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BREAKING: You’re Not Paranoid. The Black Vans Are Coming For You

OK, this is completely out of control. If you’re a liberal, or anybody else with 12 functioning brain cells, you have spent decades snickering at the insane paranoid of the far right, who believe every word of it when their GOP politicians tell them that there are black Suburbans coning to take them away to FEMA camps, or take their guns. And if you’re a real pain in the ass, they send the black helicopters after you too! Well, it turns out that the joke is on us! You remember all of those “unidentified” federal agents walking around the streets of Washington DC during the protests, setting up picket lines, and confronting protesters? You know, the ones with no identifying insignia’s or even name badges or service branch markings? MSNBC just played reporting from Portland, Oregon, on their affiliate, that the same agents, or other ones, are now wandering around Portland, targeting protesters. As it was described, these federal puddle heads are cruising around Portland, especially at night, in unmarked nondescript dark colored vans and SUV’s. They confront peaceful protesters on the streets, and there have even been reports of these agents pulling protesters into their vehicles, and taking them off to interrogate them. One protester said that when he demanded his phone call for his lawyer, they immediately bundled him back into the van and took him back. This is total and utter bullshit. If these are indeed agents of some federal agency, then our own government is engaging in domestic terrorism. They are targeting non violent protesters exercising their first amendment rights, with the express intent of scaring them off. And it must stop immediately. Here’s why. When the federal Bureau of Land Management moved on the  serial asshole Bundy family for illegal use of federal lands, far right militia groups flocked to Nevada to train long guns on federal officers from overpasses. They later took over a wildlife refuge in Oregon, and one was killed in a shootout. And when Trump ranted and raved about Mexican illegals flooding over the border, you had more roving bands of far right fucktards, driving around the border ready to confront anything that moved. What is to stop these mental midgets from getting together, and deputizing themselves to ride around, protecting and taking back the streets? Any idea of how easy it is to get your hands on unmarked black military style fatigues? We already know who is in charge. Tubby the Ewok proudly claimed credit for forming and utilizing the groups in DC. With the coronavirus, there are very few if any actual court cases going on in the federal system. Speaker Pelosi needs to get the House back into session immediately to vote on freezing the budget for the Department of Justice until these shadow armies are permanently disbanded. Because forget the roving bands of indie morons, here’s what happens next. A bunch of Barr’s Brownshirts jump out of a van in the night , grab a couple of protesters, and throw them in the van. A random cop car turning the corner witnesses the kidnapping, and the chase is on. With emotions running high, and adrenaline pumping, and everybody but the hostages being armed, what do you think the chances are of the confrontation ending without bloodshed? Donald Trump has proven time and again for four years now that he never stops pushing. Until you […]

Watch the ‘Gentleman From Louisiana’ Take On the Cracker From Florida, Matt Gaetz, and...

My newest hero is Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA.) He graciously yielded the floor to Matt Gaetz, when discussing the topic of police reform. Gaetz then proceeded to pick a fight and then Richmond took back the floor and let Gaetz have it. Thank God this is on tape. This is elegant. Richmond never lost his cool for a moment and he totally undercut Gaetz’ usual childish antics, which one can only presume was aimed at becoming a Fox News soundbite. Generally speaking, when the likes of Gaetz, Jim Jordan, or Devin Mad Cow Nunes open their traps, an appearance on the ten o’clock news is the goal and the procedure is: 1.Disrespect the office they were elected to, 2. disrespect the topic on the floor, 3. provide something cringe worthy enough to excite the base. I don’t think this will end up on Fox, but you be the judge. This is only a little over two minutes. It starts with Richmond talking about “unconscious bias” which could “at worst” be “conscious bias.” That drew Gaetz to ask for the floor and say, “I appreciate your passion. Are you suggesting that you’re certain none of us have non-white children? Because you reflected on your black son…” said Gaetz. And then it went off the rails until Gaetz pounded the table and cried out, “Who the hell do you think you are?” What on earth made Matt Gaetz think he could take on The Gentleman From Louisiana lmao?!???? pic.twitter.com/cOe3ci1nSI — Maya Harris (@mayaharris_) June 17, 2020 Richmond is a gentleman and Gaetz is a contentious cracker. That’s the size of it. This is no big deal by today’s standards. because in the era of Trump, the bottom has fallen out of civil discourse, even in Congress. In early spring of 2017, John McCain made headlines when he confronted Rand Paul openly and said, “The Senator from Kentucky is working for Vladimir Putin,” over a dispute whether Montenegro should be admitted to NATO. If you look at the clip today, it’s nothing, compared to what we have seen in Congress since that time. The erosion of our norms is tragic, and it is a product of the age of Trump.

