Americans are unemployed, a sight unseen since the Great Depression. Trump has no public appearances on his calendar for today and it was speculated that perhaps he would make an Oval Office address. His national security adviser told Jake Tapper, “So, whether he has an address from the Oval or he speaks to the press, he’s accessible and will continue to be accessible to the country and give his views on these events, which are — which are tragic for the country.” Really, ya think? But then that posture was apparently rethought, and this is what came out of the White House next. Just in, via @KevinBohnCNN: "We will not see President Trump today on camera. The White House has declared a photo lid for today." — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) May 31, 2020 So, what it boils down to, your *resident is unavailable for comment, as the tear gas canisters fly, police cars are set aflame, looting takes place as storefront windows are smashed. And your *resident is persona in absentia. With nothing on his calendar. So, what’s he doing, playing mini-golf in the White House basement or watching Fox News? They are frantically brainstorming on how to spin this and figuring out what Trump should say. Whatever he says, he (they) will get it wrong. Trump will read a tone deaf statement with flowery words that Trump will defile within 24 hours. — ????????????Rocky Mountain Views ???????????? (@RockyMountViews) May 31, 2020 There may be a photo lid, but there’s not a Twitter top to go with it. Here’s Trump’s latest salvo of policy and piffle. The Lamestream Media is doing everything within their power to foment hatred and anarchy. As long as everybody understands what they are doing, that they are FAKE NEWS and truly bad people with a sick agenda, we can easily work through them to GREATNESS! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2020 As explained above, Trump is not response-able. This is his best shot. This is what you get. And here were his only other comments today — so far. It’s all Antifa’s fault. Wait, give him time, he’ll bring Hillary and George Soros into this, any minute now. The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2020 The people who believe ANTIFA are the cause of this, are the same people who believe Bill Gates is manufacturing a pandemic to track us.Maybe we just have a horribly broken nation and are being led by an emotionally-stunted, racist, barely literate man-child, making it worse. — John Pavlovitz (@johnpavlovitz) May 31, 2020 So … you're PRO fascist then? Well, at least we agree on what you are. https://t.co/PBrekfmCyO — Stonekettle (@Stonekettle) May 31, 2020 The President of the United States is completely out […]