Steve Schmidt Melts Down Over Portland Occupation ‘Democracy Dies With Snatch-and-Grabs by Little Green...

Steve Schmidt is incensed today and well he should be. What’s taking place in Portland is a horrifying spectacle. That said, I am not certain that the Governor of Oregon sending in another military force to combat the one Trump send in, is the right answer. I think Trump and Bill Barr need to call back these troops. But read Schmidt’s piece. It’s in one segment, via Thread Reader, and originally appeared as six tweets on Twitter. Portland Oregon. The Governor of Oregon should deploy the State Police and the National Guard to arrest on site any heavily armed Paramilitary forces who are operating without ID’s, Badges and snatching Americans off of the street and stuffing them into unmarked vehicles. 1 We live in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. We are watching a Secret Police forming before our eyes and it is both an abomination and unacceptable. What agencies are these men with? What is their chain of command? What is their jurisdiction? Barr is Attorney General, not the (2) Interior Minister of some thugocracy. Respectfully, where is the ACLU? Where is the outrage of the Democratic House Members that control the purse strings of whatever agency these men belong to? Where is the oversight? Why isn’t this issue being reported out on the front page of national news organizations including one that has attached itself to the phrase “Democracy dies in Darkness”? BTW, it certainly does when Federal snatch and grabs by “little green men” draw not so much a whimper of outrage. Why isn’t this footage in the A block of every Newscast in America? What is happening here? The fact that Federal Law Enforcement Officers are clad head to toe in camouflaged Military tactical uniforms is outrageous. This is utterly unacceptable in this country. We must not stand for this. We are witnessing an assault on Liberty, freedom and our Comstirutionally protected rights. Enough already. Call your member of Congress and demand answers. Who are these men? Who are they indeed? I would venture to say that Erik Prince would know. This is right up his alley, clandestine military operations by unmarked uniformed men. Maybe we should give him a call?


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, this was not what El Pendejo Presidente was anticipating. Right now I can only envision Donald Trump prowling around the White House like a feral cat with a bad tooth. At 12:01 EDT, five freakin’ hours after the established curfew in Washington DC took effect, there is still a hale and hearty protest presence in Lafayette park, right across the street from the White House, chanting and roving around, having the time of their lives. The official police  response tonight seems to be, As long as they aren’t breaking and looting shit, let them burn themselves out right where they are. The last 48 hours have been nothing short of a complete debacle for His Lowness. He started by threatening to send US army troops into American cities to quell domestic disturbances if the states Governors didn’t use a massive national guard presence, and might, to put the pesky protesters in their place. Letitia James, the New York Attorney General flipped Trump a magnificent middle finger, promising to meet any federal troops at the state line with a court order to prohibit them from proceeding any further. And all of those wimpy Mayors and Governors controlling cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, all scenes of recent violence and looting simply changed tactics, starting their curfews earlier, then isolating, breaking up larger groups, and when necessary, peacefully arresting curfew violators with no armored vehicles or buzz bombing helicopters needed. Trump’s own Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, is paddle footing away from Trump like a duck billed platypus, belatedly claiming that her had no idea that Glorious Bleater was dragging him off to some stupid photo op at a church, he thought that Trump was wandering out into the street to chat up the troops, I dunno, maybe offer them a military discount membership at Mar-A-Lago. But he still managed to minimize his sincerity by forgetting to try to take back the insane, chicken hawk shit he trash talked to the Governors on the conference call earlier in the day. And it just goes downhill form there. Pretty much everybody who is left in the west wing is calling every reporter they have on speed dial, blaming everybody else who is left in the west wing for the debacle. According to recent reporting, it was all Hope Hicks and Jared Kushner who thought up and executed the disastrous photo op in front of the church. And as pliable and slimy as Tubby the Ewok is, even he pushed back against reporting that he had actually authorized the clearing of Lafayette Park, putting the blame squarely on Trump. And just in case anybody is interested, the bag that Ivanka Trump spirited that bible over to the church in retails for more than $1500. Pretty much every evangelical religious leader with a legitimate congregation is roasting Trump alive for that cheap stunt on the steps of the church. And damn near every black pastor with a church is roasting Trump over an open fire for his blasphemy. Even the bishop if my own Catholic church gave Trump 39 lashes for his cheapo and shoddy opportunism in using the shrine for Saint John Paul II for another palsied photo op. Most religions, including mine may be more than happy to order salvation to sinners, but not to apostates, and Trump seems to have just crossed that […]

‘Photo Lid’ at White House. America’s Burning and Trump’s In His Bunker Blaming Antifa...

A psychology teacher of mine once explained the literal definition of the word “responsible” as response-able. Someone who is able to make a response, as in responsible adult. Donald Trump, by his own admission, is “not responsible at all.” Yesterday, the ceremonial-only president visited the launch of the SpaceX missile, while demonstrations which started five days ago in Minneapolis have continued and spread to 74 cities. And this, while deaths from COVID-19 are averaging 30 a day, and 42 million Americans are unemployed, a sight unseen since the Great Depression. Trump has no public appearances on his calendar for today and it was speculated that perhaps he would make an Oval Office address. His national security adviser told Jake Tapper, “So, whether he has an address from the Oval or he speaks to the press, he’s accessible and will continue to be accessible to the country and give his views on these events, which are — which are tragic for the country.” Really, ya think? But then that posture was apparently rethought, and this is what came out of the White House next. Just in, via @KevinBohnCNN: "We will not see President Trump today on camera. The White House has declared a photo lid for today." — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) May 31, 2020 So, what it boils down to, your *resident is unavailable for comment, as the tear gas canisters fly, police cars are set aflame, looting takes place as storefront windows are smashed. And your *resident is persona in absentia. With nothing on his calendar. So, what’s he doing, playing mini-golf in the White House basement or watching Fox News? They are frantically brainstorming on how to spin this and figuring out what Trump should say. Whatever he says, he (they) will get it wrong. Trump will read a tone deaf statement with flowery words that Trump will defile within 24 hours. — ????????????Rocky Mountain Views ???????????? (@RockyMountViews) May 31, 2020 There may be a photo lid, but there’s not a Twitter top to go with it. Here’s Trump’s latest salvo of policy and piffle. The Lamestream Media is doing everything within their power to foment hatred and anarchy. As long as everybody understands what they are doing, that they are FAKE NEWS and truly bad people with a sick agenda, we can easily work through them to GREATNESS! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2020 As explained above, Trump is not response-able. This is his best shot. This is what you get. And here were his only other comments today — so far. It’s all Antifa’s fault. Wait, give him time, he’ll bring Hillary and George Soros into this, any minute now. The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2020 The people who believe ANTIFA are the cause of this, are the same people who believe Bill Gates is manufacturing a pandemic to track us.Maybe we just have a horribly broken nation and are being led by an emotionally-stunted, racist, barely literate man-child, making it worse. — John Pavlovitz (@johnpavlovitz) May 31, 2020 So … you're PRO fascist then? Well, at least we agree on what you are. https://t.co/PBrekfmCyO — Stonekettle (@Stonekettle) May 31, 2020 The President of the United States is completely out […]

Jared Kushner Has Another ‘Great Success Story’ This Time Systemic Racism Is Fixed, Okay?

When the going gets desperate, Donald Trump puts his son-in-law on camera. That is the only thing that explains Jared Kushner’s appearance in late April, which was hailed as being beyond parody, wherein he ringingly declared that the government response to COVID-19 was “a great success story.” If this epic moment in American history has slipped your mind, or if you thought you must have hallucinated it, no, you did not. We all saw it and heard it, too — but give yourself a break. It’s understandable how somebody could get Kushner mixed up with a bad acid trip. Here’s last month’s foray into the realm of Feel Good Gaslighting for the Masses. (bottom clip) Jared Kushner also believes that their #COVID19 response is … [checks notes] … “a great success story”.https://t.co/Ay8vVkLPKq — Adam Rifkin ???? (@ifindkarma) June 8, 2020 “We’ve achieved all the different milestones that were needed. The federal government rose to the challenge and this is a great success story. And I think that’s really what needs to be told.” That day, as you may recall, 50,000 were already dead and as we speak, that figure has more than doubled, but this was a time of celebration to hear Jared tell it. “And in terms of the national strategy that you mentioned with Governor Newsome, we’ve been very busy doing. We released the strategy document earlier this week. It was an eight step plan and seven of those steps have been completed. So you can accelerate the levels that needed to be done. A lot of the work is the up front work that’s all been completed and again, we’ve done more tests than any other country in the world, so we’ve got to be doing a lot of things right.” Now Monday, Jared has taken the exact same propensity for gibberish and double talk and overlaid it onto his newest portfolio task, race relations. We were all assured this afternoon that systemic racism is a thing of the past. Jared fixed it. It was so easy and he just went in and did it and aren’t you glad? One less thing to worry about, as Forrest Gump would have put it. Kushner: The law enforcement community heard the cries from the community, saw the injustices in the system that needed to be fixed and they responded by coming together to fix it pic.twitter.com/i7Dee03MYu — Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) June 8, 2020 “They responded by coming together to fix it, and it’s been a great partnership to do that. Those reforms make our communities safer and have made our system fairer and that’s the kind of action that we’ve been able to accomplish by working together so and what we’ve seen in the past is that the meetings together and the work together doesn’t just result in reports and in nice talking points, it actually results in actual progress and policies that make people’s lives better and make communities safer so it’s an honor to work together and hopefully at this time when there’s a lot of people in the country who are feeling different pain and feeling different concerns, law enforcement can be a leader in coming together and helping us towards working towards bringing solutions which can bring this country forward.” Kushner filled air for 56 […]

Trump’s Disastrous St. John’s Photo Op Marks the End Of His Reality TV Presidency

Future historians will pore over the events of early 2020 and seek to connect all the dots in a tight little package, as they seek to answer the question, “What precisely was the turning point in Donald Trump’s disastrous career as television president?” I would submit that the St. John’s photo op will be forever remembered as the defining moment, when the simulacrum president did his best to present a two dimensional digital portrait of himself taking charge as both a military and spiritual leader and only ended up exposing himself for the weak, pathetic fraud that he is. His endeavor to substitute form for substance, one more time, flopped. The photo op was carefully conceived by the best minds in Trump’s brain trust, to wit, Hope Hicks and his daughter Ivanka. Ivanka fished a Bible out of her purse and handed it to Trump, while the order went out for peaceful protesters to be teargassed, so that the walk across the lawn and square to the church could take place in stately, almost biblical, fashion, replete with the musical accompaniment of organ music in the finished product released by the White House. One marvels that they restrained themselves from using doves or special effects angelic apparitions. This was to be Trump’s ascension, not only to a level of power heretofore unexpressed during his term in office, but also to a level of moral authority, with the props of the Bible and two, not just one, but two churches that he visited, St. John’s and then the National Shrine. But what happened is that he fell resoundingly on his ass. His hastily improvised dialogue was at odds with the grand showcasing of lights and music as he did the St. John’s photo op. He sounded as stupid and fragmented and desperate as he is. Bloomberg: “We have a great country, that’s my thoughts,” he said. “The greatest country in the world. We’ll make it even greater. We will make it even greater. It won’t take long. It’s not gonna take long. You see what’s going on. It’s coming back. It’s coming back strong. It will be greater than ever before.” […] The St. John’s gig was a raw abuse of Trump’s powers, a stunt made possible by deploying state violence to clear a path through peaceful protesters saddened and angered by George Floyd’s death at the hands of police. It marked an end to several days of hibernation as Trump, hiding behind White House walls, his Twitter feed and his golf game, did his best to avoid the pain and anger unspooling across America. But his St. John’s show also was designed to intimidate protesters, stoking fear among people of color who have been demanding merely that their government and police refrain from killing them. And it was tragically off-kilter, a politically inept bit of stagecraft that served only to showcase his irresponsibility and utter lack of empathy. […] Trump has used his time in the White House to cement his relationship with right-wing hardliners, older white guys, conservative Christians, anti-government loners, displaced rural and industrial workers and the more generally aggrieved. He’ll do anything to preserve that bond, even if it means tearing the country apart and fencing off the White House. Trump loyalists may not recognize it as such, […]
The Daily Conversation / YouTube Donald Trump  s Nazi Like...

Join the Trump Army. Get a Cool Hat. Maybe Kill Some Folks.

The Sturmabteilung, or “brownshirts,” were formed as the Nazi Party’s first paramilitary group. They protected Nazi officials, including Adolf Hitler and Erich Rohm, fought with the paramilitary groups that opposed them, and intimidated Romani, trade unionists, and especially Jews. Donald Trump, who is known to be a fan of Adolf Hitler, apparently believes this is a great idea. Check out the email he sent out “exclusively” to his “fiercest and most loyal defenders:” The Trump campaign is fundraising off people being in the "Trump Army" and selling camouflage hats. "YOU are the President’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting off the Liberal MOB." pic.twitter.com/KIzxDmkDMg — Aaron Blake (@AaronBlake) June 4, 2020 TL;DR version: the Trump campaign wants to sell the aforementioned “fiercest and most loyal defenders” of His Royal Orange Ass a camo MAGA/KAG hat for $35 (this may not be the exact hat offered in the email), that they can wear to Show Their Loyalty and Proclaim Their Allegiance. But here’s the kicker: The President wants YOU and every other member of our exclusive Trump Army to have something to identify yourselves with, and to let everyone know that YOU are the President’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting off the Liberal MOB. Take a minute. Roll the idea around in your head. Trump wants to recruit and create a “Trump Army,” all wearing easily identifiable hats, to “figh[t] off the Liberal MOB.” I’m guessing that this is part of the “liberal mob” that Trump is agitating against: What exactly does it mean for the “Trump Army” to fight off this ravening, slobbering mob of peaceful liberals? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m thinking it will start off something like this: They already know how to give the salutes: Trump 2020 is recruiting its own private army to engage in street fighting with, well, whoever they’re pointed at. Naturally Trump and his cadre of press flacks and liars, which we can call the Goebbels Brigade, will sneer and poo-poo the meaning behind the email. Kayleigh McEnany will laugh and say the “hysterical left” is taking the email far too seriously. Kellyanne Conway, whose continued status as being married to George Conway never fails to mystify me, will label the call to violence “metaphorical.” Sure it is. But the Trump 2020 campaign isn’t alone in calling for violence against Americans. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Vermin) wants to send in our military’s most elite units to slaughter Americans. “Slaughter”? Absolutely. Sen. Tom Cotton R-AR suggests using the 101st Airborne to restore order. pic.twitter.com/FBjbQDX8sk — Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) June 1, 2020 Cotton is a military veteran. He says, No quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters, and looters. “No quarter” means shoot to kill. It means blood and bodies in the streets. He knows what he means. He wants it. “Pastor” Rick Wiles, who is as crazy as a shithouse rat, says that protesters should be rounded up, taken to Guantanamo, and tortured. The Trump administration has given Rick Wiles's website press credentials on several occasions: https://t.co/BMObDjZIUT https://t.co/5UZBvp5HVr — igorvolsky (@igorvolsky) June 4, 2020 This is where the Trump administration/campaign (screw campaign law, they are the same organization) is taking us in 2020. A Trump Army, wearing hats to identify themselves, going out in angry, gun-wielding mobs to attack […]

Ivanka Complains That She Is the Victim of ‘Cancel Culture’ and ‘Viewpoint Discrimination’ After...

Ivanka Trump is tone deaf and clueless, but in all fairness, she comes by it honestly. Today Ivanka is terribly upset that she was removed from the virtual graduation ceremony at Wichita State University. Her participation was requested in February but announced only a few days ago and in light of the George Floyd protests rocking the nation, WSU chose not to have the controversy of a Trump on the graduation panel and they uninvited Ivanka. (She could ask Mitt Romney how that goes, if she’s not sure.) So Ivanka is miffed. She went so far as to send her recorded remarks out on You Tube because like Daddy before her, she’s going to share her vapid nothingness with the world, whether anybody wants to hear it or not. Trumps don’t take rejection well, apparently. That’s too bad, because they’re going to see a lot of it come the Fall. Here, without further ado is Graduation Barbie. Our nation’s campuses should be bastions of free speech. Cancel culture and viewpoint discrimination are antithetical to academia. Listening to one another is important now more than ever!https://t.co/VW6W8TIL9c — Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) June 5, 2020 Now this next clip is classic. This is Ivanka calling a man stupid because he thinks that money brings happiness. What makes this classic is that it showcases Ivanka’s complete cluelessness about what an insulated bubble she was born and bred in and what a completely unreal life of immense privilege she leads. Marie Antoinette had more sense than Ivanka, I truly believe. Hey @IvankaTrump have you ever had to go without eating or watch your children go without? Not because you don't work hard, because for the most part, the harder someone works the less they get paid.Having money doesn't make you happy but it sure it sure helps. #IvankaTrump https://t.co/4toFtmlddj — Says Phoebe (@phe_parker) June 6, 2020 Ivanka wants graduates to know that she feels their pain. She can reassure them from her own dynamic life struggles and challenges. The Guardian: Seeking to reassure students now facing mass unemployment triggered by widespread shutdowns to curb the virus, the daughter of a New York real estate billionaire opined: “In my own life, I have found that my greatest personal growth has arisen from times of discomfort and uncertainty.” The announcement of her speech drew immediate criticism, led by Jennifer Ray, an associate professor of photo media at Wichita State, who sent a letter asking school administrators to cancel it. It circulated on social media and garnered 488 signatures from faculty, students and alumni before the speech was canceled, the Wichita Eagle reported. But others said the event should not have been canceled. Republican congressman Ron Estes said in a statement he was “disappointed” and added: “As Kansas faces many challenges recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic to get back to our booming economy, now is the time for us to be working together.” The woman is beyond oblivious. She sincerely believes that she has something to contribute to the national discourse. Please, God, let November 3 be the day that the big hook comes out and sweeps these charlatans and buffoons off the world stage. They don’t even know they’re embarrassing. That’s the biggest embarrassment of all.

Trump Lashes Out at Governors You’ll ‘Look Like A Bunch Of Jerks’ Threatens to...

“Bunker Boy” Donald Trump went off on a tirade against state governors in a conference call Monday, the stated purpose of which was to gather information and discuss constructive measures to deal with racial protests and violence, now going on for a week in 75 cities nationwide. The commentary was vintage Trump. New York Times: “You have to dominate,” he told governors on the call. “If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time — they’re going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks.” The president continued: “You have to arrest people, and you have to try people, and they have to go jail for long periods of time.” Mr. Trump, who has not addressed the nation since the unrest began, said he was putting Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “in charge,” but did not immediately specify what that meant or if he would deploy the military to quell the violence in the nation’s cities. Beratng governors is an interesting move for a chief executive to take. Who is it now, that’s supposed to be running the federal government, exactlY? Business Insider: “You’re making a mistake because you’re making yourselves look like fools. And some have done a great job. But a lot of you, it’s not — it’s not a great day for our country,” Trump said, according to the CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe. “You know, when other countries watch this, they’re watching this, the next day, wow, they’re really a pushover. And we can’t be a pushover.” MORE: Trump tells governors: "You’ve got to arrest people, you have to track people, you have to put them in jail for 10 years and you’ll never see this stuff again," per audio obtained by @CBSNews — Ed O'Keefe (@edokeefe) June 1, 2020 Here's the audio of that remarkable call where Trump lashes out at governors and says they need to crack down on protesters. pic.twitter.com/ANSsniYItN — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) June 1, 2020 Here is Social Engineering 101, as taught by Professor Trump — not to be confused with Dr. Trump, the reknowned epidemiologist. It’s all very simple, you see, you just “round up thousands” and “put ’em in jail for ten years.” Why didn’t we think of this before? And of course the fact that this is coming from Bunker Boy himself, puts this beyond parody. And here’s my favorite: Trump is threatening to “activate” Bill Barr. You know the image I get? Remember “The Day The Earth Stood Still” where the robot, Gort, activates and a laser beam comes out of his face plate and he starts strolling round D.C. incinerating people and things? That’s what I see. On the call, Trump references Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Milley and Attorney General Bill Barr. "We will activate Bill Barr and activate him very strongly," Trump says. — Ed O'Keefe (@edokeefe) June 1, 2020 Hey, listen, if you hear Trump say, “Klaatu, barada nikto” I would run like hell if I were you, lest Bill Barr gives you a dirty look and vaporizes your ass. The comedy writers at SNL must be throwing their laptops out the window. You can’t make this up. No way.